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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


weeping wanda

I think the picture is hysterical. If you choose to be an 'activist,' you set yourself up for these actions. You got exactly what you deserved. He is exercising his right to free speech, not yelling fire in a crowded movie theater. I wish I was the judge hearing your case. Mabye you should file lawsuits for a living.......Oh I forgot, you are a 'journalist.'


Controversy sales tickets. He proably posted the photo to generate attention.

Why waste more time giving this guy attention?

Jaisne Blue Sexton

I agree with EricTN - at the very least you're a hypocrite. You support Black people (actors, politicians) who are homophobic, but you attack White gays as racist. And you also attack gay Black people who call you on your crap. You're anything but a 'professional' journalist. Sure you earn money from writing and being on tv, but you leave a lot to be desired when it comes to being 'professional' about your work. What you really are is a PR flack/flunky/pundit, not a journalist. Or is that insulting people in PR?


I'm disgusted that he did this, and disgusted by the comments suggesting that he has won. He has not won. He has just proven once and for all that he is incapable of intellectual...well, anything. I'd never heard of his shows before and I am appalled that they even exist! This is 2008, right?



I received the following reply to my e-mail:

Re: Cancel Racist Blackface Show in San Jose!

Jasmyne Cannick:

I received an email today from a woman named Leslie that claims you have San Jose Pride on some sort of blacklist for hiring a racist performer. I am Gary Walker and I am the Festival Director of San Jose Pride for the past 12 years. I do ALL the booking. Not only have I not booked this person, I don't even know who she / he is.

It would seem that if you are an activist in this area you would do your homework before adding any organization to some blacklist without even speaking to that groups Festival Director or Entertainment Booker.

If this is true I would appreciate being removed from this blacklist.


Gary Walker
Gary Walker Productions
San Jose Pride 2008 Festival Director
408 505 1725

CC: Dennis Book, Esq.

I did some research and found that Knipp performed at the San Jose Improv last year -- NOT at the Pride Festival.

I contacted the Improv and found that Knipp is not booked to perform there this year. I was also told that the Improv's corporate office in L.A. books national, travelling acts like Knipp. So, he could be booked to perform at the San Jose Improv this year.

I am waiting to hear back from the Improv's corporate office about their June 2008 bookings.

I have also posted corrections on the Ban Shirley Q. Liquor website regarding Knipp performing at San Jose Pride.


To: President@sanjosepride.com

Cc:VicePresident@sanjosepride., Secretary@sanjosepride., almam@bottilaw.com, CFO@sanjosepride.,CFO@sanjosepride., CommMarketing@sanjosepride., Events@sanjosepride., Festival@sanjosepride., Diversity@sanjosepride., local@mercurynews., pdelevett@mercurynews., dsatterfield@mercurynews.com

Re: Shirley Q. Liquor Performance at San Jose Pride

Dear Ms. Kretowicz,

I was outraged to learn that San Jose Pride has chosen to provide a venue for Charles Knipp and his racist minstrel show.

Charles Knipp performs in what is called "blackface" as Shirley Q. Liquor.

You can learn more about Knipp's act and the nationwide outrage over it here:


Rest assured that if San Jose Pride does not cancel this racist, misogynist performance, there will be picketers at your event and the local press will be notified.

We will also be contacting your corporate sponsors to let them know that San Jose Pride is actively promoting a performance that is deeply offensive to African Americans and those with a concern for eliminating racial discrimination.


Fritz J. Liess


I'm am a single black woman,gainfully employed, 5'4, athletic, tomboy, clean, smell good, nice teeth, great smile, attractive (for real), in good shape ( I workout at least 5 times a week, more if time permits), not into drugs (no I'm NOT 420 friendly), NON smoker, drink on occasion, enjoy cooking, reading a good book, outdoor concerts, massages (getting and receiving),movies (especially on rainy Sundays), super laid back and mellow. I'm basically a really nice, kind and intelligent person, I treat everyone the way I would like to be treated.

You are a SINGLE BBW, gainfully employed, FEMME, pretty, clean, NON SMOKER, lovely smile, I ABOSOLUTELY love a woman that smells good, someone with curves ESPECIALLY in the right places and "thick", nice, kind, considerate, able to hold her own in any surroundings and/or conversation, kinda feisty but still sweet.

Okay if any of this sounds good please send me a PHOTO and tell me something about yourself and hopefully we can make a connection.



EricTN, isn't the word English supposed to be capitalized?

Just sayin'...


"... he continues to perpetuate the worse stereotypes of Black women." -- Unfortunately, one stereotype (completely erroneous) is an abuse of the english language. The appropriate wording would be "..the worst stereotypes.." So, aren't you also helping to perpetuate the worst (er.. worse) stereotypes? Shirley Q. does unfortunately do & say some things that are patently offensive. That's a shame, because I've seen him do a couple of things (a video that can be found on YouTube where he portrays a church-going woman who decries other ladies' obsession with their hats) that actually showed talent and what could've been interpreted as affection for women of color (imitation and gentle humor being sincere forms of flattery). But he does go too far on a number of occasions - a pity.


Considering you are one of the worst racists on the planet, no one with common sense and a fair mind takes your bitter, paranoid hater blattering seriously.

