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Monday, March 17, 2008


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Too bad old, bitter, sour Geri didn't own up to the fact that the only ones who have gotten anything out of affirmative action are white women. But, those comics are priceless and capture her in all her hateful glory.


As much as Pastor Wright's comments were taken out of context so are the words of Ferraro. And in case you misunderstood, she was saying that in this election, between a woman and a black man, the black man is the luckier of the two. And this is due to the sexism that is far more inherent in our society than racism. Both need to go, but seeing as sexism was here long before slaves were brought to our shores I believe it will be the last thing to leave. Don't always buy the media spin.


Citizen Politician

What gets me about Ms. Ferraro's comments is that White women benefited GREATLY from Affirmative Action. Apparently she was not paying attention in the 60s when such laws were put in place to make sure women were given an equal chance at education and employment.

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