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Tuesday, January 15, 2008



Sista Jasmyne, I am very proud of you for growing. So many of us continue to age, but do not grow much. Maybe because I'm rapidly approaching forty, I am very much like you are today and your ex was back then. And I love. And I have a great reputation. But because I can't have someone always upset because I GOTS THANGS TO DO, I can't be bothered with insecure sistas. But I used to be that sista. In my twenties I needed all of this reassurance. Over the years I've reassured myself just fine, thank you, so I don't even relate to being her anymore. I feel for these sistas though because we are women and we feeeeeel. I have a lot of patience because of this. But I won't compromise myself because a sista has to learn and grow the hard way. I think something "just happens" when you grow up. But it also has a lot to do with having thangs to do. Been single for a while now, but my next love will have to also have things to do. Blessings, beautiful sista.



I enjoyed reading your entire post AND can certainly relate to some of what you shared.

Being a Black American_then add to that, Female AND Lesbian!_GOOD LAWD!_I had No choice but to learn from a multitude of life's lessons_beginning with gaining a greater Understanding of SELF!

And today I can honestly say that, over the past 8 years, I've grown Significantly not only in gaining a greater Understanding of Self _but also in gaining a greater Understanding of Life and Love.

Your last sentence really hit home with Me because I began describing myself as_"a Work in progress" years ago!

It is what I am_and shall always be :)


Good stuff, its just hard dating being black and gay it seems, my take from the male view, so, it was cool to see it from a female view. I wonder if its easier to even get a date as a black lesbian with another black woman? Cause, it sure ain't easy with black gay men!


All things happen for a reason, you did well with Ms. O.P.P. That can be very tempting but you certainly deserve your own, brand new and shiny. Someone out there is perfect for you and I'm sure when you're both ready you'll find each other. It's sorta exciting not knowing who she could be and when she will happen to you...Finally guess what we are ALL a work in progress...=o)

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