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Thursday, February 28, 2008


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Jasmyne Cannick, I'm sure you know that Louis Farrakhan has suggested that gays should be put to death. Check out Keith Boykin's book Beyond the Down-Low. What do you care if someone mispronounces this vicious homo-hater's name? He and his Black Muslims are enemies of gay people of all races.

By the way, I am a black gay man but I have NO love in my heart for homophobic straight black people. Loving someone (anyone) who HATES you, and wants you and your kind dead, is a form of self-hatred.


Correct me if I'm wrong, but the bigger question is why would Hillary even push Obama to say that he rejected the Honorable Minister Farrakhan. This was simply a tactic used by the Hillary campaign to try to get more black votes. I saw right throught that bs. I hope and pray that others did too.


Besides Hillary always gets to have the last word as well. I don't see her complaining about THAT. She's clearly frustrated - which I think is something she said of Obama at one point. It doesn't feel so good when the shoe is on the other foot, huh? Regardless I think this is indicative of how she'd run her administration, pouting and complaining when people make things 'hard' for her because she can't get her way. She has no problem with lying, cheating and defrauding but give Obama a pillow, eh? Grill him about Farrakhan [I'm MORE anti-Semitic than you!] but keep mum on Callejo who claims Obama's 'problem' is that he's Black. She really makes me SICK. And to think if she had just run on the issues the many millions of people who couldn't stand the Clintons before this election cycle have now increased ten fold and WILL NOT FORGET HOW THEY BEHAVED. All those CBC members supporting her had better be prepared to face challengers from the pool of their pissed-off constituents. A change is gonna come.


Just to be clear, I support Obama over Hillary.

But it is an extremely valid point made by Hillary that she is always asked the question first. Ask any debate teacher and they will tell you that it puts you in a position of having to answer the question first, giving your opponent time to think of their own response (advantage 1) and also keeps you from being able to rebut what the second person said (advantage 2).

By constantly asking her the first question, they are giving Obama a built-in advantage in the debates. Any time she tries to rebut what Obama has said, she is accused of being 'shrill' or 'on the attack'.

And I think it would be fair to point out that you would most likely have had a very different reaction if the shoe was on the other foot and Obama was complaining about getting the question first all the time.



it's not a question of being ready to answer the first question, for she obviously has answered all of them... even some of Obama's: "Yeah, what she said"... it's the fact that this has happened, and is in attribution to the fact that the media has a huge role to play in Obama's sudden turn of events.
I love the fact that you have chosen Obama as a candidate, for it shows that as a citizen you are doing your duty. It is not hard to understand why you have chosen Obama, I was also a big supporter of his. I do however have a problem with the rhetoric now being used by the media in their portrayal of both candidates, Hillary and Obama.
"OBAMA FIRES BACK!", "HILLARY ON THE RAMPAGE", "BARACK DEFENDS", "HILLARY ATTACKS OBAMA." You seem to be quite good at reading people and the underlying meanings, I suggest you pay close attention to all of this.
If Obama wins, good, I'll be happy to vote for him, but I do have my reasons for voting for Hillary. She has an answer for everything, simply because she knows her information, she knows her material. She doesn't present the 'obious,' but instead informs the public on new ideas, or new ways to think of current issues.
I want you not to do something, not to change your mind on who you're voting for, but to gain an idea of why people say the "Hillary is more qualified." I can't lay it out for you, but maybe you can put it together yourself.
Here's what I ask: Look at how Hillary addresses a question and answers it compared to Obama. Hillary is quite good at stating a problem, and then following that problem with a solution. A solution that is well-thought-out and one that is on a level of thinking above that of common-knowledge/common-sense. Obama connects more with his audience by talking about the people he's met, and staying on more of a anecdotal approach. He presents problems also, but goes in depth about the issue, many times not stating a solution that is more than just common-knowledge. I want someone who can recognize our problems, but also find ways of solving them. This is why people say he is a good speaker, but uses too much "rhetoric".
I see the uncertainty in Obama's eyes when he debates with Hillary... I watch as he looks down, or responds hessitantly... I count the many times he agrees with Clinton, I listen to what he says, now how he says it, or the tone of voice he says it in. Imagine this man, whom people put so high up, imagine what is going on in his head when he realizes that maybe he isn't the right person for this job. He wouldn't back out now, but I see the realization at times when he is put up face to face with Hillary Clinton.
I watch every debate, and I listen... and from that I switched from the popular candidate to the now underdog. What does this tell you?


"My reply.

If you’re ready to serve on day one as the President of the United States of America, you should be ready to answer the first question."

AMEN to that! I enjoy your blog.

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