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Thursday, February 28, 2008



when white chicks come out? Who gets mad when BLACK so called comedians make fun at white sterotypes? Its GOOD to know u embrace your


Solution? Educate everyone so that this is no longer a stereotype - Much better use of time and effort - Its only successful because it exists - not the majority, but just enough.Face it - this is just a cheaply done Tyler Perry - Why are you not bitching about him? because he is not white. Get over it, teach, educate until no one sounds like that it it will be truly over and good riddance, but for now? it still exist - I know women that sound just like Shirley.

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Honestly i think if u see his shows as "racist", then u have some racism issues YOU need deal with. Who made a big deal when white chicks come out? Who gets mad when BLACK so called comedians make fun at white sterotypes? Its GOOD to know u embrace your culture..but lets look at the humor of it. I Live in the south and see fine southern black ladies who act just like that on a daily basis.

Either way the show went as planned, and WAS FABULOUS. Thanks for the small bit of publicty you gave it with this post.

Anna M

I don't understand why you are wasting so much time on this. Mrs Liquor is funny. Who gives you the right to tell me what I can and can't see?

You want to see REAL damage being done to black women? Check out the lowlifes on Maury and Springer. Millions of viewers see black women (and men) at their worst - displaying every negative stereotype attributed to black people.

One of these shows does more damage than Knipp can do in his lifetime.

Anna M.





Shane, Who are you calling vultures and opportunists? Try and get Shirley cancelled if you like, but leave the fun folks who love their porn out of it.


Instantly removing the thousands of e-mails that call you on your proven racism, J?

Sure looks that way!


Instantly removing the thousands of e-mails that call you on your racism, J?

Sure looks that way!



Jennifer, et al.

Please note that Graber Associates LLC (www.graberassociates.net) in Burlington, Massachusetts is in no way involved in this event. The original posting has the wrong information.

We work with banks, other financial institutions, and technology companies.

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Shane AKA BLKSeaGoat


Do you honestly think that the purveyors of adult entertainment honestly care about perception? These people are vultures and opportunists; they are bottom feeders and glorified prostitutes.

I shudder to think what will happen when the porn convention folks start to have a conscience. I am not sure that targeting elected officials will do anything to stop this event. Target the sponsors, find the personal information for the companies involved and canvass their neighborhoods to let people know what their neighbors are doing to make money. Just a thought.

A clarification, please. Graber Associates LLC (www.graberassociates.net) is in Burlington, Mass. and has nothing to do with this event. We are not affiliated whatsoever with Graber & Associates in Miami, FL.
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Ray Graber


Good luck, this freak and the racist white gay men who want to see him/it spew his hate will find a way to get that obese racist on a stage strong enough to hold his weight. He isn't going away, not as long as white gay men want to see him spew hate and you continue to give him more credit than he deserves. I loathe everything about him and his racist white gay followers, but, you are giving them both credence by giving him attention. His brand of racism won't stop until the mainstream press gets involved and call him, the spots they freak show appears at and the racists white gay men who love black face drag queens out on what he and they are RACISTS, who claim they need special rights, when they got all the rights they need and more just by being white men in the USA.

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