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Monday, February 25, 2008



Thanks mate... just dropped by. Will look for BIKE STN when we get to Seattle. Still in Buenos Airies.

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However and for whatever reason, I can't get the freehub body to sit all the way down the nose. It slides down about 3/4 way and stops, i wiggle it and nothing happens. I don't want to force it either and am left just really frustrated.


By chance I stumbled upon this place.
I should probably STFU and GTFO but I'm too compelled to nitpick. Sorry, can't help it.

*reads other comments first*

Mmm.. Seems "???" already pointed out that you acted like a hypocrite. Awww, that's what I was going to say too. :c

Anyways, "attacking ideas" feels like a euphemism for "pissing people off because they piss you off".
People tend to like their own ideas, and dislike anyone rejecting them completely.

Dragging things out like this isn't really mature. Nor taking the moral high ground, when you think about it.

*reads the top banner more closely*

Mmm. What exactly *is* this place anyways?
The "based on the characters created by.." makes my head hurt.


Oh well.
Best to ignore this as midnight rambling of a random person.
G'night o/

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Jasmyne looks pretty healthy in all photos. I will join th protest too.

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Thats a brave determination, hang on!

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Quick comment, I went to a Quaker college and have never even heard of a Quaker deacon.


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Jasmyne, one more sick white man making a living off the backs of black folks and denigrating black women for his own pleasure. It aint nothing new. You can't debate ignorance. But we can continue to paste the face of hate all over the internet and keep it front and center. Let me know if he takes you up on the debate.


"One of the golden rules of debating is to attack the idea and not the person."

"Now see, I could have called you a piece of poor white redneck trailer park trash or RuPaul a tired has been who is confused about which race he belongs too, but I didn’t. I attacked the idea and not the person."

Ummm, you actually attacked the people not the ideas(I think in a couple other posts you have made very similar comments without the guise of saying "I could have called you this but I didn't")...and sorry the photo was funny. ROFLMAO!!

I'm not saying Charles act is funny or appropriate but don't be a hypocrite in your argument against it.


Amazing. Just amazing. And a way more dignified response than was deserved.



i got you. trust. let me know where we need to be and when, sis.

when it is all said and done, this clown cannot be an original woman, aka the black woman---mother of humanity. all other nations come from the womb of a black woman; and he, the scientists, and the racist powers that be, know this, hence the non-stop assaults. paralytic fear, genetic recessiveness, and low birth rates is an ugly pathetic thing.

be encouraged! move powerfully! you've got support.



I can't believe in 2008, someone would attempt to perform minstrels and defend them! By the way, I went to a Quaker college and have never even heard of a Quaker deacon. Most Quaker meeting houses (churches) don't even have ministers. I would check with the Friends General Conference or Friends United Meeting to see if he really is a part of the Quaker clergy. If he is, he is in a world of trouble.


As a gay white male I frankly don't get the appeal of "Shirley". It appears he's as ugly on the inside as he is on the outside. No amount of makeup, wigs or oversize dresses can cover that up.

xavier leonard

I am so proud of you Jasmyne intelligent and witty. We have your back, let us know when and where yu need us to protest.
Love you

PS We hae your dvd for you (the wedding)

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