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Friday, March 07, 2008


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movie when it was written. Im sure someone would have taken the role if they were requesting for a black man in the movie. BUT They requested for a white man and since Robert is at the top of his game with Iron Man he decided to go and do a comedy. So please just sit back and watch the movie and stop playing the damn race card. Its old already!

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All I would say to anyone contemplating divorce right now is that it is in no way an easy solution. It is not a simple way out, and even the nicest most amicable divorce hurts so very badly. The faults I have that made this marriage impossible, I still have, and will carry forward into any possible further relationship. If it had just been about me, then it would have been worth working hard at making changes. Sadly, as a couple, Liz and I were not good for each other, no matter how much we each developed as people. This, and only this made the divorce necessary.

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Now it's huge, and sits outside on the back porch. We've warned the boys about it, and I make a point of collecting the fallen leaves and dumping them in the compost pile (composting will breakasfd down the toxins -- I checked), but it still makes me twitchy.

J. Tata

haha.. actually he's playing a white guy who is playing a black guy. That's what is so funny about it. If they used a black person for this part it wouldn't be funny and wouldn't make sense.


You are one stupid woman... That's i I gotta say.

Tuesday Todd




George W Bush

"So I guess we’ve reached the point where Black male actors are no longer needed to play themselves in films, Hollywood would rather resort to using white men in blackface."
...really? i mean really??

ohmygod. you want black people? go watch "miracle at st.Anna" plenty of black people!

seriously come on people.

***me no not racist o.o


"It was also a WHITE MAN who enslaved black people in the first place."

Actually, African kings began slave trading aroung the begininng of the 12th or 13th century. Just so you know.

But, that doesn't mean I think racisim is right, I just think history should be clearly represented.

Also, the point of the movie is to have a white man play a black man...duh.

Forrest Hunter Wood

hello? I haven't seen the movie yet, and wasn't intending to. But if it causes this much excitement, then I'm there.


Wow. I am black and I was not offended by this character, and I'll tell you why. Even thought this was to be a humorous film there is a very serious undertone to it that was meant to be taken seriously. This sad depiction is very close to the true hollywood. Did anyone get to hear that Christian Bale rant? Each character signified a particular character in hollywood today which IS very sad. Over achiever, drug addict, looking for the next block buster roll. It's sad!! and it's hard. I think people should really meditate on things before they have a comment about them.


Wow you all need to shut up. First of all it’s just a movie get over it. Second of all it’s ok because movies now make fun of everyone that movie mostly poked fun at white people. Lastly if you don’t like stereotypes then stop them by showing not all black people are like that. Stop it with the wanna be gangstas who really live in the suburbs. Don’t blame it on the rappers because if everyone copied them then everyone would be out shooting people and selling drugs and having sex with every women they saw. Teach your kids some proper English and don’t push ebonics as a language to be taught at school because all it is is a bunch of lazy ass idiots who can’t speak proper English and don’t want to take the time to fix it.


"Y'all need to get over the fact that what happened in the past was wrong, and that it's in the past. Let it go. You need to be thinking that it was a WHITE MAN who let you free from slavery in the first place."

^Nathan Caswell^

It was also a WHITE MAN who enslaved black people in the first place.

bob blake

dear nathan caswell.
were you born with half a brain? or did you just drink too much and it slowly fizzled away? maybe you were born to a whore in texas and lived your whole life in a box with no newspapers or tv or any kind of learning tool and ate cream from a rabbit while masturbating with sandpaper.

i dont really care what reason it is that you are now a completely ignorant waste of good oxygen, but hopefully youll understand soon, then kill yourself to give others a better chance of not getting soo wound up by your complete drivel and the use of capital letters BECAUSE YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT AND CAN ONLY COMMUNICATE BY SHOUTING.

so, all them black people had better remember that it was the good old white man who freed them. congratulations on this unbelivable genius. now all these black people should be respectful when any white man takes the piss out of them becuase they should remember who was good enough to free them.

yes, the film is funny. they are cracking a joke at race relations in america as well as creating plain old comedy. however, you have clearly demonstrated that before you have any contact with films, books (not that you ever read i'd imagine), or any other kind of media with a racial theme you need to be heavily educated.
Im not going to educate you, just hope and pray that one day soon you get shot or run over or drowned or all three. and that everyone like you just fucks off to someplace without food or water or black people mentioning "rosa parks and shit"...

... or possibly, you and everyone like you can go to a place where you live forever in a room with massive speakers playing a tape of someone explaining exactly why you need to understand history that little bit better and stop thinking that its not racist to suggest that all the problems of years of slavery and hardship are fixed by a "white man" freeing slaves due to pressure from all sides and the need to build a better future. but nobody envisaged someone like you being in that future and ruining it for the rest of us with your idiocy.

and no, its not all ok if a black person is racist to a white person. no-one thinks that. you just believe poeple do because youre thick. and it works both ways. it is perfectly ok for this film to make a joke about the whole situation, when everyone who watches it do so with an open mind and intelligence enough to see where the joke is coming from. it is not perfectly ok for someone like you to think such bollocks about such a big situation. your mind obviously cant deal with that, so spend your time thinking about something simple like a stick, or think up ways to kill youself, then with enough brain power you might just be able to do it.


all you niggas gonna b lynched. oni a wite man can act proply ya heer me bitch?! even my cousin and the son we had together agree with me!


