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Thursday, January 17, 2008


13/20 the wire

i think it's brave of you to admit your feelings about something so painful. how deep...how genuine is your/our
love for each other ? if it is not truly authentic. if it doesn't
feed you, you will release it. at your core you must love
women and blackness. thank you for sharing.


M-m-m, that's a shame (shakin' my head). Well imagine dating someone who USED TO BE out of the closet but went back in! At age 40 at that! She was still a lesbian but because she moved from a major city to the southern bible belt of these united states, everyone except a couple of people who moved from the city with her, thought she was straight. No sir, she wasn't about to let these southern black folk think that she was a dike. Not the neighbors, not the co-workers, not the folks who frequent her gatherings and certainly not the local pastor. He still doesn't know.

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