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Thursday, March 20, 2008


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the goddess sweetpea

why is black been treated this way and for what? we never do nothing to no one, but still yet guys can not live with us. we were the first womb man and man on this planet you guys are destoying now. now, top that.

the goddess sweetpea

this is all sick.

Typical White Person

I hate all you niggers. Nigbama won because of race. He will be assassinated and I will be happy about it. One less nigger (half-nigger actually) to worry about.

North Florida Noose

Don't you mean DYKE BLOGGERS.


You have been added to the LGBT Bloggers List I am compiling because I think you are fabulous.
I am a part of the LGBT community and I want a special place for our blogs to be listed. It is a Bloggers List Blog for all LGBT persons. You are welcome to link back using one of the banners I created or a simple link - though not necessary of course. Also feel free to email me with any number of blogs you may like that are not listed already.
Thankyou for your support!
hugs & take care

North Florida Noose


I believe you are a nigger or some kind of nigger/spic hybrid. Niggers just don't care what they rape and the end result of that.

It took you 40 minutes to come up with that "... and also while I'm on the subject". Jesus you're a dumb nigger. You don't realize with Nigbama resorting to race-baiting like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson that Whites who once were leaning towards him are going to be turned off by his Negroid radicalism.

I mean "The white man invented AIDS".. how fucking hilarious! Everyone knows AIDS was invented by a nigger fucking an infected babboon or eating infected monkey flesh because in Africa, they are still Zulu warriors throwing spears at monkeys and eating coconuts.

That is why I don't believe that "Africa is where life started" because if that was true, we would have evolved back into hunter/gathers.

Good day Negroid and I look forward to your chimp reply.



oh, and p.s. @ north florida goose? caboose? papoose? whatever...you ask what are niggers going to do if Obama loses? well, before you would find out you're going to have to step over all those pissed off white people all across the country that are casting votes for him...you say white america is waking up? yeah, to the smell of more fresh
Bush-it...face it, not all whites think like you do...so when you run into them if Obama doesn't win the white house, i'm sure they'll supply you with enough rope to hang yourself...how fitting...


@north florida noose...I never said whether I was black, (oh sorry, a nigger), white, or neither...reguardless of my ethnicity I responded in the way I did to your post 'cuz I didn't care for your attitude whether you are white or black, (oops, a nigger), or whatever...but it doesn't matter what color your skin is anyhow...I can tell your heart is black, what a shame, can't help but pity you...Obama or Hillary for president in '08 just so north florida noose can continue to hate hate hate...

North Florida Noose


If the sting from the word "nigger" is gone, why do you niggers chimp out when a White person says nigger? Why do you niggers chimp out when someone says NAPPY HEADED HOS?

Of course, you chimp out over a silly noose. Hell, someone around here made a noose out of a paper towel and a Negroid school administer got all spooked out. I've seen pictures of alleged "nooses" most are like a piece of rope tied with a knot and not even tied like a noose, which proves some nigger planted it just to get a job promotion.

Evidence of hate crimes committed on groups themselves are backwards swastikas being painted on Jewish temples.

I would commend someone if they posted a noose on Jasmyne Cannick's doorstep at her residence on Wilshire Blvd in Los Angeles, California.

North Florida Noose


You just reinforce my stereotype of you being a nigger because you said if we were "face to face" that I should "have my insurance policy paid up".

Is that how you niggers are going to act when Obama LOSES the election? I mean, this Muslim, non-pork eating nigger HAS NOT WON the primary yet and finally his ANTI-WHITE views are finally surfacing.

Nigbama doesn't wear his flag pin.
Nor does he put his hand on his heart during the pledge.
His she-boon wife isn't proud of the country until recently
Now Nig-pastor Wright controversy..

Nigbama is showing himself slowly and White America is waking up to see he is another nigger liberation nutjob.

Be sure to send me some more ape threats! OOGA BOOGA NIGGER.

-North Florida News


Correction-a line in my previous post should read:

[I'm convinced they are scared sh*tless that Barack Obama's MESSAGE might really be catching on and THEY really canNOT handle that! And it's so d*mn obvious!...]

and let me also add_

I don't blame "haters" for being scared. Quite honestly, IF I were a "hater", I'd be SCARED too because_you see_ win or lose the nomination, Barack really has started something that canNOT be stopped.

It's BIGGER than him and BIGGER than the Presidency!

Too many Americans are fed-up with Hatred, Prejudices and Divisions. They see this country _and their way of life_going to H*LL in a handbasket and they know that UNLESS there is a CHANGE, America "best" days are BEHIND her!


Truthiz, the more that I read and hear the venomous words of "racists'_"bigots"_and just all around "haters" (Blacks and White) the more I'm convinced they are scared sh*tless that Barack Obama's MESSAGE might really be catching on and that really canNOT handle that! And it's so d*mn obvious!

I mean_let's get real_ how many Black Americans "tremble" when they hear somebody refer to them as "nigger"_?! Sadly, thanks to "gutter" and fake-azz "gangsta" rap the word 'nigger" has become so mainstream that almost all of its "sting" is gone.

Yes, some of Us can be angered by use of that word but I suspect that most intelligent Black Americans refuse to be PLAYED like that by some poor fool with a low IQ and IGNORANCE to spare.

