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Saturday, February 16, 2008



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Bring it on! Awesome party!

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Wait a minute, what do you think with "infamous"? I think you are completely wrong. I hope you can change that word. I wish I could change it. it's a strong world and to be chaste... I didn't liked it.

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Even i watch it again and again, it always makes me laugh hard.

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And mom picking beans at our Ohio home and the two of us sitting around the kitchen table stringing them up for the winter. I don't remember how they taste but I remember the good times associated with them.

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There's flaws with both kind of gentrifiers, though.


What is your point in posting this video?


WTF..i'm so sick of this kinda sh..!


What if you're white and show up with a white girl...do you still get in 2 for 1? It doesn't specify the race of person hosting the white girl! Seems like they are trying to be funny? You're right about this not being anything about "Black History Month" though.


i am with you on this one, Jasmyne...


Prince Paul has been known for a snarky and off-color sense of humour. I'd be very surprised if he was serious about this.
Native Tongues were very intent on promoting roots-oriented consciousness (Dela Soul, Tribe Called Quest).




Like I've always said, they are just nasty and have no morals or decency. But, there are plenty of black fools who will show up to see them a white girl.

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