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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


JaQueeta Johnston

How does "White Chicks" not portray white women in a stereotypical, "racist" manner in the same way that Shirley Q. Liquor portrays black women in a stereotypical, "racist" manner? "White Chicks" makes it like all white women are ditzy, self-obsessed, shopaholic idiots with no real problems. SQL portrays black women as loud, outrageous, sexual idiots with no real problems. I don't see the difference. Both undermine the place of women in society and neither should be defended, don't you agree?

Sick and Tired

Thank you for this article! It is so on point, and Black male depictions, financed and funded by white media conglomerates, is getting worse and worse. The depictions by Black men are just as bad - and racist - as those by white men.

As for the movie "White Chicks", there was no negative racial stereotypes assigned to white women, so that movie does not castigate white women the way norbit or other movies castigates Black women. Also, the sheer numbers of movies and depictions of Black women in these horrifying mammy, sapphire, or jezebel roles outweighs the VERY few movies depicting white women in such a manner. White woman have a huge variety of images, most positive, normal, and humanizing in the mainstream media, while Black woman have been trashed by everyone, and are rarely if ever humanized and normal in the mainstream media.

Black men are now taking on the role of Al Jolson in vaudeville and on Broadway - that is one of a racist being financed by racist media conglomerates, making money off of ridiculing Blacks just today it is the Black men being financed by racist media entities.

JaQueeta Johnston

You are such a fucking idiot. Black people make fun of white people all the time. Black people make fun of gay people and "trailer trash" too! I know! It's shocking isn't it! Seeing as how according to your overtly positive (and outrageously miopic) stereotype of blacks, they can only be victims and never EVER be perpetrators.


I FEEL ya, my sista!

Knapp is merely NOTHING but an insecure, RACIST Caucasian homosexual.

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Trying to justify why attacking a white person while not attacking a black person for doing the same thing is hypocritical.


I am embarrased to live in the same country as Jasmyne Cannick. I'm sure she's filed bankruptcy at least three times. I now her 'type' VERY WELL.


Wah wah wah! I'm a sad black woman! SHUT UP YOU OVER SENSITIVE BRATS! The crap you say about "white people" and can get away with is ASTONISHING. You can dish it but you can't take it?! Pathetic!


See, I don't get it. You can scream that "whites" are the enemy, that "we" are trying to "keep you down." Mention anything about how, as you like to grammatically misspeak, "Black" [with a capital B] people that's anywhere near racist, and suddenly, we're evil. We're the originators of slavery. You're propagating racism yourself, Miss Cannick. NO - not racism against blacks. Racism against whites. It can happen. Racism is the prejudice of any race against any other race. You need to go out and take a look at life. Come to my high school. I am a white student in a school where the demographics are somewhere around 50% black, 30% Hispanic, and 20% white. There is no racism in our school. We get along perfectly. We make lighthearted jokes about each other's race, sexuality, height, weight, eye color, choice of music - because a person can help what race they are just as much as they can help the other factors. But their way of thinking - that's a different story. Obviously the way you were taught is what you have stuck with. White people are not the devil. It is people like you who prejudge based on centuries old occurrences who are unfair.

I do agree with you on blackface, though. And to those enraged whites who believe that the Wayans' performance justifies it, they did not perform the movie in "whiteface". Blackface performances have a heavy racist connotation. Had this man performed it in the manner the Wayans had, the way Robin Williams portrayed Mrs. Doubtfire... It would not be so offensive. This man is parodying a stereotype that does exist, just as the Wayans are parodying a stereotype that does exist. Both are absurd and should be laughed at. They are two extremes of the same scale. But one cannot resuscitate a manner of theater that has long since been condemned for its racial inappropriateness.

