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Friday, March 07, 2008



This post isn't even about Shirley Q Liquor, wtf people? Why are his supporters so livid over this black woman speaking out on his act? If it was all kosher, there would be *no* need to attack the free publicity Jasmyne is giving this guy, but since she's trying to expose it to the mainstream white gays are now afraid that they're going to be called out on their horribly racist shit.


Hi Mimi,

I have been to several Shirley shows, and unless there is something I don't know about, there were never rules about who could get in, there were Afrian-Americans both working in the clubs, and as part of the audience. If you have been told otherwise, it wasnt so (at least not at the shows I attended). Which makes me think that perhaps people are out telling their story of it all when they have likely never been to a show. What exactly is "Fake Ebonics?" that you speak of? Honestly. Have you never heard someone pronounce "girls" as "gulls"? My honest to god true feeling about a lof of this controversy reflects on that comment "Fake Ebonics" How is it fake? I hear it quite often coming from the mouth of African Americans in my community. "Stereotypical" is often used to describe the Shirley character. How so? A large amount of the things Shirley says are all over the place. I understand that everyone has a right to speak their mind about this, and I think I've spoken mine more than once, so I'm going to leave it alone. I hope everyone finds peace. It is very disturbing to me that I am labeled as a racist, having references made to the KKK, etc, all because of a comedy show. This tells me that even though the there may be a lot of deep scars, there is also a certain amount of racism coming from the African American community to the white community and to the gay community. Whether it be out of hate, upbringings, post traumatic stress, or whatever the case may be.... It is impossible to demand respect from me, when I am being called the KKK, a racist, and basically down right stupid. It would seem to me that if the white gay community does end up acting in a racist manner, it is being asked for.... and I'm probably one of the most open minded, nicest gay people you will meet. But there comes a point when I decide my efforts are pointless. Racial issues are apparently not going away. I will never treat anyone any differently because of the color of their skin. But when any race comes in trying to tell me what I should or should not find funny, I draw the line there.... And then to be labeled because of that one thing, as if all these people know the slightest thing about me, other than I do not disagree with this comedy show? Ok i'm done.


I read your blog, and then I read the very first comment on this, "Your story is missing an important point. He is actually playing a white guy playing a black guy."
I think for the sake of journalism you should add this point and maybe tweak your perspective a little bit. I understand the outrage, and also where it comes from, but I do think that we as a community should stop jumping at every instance where racism COULD be a possibility, but isn't nescessarilly.
For example, I was watching CNN and there was a fellow African American and a white woman talking about the "Dream Ticket," and she said that Hillary had stated that Obama would have to sit on the back of the bus of that ticket, for she wasn't running for VP, much as Obama has been saying.
The guy jumped on the phrasing and made a big deal out of the whole "back of the bus" statement; "Don't put an African American male and the phrase 'back of the bus' in the same sentence." "Where are you getting at?"
She was totally taken back by his remark as she was not implying anything of a discrimitory nature.
I think we need to check ourselves.


"Your story is missing an important point. He is actually playing a white guy playing a black guy."

So, even if it was the otherwise what would be the problem, with so many Afro-american movie directors making just stupid movies out there.


Just visited the blog of North Florida News, where he writes: "Jasmyne Cannick whines more about 'racism.' My comment will probably be deleted."

Um, Jasmyne doesn't delete comments because she's not a coward like you who hides behind an anonymous blog without pictures or contact information. Hypocritical much? Or is your KKK hood wrapped too tightly around your miniscule brain to see the real bigotry in writing things like: A blog written by a true Southerner about the problems faced by the average citizens in the South by queers, niggers, and degenerate "Whites" who act like the before mentioned groups of people. Call me racist, call me narrow-minded, and call me whatever you want. I will not shut up. I will not be quiet. I'm pissed off at the results of "diversity" and "multiculturalism".

If you have a right to be pissed about what you deem unjust, Jasmyne has a right to tackle issues that she believes are in unjust. Get over it, Elmer.





you need to seriously check yourself. YOUR A BLATANT RACIST! Racism does exist. If it didn't Blacks wouldnt still be in the economic situation that their in today. Listen to Bill Cosby? For what? What does he know about Black poverty and mental oppression? What are Black people supposed to do, ignore all the racism in the world because white people say so, because white people think ANY complaint about something racial is irrelevant and some scheme to make the white man look bad. Get off the fucking site if you think that. And are you trying to imply with "Black mythology month" that Blacks have done nothing for this country or have nothing to celebrate about? with your comments about silly fabrics on blacks heads and bill cosby is is evident that you want Blacks to assimilate. Sorry about that. Not everyone is going to beleive in that racist, melting pot BULLSHIT

While I see what Jasymne is saying, now I realize how the story is supposed to go. Maybe it was a mistake on her part and she didnt know he was a white man playing a black man in the movie. Lets not act like putting a white man in the black place for the heck of it would never happen.


