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Thursday, January 17, 2008



Weight loss can be simple: Eat less, of higher quality foods. Get up and MOVE more. Take supplements to get "over the hump" when needed. Unfortunately, most supplements do one of 2 things: 1. trick your body into thinking you're full when you're not. This is starvation. 2. rev up your metabolism, and we've all read about how dangerous this can be. A new set of supplements uses Leptin - the hormone your cells release to tell your brain "we're full". Our modern lives - stress,poor eating, etc. - mess with our body chemistry, and sometimes those messages don't get through. Leptin supplements, like Mandura TRIM, help cut through the 'clutter' and make sure your brain knows when to stop eating. Naturally. Safe, effective, and Clinically Proven.

acai berry weight loss

Not very impressed with Queen Latifah. Can think of a couple of other people I would rather see

Acai Optimum

Very informational and educational as usual. I definitely learned a lot. Thanks for a wonderful post.

Lap Band Surgey

I agree with the last statement made regarding this post "We should all strive to be healthy".

I think we should all strive to be healthy regardless of what program or weight loss vehicle people decide to chose. As long as you have done your reasearch and consulted with a doctor nothing else should matter.

Clinton Walker III

As a personal trainer from the south I love women with curves. As long as you can keep your body fat percentage fairly low, you can remain thick and healthy.



Thanks for at least, again, bringing us something that we can talk about and learn about. I agree very much with your statements in your post. I also think that yes, people may tell themselves many things to protect or insulate themselves from other people's negative comments or remarks, but at the same time, the issue is health---not weight. Obesity limits life, hinders mobility and also kills. Obesity contributes to heart disease and many other health issues that most people don't want to talk about. Yes, smoking and sex-with-anything-that-moves will also limit your time on this big blue ball called Earth, but so will carrying around 50-60 lbs of something that you really don't need. I am glad that there are many options out there for people to help them with their weightloss, from commercial programs e.g. Jenny Craig, WeightWatchers etc. to spiritual programs such as OvereatersAnonymous and even an OvereatersAnonymous for us black folk (EbonyOA)..take care and blessed be.

Gary (the weight loss guru) Holdon

hello all,

hapiness cant come from wiegth (wieght is just a reason that we suppose that its responsible for unhapiness) because no matter what you wieght is you can be happy and you can be very sad (i have seen happy married women which are fat and divorced thin people)

the real problem is how the society thinks that fat people have a problem and hence treat them as freaks or ugly or even sick

you will say that they will probably get sick thats right

but you dont see smokers treated that they are sick even though smoking is a worse killer

look inside people thats all


To each her own. You can't make a broad statement like that. Some overweight people wish they could lose weight, some underweight people wish they could gain weight. Let's let everyone determine what works for them and makes them happy. What works and is true for you may not be for someone else.


Althougth I agree with some of your pionts. I disagree with your comment on "overweight"people not loving themselves. I come from a family of larger healthy, emotionally o.k women who would not change a thing about themselves. Jasmyne I think you should really look at the interalized hate you still harbor at your past self. We as a people are not a monolith. Wishing you peace on your journey!


I think we claim to be happy but we're not fooling anyone but ourselves. Women in general no matter how big or small have issues concerning their weight. TV feeds into it as well. We should all strive to be healthy.

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