The same can be said for Blacks who engage in the same or similar hateful and Ignorant behavior.

Barack's message of HOPE, CHANGE, and UNITY has got yall shaking in your boots because IF he succeeds that means your whole cenceptual worldview will be threaten; dare i say, your very identity and thus whole way of life.


...you know what north florida noose? i read your posts...nigger this, nigger that...but guess what? you are so firmly rooted in the past 'cuz your internet nigger, nigger, nigger didn't bother me in the least bit, in fact, it made me laugh...now, if you want to bring that context of the word to me face to face you best have a life insurance policy paid up 'cuz best believe me we'd settle all this there and then...but 'till that time might come:
Ignorant ass
Rile me...remember, what goes around comes around, so you best watch you ass 'cuz you won't be able to walk with a foot firmly planted in it...have a nice day...

North Florida Noose

Nigger Candidate Comes Out Against The Constitution
Civil Rights Are "Stained By The Sin Of Slavery"

3/18/2008 5:47:36 PM
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Overthrow Staff

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania -- Nigger presidential candidate Barack Obama came out against the United States Constitution and Americans' traditional civil liberties today, stating that the US Constitution should be abandoned because it is "stained by the sin of slavery."

Speaking in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, about the black racist from the loonie fringe United Church of Christ who served as his "pastor" for the past twenty years, Obama defended the man's anti-white and racist comments, saying that the entire US government was built on oppression of the Negro, and thus had to be overturned into a black-led community dictatorship.

Speaking as "the son of a black man from Kenya and a white woman from Kansas", the African tribesman who would rule America tried to defend the Negro supremacist and raving Christian loon who has tutored him for the past two decades.

Reverend Jeremiah Wright was exposed over the weekend calling the United States "God Damn America" and "Ameri-KKK-a" during his radical black nationalist sermons.

The United Church of Christ was founded as a radical anti-slavery organization in the early 19th century, and its preachers were strong advocates of genocide against Southern whites during the US Civil War. Many of its policies, including the promotion of Negroes to public office, were attempted during Reconstruction, until the failure of the Negro Senators and Congressman who were sent from the South caused Reconstruction to be abandoned and segregation to be instituted.

Obama was raised in an Islamic madrassa in Indonesia, and returned to the United States to become a black supremacist, associating both with black Muslims and radical black Christians who preach race war against America's white population. Such groups are typically backed and supported by Jews, who use them to create racial division and suppress the white working class minority.


Emailed to you by:

ATTN: Bill White, Editor

Post Office Box 8601
Roanoke, VA 24014

To unsubscribe, you must go to the website and fill out the form in the upper left hand corner -- the one that says "unsubscribe".

North Florida Noose

Hey niggers,

Just so you know. Blame Bill Clinton for injecting race into this Democratic primary. Not the big bad evil racist Republicans.

Blame Clinton and blame the Democrats who keep bringing it up.

I'm glad Obama is tanking in the polls. Serves him fucking right and I'm grateful that Sean Hannity is continuing to put the pressure on him. I don't care for his Reagan worshipping, but he will continue to keep a target painted on Obama like there should be.

The media was too soft on him and continues to do so. His "landmark speech about race" was a flop. I mean it sounded like some crap a 8th grader comes up with when he's forced to write about the issue of race for Black Mythology Month (many Negroid achievements are myths FYI).

Its funny to watch you niggers discuss politics online and attempt to be educated when you would rather be acting like animals during Black College Reunion like they used to have down in Daytona Beach Florida. Why don't they have it down there anymore?

Plain and simple: Too many niggers were acting like niggers and when the niggers were asked politely to stop acting like niggers, apparantly being told to stop acting like a nigger is "racism", so a bigger police presence was installed, which lead to more "racism" claims.

I surely wouldn't shed a tear if someone took Jasmyne Cannick's publically available personal information, went to LA, and smashed her in the back of her ugly sheboon face with a baseball bat due to all her Negroid liberation blogging she does online.

Of course! This is a hypothetical situation because I do not have the finances or transportation to make such a trip, but a big bad racist like myself can fantasize, right?

-North Florida NOOSE


Yes...kudos to Bev, and kudos to Carol Simpson and Rev Marcia Dyson also!! ...'cuz even as there is dust flying all around the contest for the democratic nomination let me state for the record there are those of us that will happily cast a vote for either BO or HRC in the GENERAL election...IMO both are great candidates with similar positions on most all of the issues each poised to make history or herstory...and yes i'm well aware of the Obama supporters damning Hillary and the Hillary supporters damning Obama, (i'm enjoying the show), but politics consists of politricks, add to that the mainstream media's appetite for ratings via creating conflict, controversy and
polarization and the shit begins to stink...but that's what shit is supposed to do...so, after everyone that is leaning toward the democratic ticket finishes wiping their asses clean, come november remember it's Clinton or Obama as opposed to the McCainiac's and his elderly mama...and if "your" candidate for the dem. nominination doesn't get on the ticket and you sit out the election, or vote republican or third party, you really weren't behind suporting the democrats any ol' way...which is surely your right, buh-bye...

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