Watusi Jenkins

Slavery slavery slavery.
You wadn't born in africa, yo mama wadn't born in africa and I be willin' to bet yo mama's mama wadn't born in africa!
Slavery is DEAD DEAD DEAD.
You be proclamatin' bout white people who be racist and I'll be damned if they aint the same white people who fought for your rights as a US citizen.
And lemme aks you just WHY you think it be okay for black men to get all up in a hollywood movie to make fun of some black ladies but it aint right for a white man to make the same jokes?? That just don't make no sense miz Cannick.
And Also lemme aks you why you think it okay for two annoyin' as hell black men to dress up like a couple of white ho's and be disrespectful to the trashy white ho's of the world?

LAWWDDD MIZ CANNICK I could go on forever but you know I gots high blood and thinkin' bout you sittin up on your high horse on the webnet hollerin bout slavery just gets ma bloods abroilin'
Whoooo you tell you mama I aks her how she durrrin.

New Orleans Fruit

Jasmyne, you are a MESS. You are not a journalist. You are simply another hatemonger who wants to control everything people do in the name of racial sensitivity.


The link to sign the petition doesn't work anymore. :-(


The fact of the matter is that whites choose to be ignorant. They also choose to ignore the history of slavery and the atrocities that occurred within it so that they don't have to deal with the guilt of it all. By not dealing with the guilt, they can absolve themselves of any responsibilities. You stated the truth, that whites don't have the history that Blacks do and have inflicted the pain that Blacks experience and now try to have comedy as some sort of outlet. So, it's not the same for a white man and Black man doing this because whites still have the power and privilege attached to it and whites still inflict all forms of racism onto not just Blacks but all minorities. Those that oppose your truth, are simply trying to relish in their wrongful behavior so that they can ignore the truth.


It's another version of Jasmyne's "If we do it it's OK because our ancestors, not us, were slaves! If THEY do it, it's WRONG because I don't like it and I'm black and the world owes me a living" Woo. :) Otherwise an intelligent woman, Jasmyne falls off at Shirley Q or Isiah Washington.

Yes, I'm sure had the others took you to Africa and on other trips, you'd not be on Isiah's side at all.

If you want racism to end it's time to end this priority crap, or "my race is better than your's nyah-nyah" that seems to go on here. Whites disrespect whites, blacks, and latinos. Black disrespect blacks, whites, and latinos. And repeat, mix, throw in the others, and repeat.

If you really thing anyone is going to think less of a well educated african american because of SQL, you really need to get out of your whole and see the world instead of the way you describe the world.

Double standards are what makes racism, and it's certainly a two way street.


You are so right, Chrystal. The fact that there exist white gay racists in the world COMPLETELY justifies homophobia on the part of Isaah Washington. After all, gays don't deserve rights if every single one of them isn't in lock step with other civil rights movements.

"Rights" are definitely not inalienable expressions of an individual's dignity; they are quid-pro-quo exchanges between those who have power, and those who have the power to discriminate.

Why, just a few months ago one of my more conservative gay white friends expressed reservations about reparations. We should TOTALLY repeal any and all gay anti-discrimination laws because of that!

After all, if one gay man ever uses the word "nigger," you are TOTALLY justified in continuing your endless litany of "faggot faggot faggot."


Shirley Q is not representative of
black women and I will not sign a petition to stop him/her. If you want to have a cause start in our community. Start with the gangs, the videos and drug dealers that are bringing down our communities and killing our children. What Shirley Q is doing is harmless compared to going to funerals and burying children every day.
You are wasting time and enery on Shirley Q

Shane AKA BLKSeaGoat

Both GLAAD and NGLTF made stands about SQL 5 years ago. She isn't new and Jasmyne knows this.

What has NBJC done?

The rest of your post is too hypocritical to dignify with a response.

People...get a grip...

Why is it acceptable to create a super duper gross exhaggeration of a whole race of women? This is the point with Shirley...It is a gross,extreme exhaggeration. There have been plenty of drag queens that have portrayed black women in a graceful manner. Why is he going out of his why to be so over the top? Why does he have to perform in a poorly done black face?

All the black comedians do their characters with some boundaries. The make up job is superb. Character are based on relatives or friends. Who is former minister Knipp basing his character on?