North Florida News

Honestly, what is the big deal? They came out and notified all you Negroids before they decided to do this. You would have chimped out big time once you found out AFTER the movie came out. Now you're all going to accuse Ben Stiller to be racist and maybe toss Jack Black in the same group for starring in the movie?

Just face it. The civil rights era, where racism was allegedly rampant is over. Right now, you are nitpicking at the tiniest details to scream about some insane conspiracy by the White man to oppress the Negro.

Once you Negros realize if you start to build up your communities, take responsibility for your problems, stop acting silly with color fabrics on your head for Black Mythology month, and start snitching on your fellow Negro criminals, your communities will start to improve.

I mean, honestly, Bill Cosby is right. You should start listening to him a lot more.


tired, you have a right to enjoy the show, although i don't think it should be in public venues that don't hire or allow blacks in their establishments, like the places he appears in as we all know the sort of clubs he shows up in and their 'rules" of who they allow in.. thank god i don't have to deal with people with the mind set that its 1940 and jim crow is the law of the land, but, why do you have to come up in with the fake, insulting "ebonics?" that is why most black people see racism with this man and his fans, as most of us don't speak the language that your beloved entertainer attempts. maybe if more of you were civil in your defense of him and i assume you call it comedy, no one would jump to a different conclusion. "protect yourself gulls, she is psychit." amazing, and, i guess we know you know, even though, what do sea gulls have to do with anything? are they part of the act? does he eat one? and, is the other word supposed to mean that chuck is psycho? this is why stereotypes are wrong, you and the rest think you are being funny, when its not funny on any level.

and, i agree with the other poster, get black churches involved with this, i can't stand their stand on gays, but, this should be made known to them as well, show them that they are right on one thing, gays don't need special rights, until they take sensitivity training classes on what the sting of hate and discrimination really feels like when its based on skin color and gender.


focusedpurpose looked into her crystal ball and knew everything about me. protect yourself gulls, she is psychit.


What ya'll need to do is get that mayor from Fort Lauderdale and the black clergy and their memebers to help picket this depraved act, and, show just what sort of creeps there are in the gay community, full fledged card carrying racists. I would love to see the "men" in that club come out and confront that crowd on their racist hate, and, scream, but, we too are minorities, we just want to get our drink and laugh on, it does not matter that anyone might be offended by a black face makeup wearing caricature, you blacks need to get over it, its our right to do as we please. Show the whole world just what the gay white men really are like.


so here's the thing...

...i have never believed that the children were that different than the fathers and the mothers. despite their best efforts---they would morph right into the racist white supremacist beasts they swear they are not. they can't help themselves. fruit does not fall too far from the tree.

because i have made peace with this truth, nothing and i do mean nothing that happens is a shock nor surprise to me. i love history, it is like a crystal ball. one can clearly see the future of those that disrespect and refuse to make peace with history.

you still have the pushy shrill white supremacist "v" blasting in all caps and the other genetically recessive melanin deficient mutated crowd swearing their behavior is lying on who they are, internally, as a person. riiiiiight.

so...whenever you get a minute, please look up the clinical definition of a sociopath and know that it describes the global white collective to a tee. individual good white folks, emphasis on collective.

btw, the downey dude was probably really high when he accepted and performed the role. this could explain why he thought it a good idea. the rest are just sociopaths without any capacity to empathize or factor in human emotions with their behavioral choices.

people of color might want to wake up. with the recession and the worthlessness of the dollar bill---white folks are bound to go apeshit and start advertising lynching since they are reaching into their historical treasure chests to entertain and distract themselves from how jacked up the world is as a result of...white people and their brutal influence. people of color, pay attention and get ready!

for what it is worth...



I'm so glad you feel like you know everything about everyone. It's people such as yourself who spread hate and keep it alive. So how could you find anything slightly funny? Read what you are typing. You in fact are the racist. It is a shadow projection. Don't project your hate onto me, and try to convince me that it's true. And don't tell me who I do and do not like. The fact is, you do not know me, but you want the world to believe that I fit into your category. I don't think you can prove that, and neither will anyone else.