You need therapy; to go into your dysfunctional upraising and figure out why you're full of scape-goating hatred toward millions of total strangers.

Truly, you are your own worst enemy. You actually worsen, damage and trivialize race relations much further by numbing people down to stone-deafness toward your obsessions and fictions.


Oh "Oranjello" please. What's happened to this world that people think that reporting on the negative things that folks actually do is bashing?

Robert H.

jasmyne, I agree with the rest, in that you should sue!! I really think tho you should write a BOOK about White Gay America & Racsim. I know you could write a knock out & a best seller !

Plus, it's time that we get this conversation started; & a book by you could do just that. Your journalistic talents makes you the perfect person whthin our community to write such a book. You could delve into the structure of white gay America in a way that people would have to pay attention ! ( Think About It!)

Tonia L.

Correction: In my rush to publicly oppose this racist, sexist smear, I misread Ms. Cannick's blog to say that Knipp's manager had posted and disseminated this defamatory image, and made reference to that misunderstanding in my reply. There was, in fact, no suggestion made by Ms. Cannick that any of Knipp's abettors, apologists, enablers, soulless contractual partners, or fellow white supremacists compiled this self-degrading obscenity.

So, my mistake.

Just thought I'd clean up my post before I volunteered to join the legal team.


You think he'd be so cavalier if you took his face and superimposed it on a body that had a naked boy on its lap?

This is about the fact that there was a campaign launched against him in 2007 that cost him money with canceled shows.

Gee, Jasmyne, I thought that he made so much money that the campaign didn't affect his sales. I guess we all know what's up now.


Sue him, Jasmyne.

I love your blog and good luck!!


People have got busted for far less, example a teen ager wearing a t-shirt through an airport that said F*** George Bush. So this has to have actionable merit in the eyes of the law. I'm glad you posted it and if there are any lawyers or friends of lawyers out there who read the post and feel this kind of ignorance must be stopped, drop Jaz a note or speak up on this blog. I don't know Jasmine personally and have yet the pleasure to meet her, but as a black woman this of course affects me on quite a deep level. Jaz, any support you need around this just say the word and I'm there! I live in the SF Bay Area and don't follow the club scene much but if this a-hole is scheduled to come through this area I will send out notices to the network to protest his show. For some reason I suspect the Castro might be one of his main supporters. Love you Sistah, keep up the good work.


I think you need to fight back and defend your image. How dare a false representation of a black woman (Shirley Q.) defame a real black woman. This is a bunch of horse manure. if we allow this character type of assassination, what is the next move? We tried to run Shirley Q. out of Hartford. We need to put that thing out of it's misery.

Seriously, you need to take legal action.
I'm no lawyer but I'm sure this is a case!

Stuffed Animal


Sue the trifling bastard, and if possible, PLEASE ban this Oranjello clown from your site. I'm tired of seeing his racist BS.


I agree with many of the people who have posted here, it's time to sue him. He's made it clear that he makes a lot of money, take it! I know you don't have time to focus entirely on taking him to court, but there are those of us who will do it for you.
You've been doing the work for us for a long time now, and I thank you whole heartedly for the emotional and intellectual support a year ago. Let us support you. Tell me what you need and you'll have it.

Professor Tracey

I think that you should sue his behind. I ma in complete support and have linked this story on my own blog. Further, I say it's time to put an end to all "this fake black women" ppresentations. Norbit, Madea, Big Momma, not of these presentations uplift or celebrate black women.

Tonia L.

The fact that Knipp's manager would post a photo like that proves that he and his supposedly misunderstood client have no real respect or understanding for the minstrel-show character they claim to be portraying out of fondness and admiration for a beloved childhood caretaker. I think your comment about working in the real world and not just the virtual one is right on. People who stoop to shallow tactics like using a doctored photo--objectifying the images of other people whom they see as different, and turning them into pornographic caricatures--are proving that they lack any connection to the real world and the problems faced by the people who live in it. It seems to me that their minds are disconnected from reality, maybe because they are too preoccupied with their own "cleverness" in thinking up their next joke. A shameful commentary on life in a world of privilege and willful ignorance.

Keep up the fight. You have my support, too--so glad we all got organized and managed to cancel Shirley Q. Liquor last summer here in Hartford. It was a good first step that needs to spark a much bigger conversation. Hopefully, that will happen soon.


SUE, stop with just posting about this vile racist and SUE. His sick/demented obsession with black women has reached a lower point than I thought he could. SUE and stop giving it and its racist fans time on your site.


Jennifer Hadlock

Ms. Cannick-
You are very brave. I hope that you will sue him for defamation and harassment.
As a white (person of Irish, German and Scottish descent) I am embarassed that this man is still performing and that people are attacking you. I live in Hartford Connecticut and with activism from the queer community we were able to cancel his show. It is embarassing and shameful that we have not gotten further justice from the club that invited the performer. In fact, the manager is still there.
Shame on the posters who are bashing you. You are completely correct about the white gay establishment needing to work on our shit. White superiority and privilege is a serious problem and I am embarassed to not have done more about it.
You are an inspiration and please keep up the fight.


I visit this site everyday at work. Please, in the future, if you feel the need to post a picture like that, post it behind a cut or link. A picture like that is not something I would like my boss to see popping up on my work computer.

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