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Monday, January 07, 2008



Hey Jas,

Happy New Year. Love the new body sista. Keep up the good work. Unfortunately Barak lost in NH.
But not by a large margin at all. And YES I believe the tears was the ruling factor in Hilary getting over the mark.

However,The Obama soldiers will still fight because this is just starting and we have a LONG WAY to go!

So for all who support Obama continue to be STEDFAST, AND UNMOVEABLE AND ALWAYS EMBRACING CHANGE!

because if we ever needed CHANGE the time is now! And he is the one for CHANGE



Hillary "cried" and the White women bought it!

Bill and Hillary showed their azzez at the thought that she was going to lose to Obama.

It's about 10:10 PM Tuesday night and still "too close to call" but regardless of how it turns out, I'm through with the Clintons!

Robert H.

Jasmyne, what happned to change your mind about Barack Obama ? I remember last year,you seemed very cold about Obama. I assumed that you where a die hard Clinton fan, no matter what !

I also did not understand why Rev.Irene Monroe was so hostile toward Barack Obama ? Was it his Logo performace, or his misstep with the gospal concert? I really would like to know !


Yes, indeed_he's gonna WIN in New Hampshire, which doesn't surprise me at all!

Finally, the majority of Americans (Blacks AND Whites) appear to be on to the Games being played by the "elites" (Rich fat-cat RepublicRATS) and YES, we're PISSED!!!..but we're NOT irrational.

We know how to THINK for ourselves and we'll make up our own minds!

Personally, I could a flying fig about candidates touting their so-called "experience." The "experienced" politicians have MUCKED this country up!!!

Whether Barack can truly deliver on REAL "Change", only TIME will tell(?)

But right now, a lot of people believe he's "the Right man, in the Right place, at the Right time, with the Right message"_!!!

..and that's a Powerful weapon against ALL other candidates, and more importantly, against the "establishment"_including the "Clinton machine."


Thanks for acknowledging the Man.
Not that I don't have compassion for the tears but we have been dupped for far to long by the masters of tricks. Who crys for the so-called minority.
ps: keep up your good work

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