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Monday, March 17, 2008


Michael Fisher

Ms. Cannick, if you'd allow me to suggest something.

I think you could've shut O'Reilly down as thus real quick: "Rev. Wright specifically opposed the unjust 'male white Christian power structure'. Are you, Mr. O'Reilly a member of the male white Christan power structure?"

Upon his answer, the next question to O'Reilly would be, "do you equate the male white Christian power structure, that is White Supremacy, with 'America'"?


YES! YES! YES! Thank you sistahs for speaking what is on all of our minds. You women held it down and got your points across loud and clear. I think you kinda made O'Reilly a lil nervous :)

Let's see if he keeps that promise about going to church. Ya'll make sure you hold him to that.

I'm glad that all of these race issues are coming out now. Hopefully it will allow the truth to be told for once and educate people that haven't a clue. O'Reilly seemed uneasy Jasmyne when you took it back to slavery and tried talking over you. It's funny how they think we should forget the past as if it never happened. I don't care how long ago slavery was, it happened and we still endure modern day slavery today. The past will always haunt them, because we as a people refuse to let it die!

More Debates!!!! Because I have some things that need to be said....


Jasmyne I like the way you held it down, but I don't watch his show, all that talking over people I just can't take it but you were loud and clear


I never understood whenever someone questions the injustices of America, the person is labeled as unpatriotic. It's this caviler attitude that causes so much hate and we wonder why were' the most hated country in the world.

Nevertheless, I applaud both of you sistas for telling our story...


Wow, didn't think anyone could actually make O'Reilly look intelligent and rational...nice work ladies.


Interesting pieces, Jasmyne.

On the Clintons: if the Hillarb**** wins the nomination and think that Blacks are going to vote for her after the way she, her husband, and surrogates have treated Obama they are on some heavy hallucinogens.

On being on O'Reilly: I dont know why you placed yourself on his show, because that was a waste of your precious time. But thanks for you and the other guest for representing for the conscious black people in this country.

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