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Monday, December 10, 2007



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Great post. I think one of the basic things that we should know know is that we must always make sure that you are safe in every transactions you wanted to indulge with.

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good movie, is not one of my favorites, but the first time I saw it, I end so happy with the plot and performance of the actors.

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Bingo!!! Bulls eye in fact. You have hit the right mass. I like to read such hard core stories that you always write. They are so inspirational. I surely cannot write as well as you do, but I can surely spread the main aim of the article and for this work starts from home, my parents and then my friends and also everybody else I know.

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Movie with black actors good idea.

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There’s certainly a gap between what serious people think and what Robert Peston thinks. Why is he the BBC’s Business Editor again? Anyone would think they didn’t want properly informed business commentary.

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i like this part of the post:"But what pisses me off even more, is that when we make the effort to go out of our way, in the cold, to support the film at a theater that is miles away from where it should be screening, we get accused of buying tickets and falsifying numbers. Give me a break." is very good


I'm fascinated by movies in general only the fantasy genre but I do not like if all else if I like big Hollywood productions and very few independent productions.

Stanley Sellars II

I was wondering about the statistics that were cited in this post. Where did they come from, and how can I see them?


I live in Chelsea and I saw the movie. Nice start for engaging black folks around the gay dialogue. far too much church-going in the black community. We're boring culturally in some respects. I, too, was surprised that a black movie was being shown in Chelsea that didn't star Denzel or Halle but I was heartened by it and figured that it happened because the theme was gay and so is much of Chelsea.


If we're going to point fingers, I'm sorry, but we have to point at Jeff Clanagan/Codeblack Entertainment for fudging up this release. Wasn't this movie supposed to hit theaters summer '06? And I heard about it being pushed back and back and back. Then somehow FOX got involved, though it's unclear what exactly they brought to the table.

And it's just NOT OK to open a "Black" film on 2 screens. Yes, it's a "specialized" theme, but as a demographic, we don't behave the same way that the largely white "indie/art house" audience behaves, where a movie is featured in a theater or a city for a week or two, then moves on to the next city benefiting from "word of mouth" and critical support.

This is rough. But new and more effective distribution models are on the horizon; there are ways to get a film shown (and monetized) beyond "business as usual."


“If it ain't Katt Williams or neo-Christian negroes dancing down Soul Train lines most black folks ain't checking for it.”

@Me: LOL!....sad but true Sis!

BTW: I like your description of those LYING-azz hypocritical zealots and homobigots, “neo-Christian negroes”. My name for them is Black [K]hristians.

But I digressed.

Re: Clearview’s decision to pull the plug on the movie.

I hear that Clearview has accused the producers of buying up the advance tickets themselves, “to make it look like individual moviegoers bought the tickets”… aka “by buying the gross.”

IF indeed the producers, OR anyone “affiliated” with the producers did that, Clearview is justified because that’s “Cheating”_!!!

But it would be nice to know what the REAL reason is.


Putting this movie in a theater located in an area rife with black straights wouldn't be any better. They'd find some cock and bull story too to get rid of it. You give our "brothers and sisters" entirely too much credit. If it ain't Katt Williams or neo-Christian negroes dancing down Soul Train lines most black folks ain't checking for it. Black homos? Forget about it. This is not quite that simple.

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