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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


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Oh ,I like the jersey.


Woo, that's really amazing. Congratulations!

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I have the opportunity to know more about Sheryl and she is an amazing person. Thanks for sharing this, it's pretty interesting.

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It was a big week for LeBron nike sb dunks James; he grabbed himself a second MVP trophy and the Cavs moved on to the next round of the Playoffs. We saw a bunch of LeBrons,

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she is great


WOW the wnba on its last leg huh thats interesting since the ratings just keep going up and up! I think the WNBA should be making just as much as the nba they play just as hard. I am very happy that Sheryl is here with us on the Storm now and I hope she is happy up here as well she is a wonderful romodel for all young women and athletes I respect her a great deal.


Why should she earn more than KOBE. The WNBA is a vegetable that needs to be unplugged. I mean does anybody take this league seriously. The McDonalds All-American High School squad would beat ANY team in the WNBA. $93,000 is way too much mooney to pay for a leauge that is on its last leg.


With all the creditials and accolades she has earned in her career she can't make more than $93,000??? wtf??!! This is crazy!!! 3rd string male basketball player gets over 100K. So much for women's lib. She deserves just as much as Kolby.


good luck~!

the heart rises with sun over still and peaceful waters.

Be thou blessed.


YES! This the best news I've read in a long time. Now you can catch me at the Storm's games because they have welcomed my favorite athlete. This was the right move on the Seattle Storm's part. Sheryl is a positive woman role model, a great great great respectable athlete and icon. Sheryl, you have so much support girl, welcome to Seattle~

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