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Friday, March 14, 2008



One America,

Your example shows how divisive and egocentric the black community in America can be, and is a perfect example of why we will never be able to bridge the racial divide.

I personally hate the term African American to refer to race. It is not an accurate description, and the only thing it continues to do is segregate white from black.

One America

To the individual(s) who state that they live in One America; let me give you an example of your One America. An associate of mine is a white male born and bred in South Africa. Another associate of ours is a black man born and bred in England. They have both received their citizenship. However, the white man born in South Africa was told by other white Americans that he is American and not African American while our black friend who was born and bred in England is an African-American and not just an American. Both of them were shocked and dismayed at the blatant racist attitudes in our country. This is your One America. Also, just because someone points out America's ills does not mean that they are anti-American. They are just Pro-Truth.


I watched (sadly, some masochistic streak in me has me watching O'Reilly on a regular basis) and you were great! I really loved that 1) you kept your sense of humor about you and 2) you didn't take his ridiculous crap. I can't imagine what it must be like to deal with that windbag in real time, especially when he's going on about racism against white people. I wouldn't know whether to laugh or cry. I'd love to see you as a regular commentator though. every little wisp of sanity that gets through helps.

Sojourner's Place

Can't believe I missed it! Most folks I know think I'm crazy at best because I tune into Fox News regularly. I have no doubt that if he allowed you to get a word in edgewise that you got him! I'll be watching this weekend so hopefully I'll see the replay...rematch should I say! Thanks so much for being one of our most important and truthful "voices"!



oh, and by the way, preachers who cuss in church ought not to be preachers! So if this guy helps Obama into office, this nation is truly doomed. You're just a disgrace... complete and utter disgrace. And you showed your colors on O'Reilly...


You made a complete idiot of yourself at the end of the O'Reilly Factor. You truly are a disgrace to your "race" if you will. I'm a member of ONE race, the HUMAN race, and people like you are pathetic.


Jasmyne, I'm CERTAIN that we disagree on a HOST of subjects (alright, not certain, but educatedly guessing) but I just saw your O'Reilly clip and for the few seconds that you were allowed to speak you were fantastic. I don't do compliments well (on either end of the expression) so I'd rather guess at points where we'd disagree - But I won't! :-)

You really were cool and I'm quite impressed and pleased. Now I'm off to reading some more here so I can get back into my groove of being critical! :-)

Cheers babe,


You are a disgrace to your race, to see nothing wrong with Pastor Wright's comments is a terrrible shame. If you don't like it here in the U.S. then leave


For the first time, I feel sorry for Bill O'Reilly. Give him hell, Jasmyne


I was flipping channels and just saw you! Bill is an idiot! I'm so glad the lynching comment was made. It kills me when I hear these white conservative pundits talk about 'one American' when they know they mean 'their America'. Good luck on your run for office.

Supporting My Pastor and Senator Obama

I will be watching Jasmyne. I am a member of Trinity. I am deeply disturbed by the attempt to use Pastor Wright to demonize Senator Obama. If people knew the truth, than this issue would fade as fast as Hillary Clinton's chances at the White House.

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