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Friday, December 07, 2007



maggie that would be the naacp and not the ncaa..


If the NCAA is supposed to deal with matters of race then it ought to have an African American President. But if the people say shes going to be a good president, so be it.

i think it interesting that black people tend to only recognize the rascist actions of some whites but refuse to acknowledge the efforts of other whites to end racism.


I mean, I'm sort of in the middle: As a previous poster stated, from it's inception the NAACP has had whites as a central part of it's leadership . . . but I'd definitely have to voice my disagreement with another poster as to how much we "owe" them for it's successes *gimme a break*.

I will say that this particular blog entry seemed more of an emotional rant to me then Jas' usually informed opinions, but everyone's allowed a rant or two . . . ESPecially on their own site! ;o)

What DOES particularly bother me about this entry is what Jasmyne alluded to: R u telling me not ONE sistah or brotha on that campus was interested and/or competent to fill that position on that campus?

Can I get a 1-handed clap for the sistahs & brothas @ Georgetown . . . *donkeyz*


With thinking like that we will never have a black U. S. President. Shame on you Jasmyne. Perhaps you should do a litlle more research on the roots of that organization before you make such remarks.

Sa Lone Pikin


so wait let me get this straight, black folk should be thanking whites and jews for the naacp.

thank u for putting us in our place massuh.

Proud Black Man

This pretty much sums it up for me:

"The Negro Must Stop Expecting God and White Folk To Do For Him What He Can Do For Himself."---Nannie Helen Burroughs’ “12 Things The Negro Must Do For Himself.


Harold, what would you say to the people who founded the NAACP. And to the fact that the first black president of the NAACP was elected in 1975. You can actually thank Jewish and white leadership for what was accomplished between 1909 and 1975. So don't you dare claim that white people can not lead this organization and be effective in fighting and accomplishing great leaps toward equality.



you all are missing her point. the whole point of having the naacp in the first place was to help black people. black people helping black people. nobody said the girl couldn't be a member, but she don't need to be leading the naacp chapter. i agree 100 percent with jas.


Come on Jas, you are better than this, it does not matter who is in the fight for equality, and, the fight has had white folks in it from the start of this country from the peculiar institution to Jim Crow, to the subtle, insidious racism of today.

I say more power to her for doing what the black students had no interest, good luck in her position.

One more thing, from the NAACP website:

"For more than ninety five years, the NAACP built and grew on the collective courage of thousands of people. People of all races, nationalities and faiths united on one premise—that all men and women are created equal."

This organization was founded by 4 white people and 2 black people who were all committed to advancing the rights of black americans. Just some food for thought.


I agree with the previous poster!! I like that Ellie was given a chance.

Yet I must also confess that with all the hurts feelings I have related to gay rights, I would have a very hard time accepting a straight person leading a gay organization. It's already tough to accept a republican leading GLAAD, I can't imagine if he was hetero on top of it.

If you have an individual who is passionate about something, and who can inspire others how is that a negative to have that individual in a leadership role? How is it that only black people can advocate for the advancement of black people? I call BS.

It is possible for white people to see beyond color. I know you don't like to believe that Jas, and I think it is sad that you can't. I will never understand why many black people are so intent on drawing the color line and then can't understand why racism will never go away.

The students at Georgetown should be congratulated for recognizing Ellie's leadership potential and not simply passing her by because of the color of her skin.

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