My bad for the typos, these Likker "fans" are such a joke with thier hate and nonsense about you don't "know me", thank God for that, since, I have a desire to know klan/Likkker memebers/fans, don't deal with racist trash who love that fat, unfunny, racist clown, so, my fingers got the best of me going to fast, LOL!


Blah, blah, blah, the same old, trifling racist Likker fans are screeching in their usual shrill high voices, that they aren't racist, and, have and love them some black folks, find a board where someone will believe that bald face lie. Anyone who finds some fat white guy with some charcoal or black spray paint smeared on his face making racial slurs about blacks and baby daddies is a racist, no in between, and, sorry, its not funny, nor is it satire, its good old fashioned racism, so, don't try to come off as some decent human, because, boo, last time, I checked, racism was wrong, expect of course if you are some down trodden gay white man, who has no civil rights. save it for the next show, then you can hoot and holler and sling the n-word in jest like Likker does, and, we'll never know, since you are all a bunch of cowards, so, please, save your lame, backwards shrill 'attitude" for a board where someone really cares, because, if the sheet fits, or in this case, 4x mumu, it all comes out crystal clear, racists, like most gay white men.


I am a Shirley Q. Liquor fan, and I am quite offended by the fact that ALL Shirley Q. Liquor fans are known as racists. That's like saying that ALL gay people are "whores" or "trash", or that ALL African-Americans are of the stereotype of the character Shirley Q. I am a gay white male who grew up in a VERY poor family. Food stamps, government checks, living in low-budget housing, trailers, etc....were ALL part of my life. You know what else was part of my life? Name calling, being harassed day after day, threatened. It still happens from time to time. I feel your pain, rather than ignore it. But does that mean that anytime a movie comes on where the gay role is "stereotypical" or a gay person is being beaten, that I want to ban it? No. I do not consider myself racist. I do not see color when I look at a human being.

What does get under my skin is any race or group of people who totally want to categorize a whole group of people based on their thoughts. You do not know me. You have no idea who I am or what my beliefs are. Therefore, you categorizing me as "RACIST" because I am a fan of a comedy show that you just happen to hate..... Who is really being racist? Stop juding people. You have every right to protest, petition, free speech (so does everyone else)...but do not categorize. Categorizing and being stereotypical is what all this bitching is about to begin with.


Thank Nona,

That is right, his role in the movie is an oscar winning actor(who is white) who stars in a film playing a black character...HE IS NOT PLAYING A BLACK MAN

J. Dakar

Heard about this and shared the sentiments in your introduction.


This isn't as offensive as that obese racist, one of the reasons being, the makeup is done correct, and, the plot makes sense, he isn't exactly spitting out racial epithets, slurs and heinous stereotypes like that obese man with the black paint smeared on his obese face and, the fans in the crowd who do the same thing, spew racial slurs for laughs. Robert Downey the former druggie, isn't known as being a vile racist like KKKnipp, nor are most of his fans, unlike the KKKnipp fans, every last one of whom is as racist as apple pie, along with the token blacks who hate themselves to the point that they will sit through that minstrel show.

miss ways


sounds like you better get busy on building a website and creating an online petition to try to ban all this. will you be listing phone numbers of contacts where a lady can call to complain, or send emails. protest all of this. if we can get 3 or 400 signatures, they may cancel the whole thing.

Mike Belgrove

One of the other writers on Highbrid Nation wrote about Robert Downy playing a black man. He worries that Al Sharpton might have something to say about it, lol. Honestly as a black person I think it's kinda cool that movie make-up has gotten to the point where you can make someone look like another race and if the pics I've seen of Robert Downy in costume are accurate than they did a really good job! Plus Robert is a very capable acotr so I'm sure he wont come across as stereo typical or offensive. I could be wrong though.

This is no different than when a white person on a lesbian site like OURCHART.COM uses the term "colored" to refer to black people during a Obama political discussion ,yet no one addresses its racist reference.

Then it's argued that racism empowers and that it's semantics and it doesn't matter.WTF?

This is no different than when a white person on a lesbina site like OURCHART.COM uses the term "colored" to refer to black people during a Obama political discussion ,yet know one addresses it racist reference.

Then it's argued that racism empowers and that it's semantics and it doesn't matter.WTF?


Your story is missing an important point. He is actually playing a white guy playing a black guy.

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