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Tuesday, March 11, 2008



HRC has to be the lowest of all the recent politicians, and, is in the same league as Bush, will do, or say anything, and, her totally offensive heavior and, all the bigots on board her campaign train like Geraldine Ferro (sp) going off as if she was the Grand Wizard, speak volumes. Who needs Rove and the rest of the GOP race baiters, when she is quite adept at using the race card herself???

Black people need to let the DNC know, the free votes with nothing in return are about to stop. HRC and her creeping man has insulted blacks more than any of the past 5 GOP Presidents combined, in subtle and not so subtle ways, so, time to stop voting for her ilk, and, make sure if you do, there will be something actually done, other than showing up at a church where they have paid the "pastor" to speak.


Amen to that! Hey Jasmyne, have you heard the anti-gay remarks made by Republican Sally kerns? It was HORRIBLE! She said that gay and lesbians are worse then terrorists and Islam! Someone recorded her conversation with who she thought she was having with only 50 republicans.

Now it's released all over youtube and her secret is out. When you get a chance...check it out on youtube. It's intitled, "I'm Listening." I wonder what your thoughts will be on that after hearing it....if you haven't already.

Thanks again for the wonderful updates!


Actually, both Carl Rove and Ken Mehlman are helping John McCain.

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