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Sunday, February 24, 2008


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why they don't give a oscar to a black woman ?

Oh that wacky Jasmine...she's at it again! How ever did the Oscars manage to cobble together a ceremony without her support? I mean, she was "protesting" a show SHE WAS NEVER INVITED TO in the first place. I guess we should all direct our anger at people who have never heard of us by boycotting a huge event we were never invited to or scheduled to be a part of. Yeah, that's an effective way to impact change. Of course, Ms. Cannick is the same person who thinks nothing of getting her mug shot next to a celebrity when it suits her need for self-promotion and validation. Perhaps the reason the amazingly talented Ruby Dee did not go home with an Oscar has less to do with the color of her skin and more to do with the fact that she was on screen for barely five minutes in a film than ran 157 minutes. Of course, that would negate Ms. Cannick's latest "us vs. them" rant and force her to do more than her usual "barely scratch the surface" brand of blogging. Rather than whine about Ruby Dee not winning an Oscar, a better angle might be a story on why female actors of her generation are barely seen on the big screen these days. Why does a Ruby Dee, with more talent in her little finger than most younger actors, have to settle for five minutes of screen time once every few years? That's a more meaty story but it might not fit so neatly into Ms. Cannick's bizarre anti-Oscar rant. BTW...other than a lame and wholly misplaced mention in this column...what has Jasmine Cannyck done to help with the state educational crisis? How much time has she spent volunteering in the Los Angeles Unified School District? What donations has she made to one of the thousands of underfunded programs on sites like donorschoose.org? How many letters has she written to the mayor and board of education? I'm glad she's on one of her high and mighty protests but, let's be honest, she's much better at talking the talk than she is at walking the walk (and her shameless self-promotion hikes don't count).


It's funny that you mention the coincidence of the writer's strike ending just before the Oscar's. I swear I thought the same thing and even discussed it with my mother. I think the Oscar's are snoozefest anyway. I haven't watched them since I was a kid, still wowed by the "celebrities" and all their fancy dresses and jewelry. Needless to say, I've matured a bit. :-)




You better preach, sista!

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