good film


what this is so stupid?? in this day n age surley we can laugh at things such as blackface. The idea of downey being blacked up so to speak it to poke fun at the ridiculous idea of black face to begin with. Its a light hearted spoof comedy and downeys character cannot be taken as an offense, thats ridiculous


To reply to your statement
"So I guess we’ve reached the point where Black male actors are no longer needed to play themselves in films, Hollywood would rather resort to using white men in blackface."
That is not the case at all. This film was intended for entertainment puposes, and only that. This movie is suppose to be a comedy (a movie where the entire movie is a joke). In the movie Downey is ACTUALLY an australian man who has plastic surgery to change the pigment of his skin. You obviously have not read enough or seen the movie. Why would you even jump to such a conclusion about black actors not being needed in the first place, is beyond me. Your whole statement is silly, next time get some facts.




WHY DOES IT MATTER??!!! I am black, and I definitly don't see anything wrong with the movie. It is 2008 and things are different. Like seriously, actors are actors. Their jobs are to play different characters and take on different roles. That's why its called ACTING! duh. I love being black and I know my history, but people are really reading too deep into this movie. Take it with a grain of salt and move on, it really isnt that serious. Im tired of hearing black people complain about white people being racist, when black people continue to degrade themselves. When I stop hearing ignorant hip-hop songs and seeing black people act a fool in music videos, then mabey we can start complaing about how our people are being degraded. We degrade ourselves and that's the truth.

Nathan Caswell

You know....I don't understand it when if a Black person makes fun of a white person or calls a white person all kind of racist shit it's okay, but when a white person says ANYTHING AT ALL about a black person...we're automatically racist and blacks start bringing up all the past stuff like Rosa Parks and crap.

Y'all need to get over the fact that what happened in the past was wrong, and that it's in the past. Let it go. You need to be thinking that it was a WHITE MAN who let you free from slavery in the first place.

The movie is just a big joke...no harm was meant by it...so you black people (which I don't mean in a racist way at all) need to realize that, and laugh because you know good and well it's funny as hell. I thought the movie was hilarious and there were plenty of blacks and whites in the theater ALL laughing!...

Blacks always automatically revert to racism when someone says one damn thing about a black person. I have plenty of black friends who will tell you the movie was funny and not related to racism.

The movie is about people playing as people. just because they got a white man to play a black person doesn't mean they're racist or stupid or no black persons were available to play that part... Hell it's just a movie anyways so what does it matter???? Get over it!!!


Are you people that stupid?

.. that's the joke.. the movie is about a movie being made, a white guy playing a black guy is one of the laughing points of the movie, and just so you know.. their is another black man in the movie..

anybody upset about this, either doesn't get the joke.. or takes themselves to seriously.. and are just looking to yell at people. Grow Up.


I think its F**KN great a white dude is playn a blk dude its funny like when it was done in white chix and those eddie murphy flix. Thats a stupid argument. O ya and I'm blk scottish an cuban. I even says in the movie there was one good part for a blk man and they gave it to crucadile dundi , its a joke damn. O and my spelling is rubish but I dont care.


I saw the preview of "Tropic Thunder" when my husband and I went to see "Dark Knight". We went to a movie theatre in a predominantly white neighborhood, and the audience reflected as such. When the preview was played and people began laughing hysterically at Downey Jr.'s character,I immediately became enraged- to the point where I began screaming, "That sh-- is not funny, you ignorant bastards!" I was wrong for my outburst, but I wasn't wrong for how I felt.
Those of you who are unaware of the history of the minstrel act, I advise that you pick up a book. Black face has been in a part of American history for hundreds of years. Hollywood just finds a different way to resurface its ugly face. In fact, a gang of characters derive from the practice of black face (pickaninnies, mammies, Uncle Toms, etc.) For years, black face acts were used to introduce false stereotypes to white audiences, and a lot of these stereotypes still exist.African-Americans were the only race to have hundreds of films dedicated to the destruction of a race's reputation for decades at a time... For those of you who tried to compare Downey Jr.'s actions to the actions of the Wayans Bros. or Eddie Murphy, comedians who are known for portraying gay characters, white men, an white women, I along with many other African-Americans find those acts offensive as well. I personally have a problem with black actors who play the 'gender bender' roles to gain publicity. Why should they have to play a woman to get respect in the movie industry? As talented, black male actors, they shouldn't have to belittle themselves in that matter....But that's another story.
"Tropic Thunder" is just another slick trick played by Hollywood to depict the African-American race in a negative aspect. Instead of Downey Jr. painting his face with black paint and drawing big red lips around his mouth, the plot is modernized by plastic surgery-no different from what was done in the past. I can't expect any of you who agree with the movie to change your mind, but I will make it my business to remind my friends and family of the regenerated disrespect in this movie. Now that I know Stiller directed this film, I probably won't contribute to any of his work ever again. To the African-Americans that have been offended by those outside of your race, keep in mind that it starts with us. If we come together and express our disappointment by boycotting and schooling our ignorant brothers and sisters, Hollywood will think twice about doing something like this again.


Eddy Murphy played an Asian and a White man in past movies, what's the big deal?!


And just so i can put this out there, I didn't see anyone complaining when they made a movie about to African males dressing up as WHITE BLONDE women. How is this different?

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