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Wednesday, March 05, 2008


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The case should move on.

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How come i didn't heard about it?

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That's awesome Bill. The B-52 is an amazing plane.

Askia Shomari

I've been trying to find someone out in LA who could give me a no BS assessment of what is happening out in LA as far as the ethnic cleansing that appears to be going on out there. Unfortunately, I don't get indepth information. The info I get just hits the surface. What's really going on out there, in the schools, streets, jails and prisons?

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The hurt and anger is understood, what is the next step.

I'm not a black man, or white man, brown or yellow. I'm American!

For us to move forward as a unified race of Americans, we must drop the racial color element. Ethnic-Americans all struggle, here in this Great Americana. Each segment has been stripped of its cultural legacy. That was not a choice. Media is not fair, or equal.

How do you think a young Japanese-American girl feels when looking at the media, and does not see her reflection?

What does a young Migrant-American child think when the whole country is against them for trying to find the American dream.

Black Americans are the only race called by a color freely in the media. Their youth seem to display little regard to the legacy of Dr. King, Malcom X, Miles Davis, Mc Lyte, Chuch D., and such.. That's not old school: that's history. African-Americans must promote education, and diversity in their enclaves.

That will bring new attention to the greater cultural issues. They need to stop looking for the "great white hope" of leadership: Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, and all the other self directed folks who claim to care. But only, use outdated tactics for social reformation, how many marches, how many economic boycotts, we shall overcome some day. When?

Many people of color use the bible as a backdrop, well if Christ came to save, and the battle is God's what is the role of the church?

What is your direct role in the rebuilding?

Liberation Theology is contextual to those that are suffering, each Ethnic-American segment has Liberation Theology. This is 2008.... teach the kids and teach them well!

2008, the blame is over... What are [we] as urban Americans doing to repair hope, family, and specific ethnic segment pride.

The fight is real, but - it is an educational battle, the winner gets to prosper.

And tell their own story...:)





Black people are PRIMARILY under attack from and by OTHER BLACK PEOPLE.
Its is primarily caused by the "gansta" culture so prominently glorified by rap music.
I believe ALL gangs INCLUDING the KKK and Aryan Nation should be outlawed and hunted down as if they were AL QUEDA.
Until us a blacks decide to deal HARSHLY with murderers WE will continue to be the victims of our own race.
I am sure this opinion wont be popular with those who post here but its the truth.
Jasmyn,you live in the Bay Area,go the the El cerrito del norte bart this evening and you can see the gang bangers that congregate there.
I am sure Dr.King who be ASHAMED of what WE HAVE DONE TO OURSELVES!!!


Sorry to break it to you sweethearts: there's PLENTY of black-on-hispanic violence in the world. There are plenty of black gangs that hate Mexican gangs (or at least compete against them to sell drugs).

Maybe you are right in that this issue has more racism beneath it than anyone is willing to admit. Maybe there is more racism coming from BOTH communities than you are willing to admit.


I agree Alan. This nation today is pathetic. It wasn't like racism disappeared 40+ years ago with Civil Rights, so it pisses me off that people (including some black people) who have the nerve to put on this dumb act that racism doesn't exist anymore in 2008. Racism has existed since the beginning of time and will continue. If people want to sit back and be in denial over it, then things are going to get worse.

Ron Lee

I've have suggested earlier that the black and latinos on the west coast have a blatino celebration the first leaders of california was of black and latino origins. Why are descendants of slave & indians fighting each other yet not fighting the whites who committed genocide on them both. Love conquers all we Black Americans should be building bridges with other ethnic Africans and other groups of clored people. PEACE OUT. the fact that other ethnic groups watch this going on without getting involved says volumes about those ethnic groups;yet they are in the black & hispanic neighborhoods making as much money as they can. Jazzy our focus is OFF.


This is so sad, but, the Latino's know that they have the whole US system of racism behind them, and, they are going for broke. You have the mayor, who isn't excalty pro-black on any issue in the LA area, stumping for a race baitng bigot Hillary Clinton, so, along with the rest of those running LA, this sort of crime will contiune and get worse. And, black folks need to get serious and put the offspring of all these illegal immigrants in thier place and, let them know, they will not continue to allow black kids to be shot down in the streets. Which is a shame, as most Latino's are good people, but, they don't even get mad or decry this when it happens, and, that speaks volumes.

And, the mother is in Iraq fighting for oil, and, her child gunned down in the street because he is black, this country is becoming one big sad joke with the rise of racism, that no one wants to say exists anymore.


I just read that Villaraigosa has been MIA as he stumps all over the country for Hillary's campaign, trying to drum up Latino support: http://www.latimes.com/news/local/los_angeles_metro/la-me-antonio3mar03,1,3618685.story I wish he were as vigilant about brown-and-black tensions in his own backyard.

I am frustrated as well. I just sent an e-mail to the mayor's office, and have been advising my friends to do the same. It's in Villaraigosa's best interest to address escalating black-and-brown conflict because it would be tragic if a Latino student were gunned down in retaliation for the death of Jamiel Shaw.

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