Black women have such a bad reputation for being loud, non intellectual, having bad attitudes, large, which is mainly fostered by television images. Since we can converse about this silly man proves the stereotype is not true. Ask yourselves do you want young girls to look at Knipp's brand of comedy and this is what she may grow up to be?

Unless he plans to donate to the Negro collge fund this should continue till he stops portraying this character.

Is GLADD making a stance on this guy? They are suppose to protect everybody. They had no problems trying to ruin Isiah Washington.


Jasmyne I just wanted to say thank you for speaking out on this and you have my support. I'll probably be posting on this on my own blog but thank you for fighting the good fight even when people don't want to hear the truth.

Keep standing tall.


Professor Tracey

@Jasmyne -

You make an extremely valid and powerful point of why Knipp is so offensive, but you stumble mightly by attempting to justify black men doing the same thing. I understand that you don't like people using the black male versions to make excuses for Knipp. And you are absolutely right, but if you really care about black women and girls, let folks make their excuses and keep protesting.

I wish you had spent some time on other black women's blogs who are supporting your ban and find out what they think about black men in drag. I don't think it is just a thing of bad black comic choices, it's black men thinking they know something about black women to make fun of them, just like Knipp thinks he knows something about blacks to do what he does. If Knipp doen't have the historical suffering and racial makeup to make light of black women, black men don't have historical suffering and genitalia to understand black women's lives either.

These big mama characters that black men so love to play are often the most misunderstood and overlooked women in the black community. They repeatedly gave their all for others and rarely got much in return, but the love and respect of the neighborhood. I know plenty of Big mama's that were battered women and grinned and beared it for others. None of those movies ever showed these women to be complete characters, just one-dimensional harpies with a sharp tongue, a weight problem, and an object for insults.

If black women want to stand with their heads held high, we have to fight on two fronts. We cannot allow black men to make fun of us or abuse us like they do in hip hop and we must can't certainly stand for any more of Ms. Shirley.

@Truth -

if you think Jasmyne is so racist, why in the hell are you reading her blog in the first damn place? And you clearly don't know what a real racist is since you throw the title around so lightly.


Jasmyne, considering you're one of the worst racists on the planet, you really haven't got a leg to stand on.

But "White Chicks" sure was hella funny, huh?

Shane AKA BLKSeaGoat


You are right, but if Jasmyne justifies black actors'/comedians' disrespect of black womanhood by performing negative stereotypes, she invalidates her purpose of crucifying Shirley Q.

You cannot have it both ways. If Jasmyne is truly concerned about the image of black womanhood, her criticisms should be leveled at ANYONE who seeks to pervert it regardless of their race.

So while what Chuck is doing is offensive, that same applies for Aries Spears, Debra Morgan, Eddie Murphy, Sean and Marvin, Jamie Foxx, Martin Lawrence, and Tyler Perry. Trying to justify why attacking a white person while not attacking a black person for doing the same thing is hypocritical.

Her current argument is just as flawed as Isiah Thomas' idea that black men calling black women bitches is less offensive than white people doing it. I'm a self-aware, proud, black man and I don't do ignorance either. I also don't do hypocrisy.

Wrong is wrong irrespective of one's color.


I signed the petition and agree with Mari-Djata that this performance is just updated blackface of 1915 film 'Birth Of A Nation'. The lazy, murderous, white woman chasing Black man is replaced by SQL, the lazy, 19 children having, uneducated 'welfare queen'. This is not about laughing at some aspect of southern Black culture, this is disrepecting Black women and all Black people by reinforcing the worst stereotypes about us. And shame on RuPaul for supporting this madness.


to sista-she don't need to stop until the madness stops. stop hatin, if you don't like it go somewhere else. there are lot of people that appreciate that everyone isn't asleep at the wheel.


Jasmyne girl, I am getting so tired of hearing about Shirley Q. Liquor. I think we all have the point. Are you ever going to move on and blog about anything else, or do we all need to just start going to the Shirley Q. Liquor website every day to make sure it is shoved down our throats? A sistah gets tired of hearing something after nearly a week girl!

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