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Friday, February 22, 2008



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Gregory Gunter

Really love your site - new to it; was reading a gay university news-e & saw the article. I hope some of the stars of both films see your text. Magic Johnson of ALL people, while he is not responsible for EVERY film in the world, should embrace positive portrayals of gays in all segments of society. While not his immediate crowd, we've certainly embraced him & welcomed him into our community. Why does it always have to be the histrionic pieces that get play (however reflective they may be) & not compassionate ones. Where is OUR Pursuit of Happyness? It might have been Dirty Laundry. I will get the DVD/BluRay & give it as gifts. Thank you JC.


Not on my list of things to do this weekend, but, with that cast it seems like one of those Christian plays, since, they are not even C-level stars, so, this will be out a couple of weekends for the poorly informed and straight to DVD.

And, they all need to keep in mind, its not just black men on this so called silly DL, every race and creed of men creep around, its just that black men are easy to use in this nasty way and another reason for people to fera the, especially those money hungry,alleged preachers.

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