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Friday, February 22, 2008



Funny how the state is broke - again. The last time that happened Arnold was about to get a taste of his own recall election medicine and magically found missing money for teachers and nurses. I never had any doubt about the Oscars going on because I KNEW they'd settle with the writers in time. Hollywood wouldn't be Hollywood without them. What I'd like to talk about is why most of the WGA is white surprise surprise.


How much does it cost to put on the NAACP Image Awards? I'm sure they aren't serving mayo sandwiches on white bread there either. Focus sister...


The only reason I boycott every year is that there are never any good movies put out. As for the states bad finances, blame it still on Prop 13, Arnold and Fabian, two of the most inept people running anything outside of the White house.

But, I don't think I would turn down that meal if invited, sorry, got to get your feed on whn the menu is that good!


Canceling the ceremony will help?

Isn't kinda hypocrisy not talking about what will really alleviate for good the problems you mentioned?
... And what being the "BEST" means anyway?
Answer: nothing more than an opinion, and the world is full of.

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