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Thursday, December 06, 2007


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Its dumb how everyone is saying oh he's so nasty and sinner. We have all done things in life that we probably shouldnt have. Everyone also needs to realize that he didnt rape those girls. It was all consensual.


Well, it's very sad world. But i would love to sex him anyday.


All these individuals with the negative comments need to stop being a hypocrite and stop passing judgement. EVERYONE has sinned, and you all are not without sin either. So stop the madness!

Monet Lewis

My comments is that he is an innocent man. Suddenly when he get charge for one thing other people have to come up to say more things about him. And how can someone force you have an abortion he aint put no gun to your head so he didn't force you. It dont matter what no one says r.kelly is talented and will always be talented.I am his biggest fan and I dont believe he did anything so if you want to calll him wrong the girls are wrong to because it takes two to tangle!!!!!!!!!!!


Just a point of clarification: My reference to [K]hristianity is NOT to be confused in any way with “Christianity”. They are polar opposite theologies and have nothing in common!

I’ll try to keep this short:

I wish I could say that I’m “surprised” that any “Pastor” would allow his/her church to be used_not just by the likes of R. Kelly (which is a scandal in and of itself)_but by ANY “secular” artist to have a Secular concert there.

But truthiz, I’m hardly surprised at all_ particularly as it relates to the “Mega” churches, which require “mega” money to stay afloat.

Now let see it I’ve got this straight_

_ “the “devil” (if you will) is throwing a PARTY in “God’s House”_but it’s all good because “the devil” is paying cash-$$$_and everything will be cleaned up in time for “Holy” praise on Sunday morning?!

That’s [K]hristianity for ya…and sadly a whole LOT of Very gullible Black people are caught up in that mess, following a bunch of SELF-anointed Preachers who, preach “another Jesus” and “another gospel” (2nd Corinthians 11:3-4).

Despite their holier-than-thou rhetoric, [K]hristians are BIG-azz LIARS and Hypocrites _and NO better than anybody else who LOVES money and is willing to sell their souls for it!

And it seems to me, those charlatans (Black and White Pastors) are leading their flock straight to H*LL!

But shhhhh!...(whispering) We mustn’t talk about it.


This is a two-part answer because I believe this topic actually highlights TWO of the MANY psychosocial and culturally problematic issues confronting Black America today: Pedophilia and the “LOVE” of money.

If ever there were a Racial group where “DON’T ASK, DON’T TELL” is almost universal among its members, regardless of how damaging or DEADLY the issue_it’s Black America!

Black Americans have IGNORED the Sickness of Black pedophiles running amok in our communities probably since slavery. Over the past 100 years, a good number of those DISEASED animals could be found sitting in the Pulpit and other position of leadership and power. The same is SURELY true today!!

They can be found throughout Every walk of life (entertainment, athletes, doctors, lawyers etc). Kelly is FILTH, no doubt about it. But THIS is so much BIGGER than him!

I'd bet money that the LARGEST number of pedophiles can be found among those "sittin" in PEWS throughout the nation, on ANY given Sunday morning_right along with “closet” crack-heads, alcoholics, ABUSERS, and serial adulterers!

And how has the absolute FAILURE of Blacks to address the scourge of pedophilia affected Us as a people?

Ask any adult "Survivor" of that sick-azz crime! Ask any number of Blacks who grow up with "Trust" issues, and dysfunctional behaviors, many of them Under-educated, UN-employable, in-and-out of prisons Most of their lives.

Ask any number of Black survivors struggling with addictions, Major depression and/or other mental health problems.

Ask any number of Gays, Lesbians and Bi-sexuals!

Until Black America takes Serious, this and OTHER critically damaging issues, We will continue this sloow dissent into a state of crisis and depraved indifference, threatening our very own existence!




I'm sure there are those of African-American ancestry who hate this situation as much as any other nationality. Pedophiles come from all over the world; some economies are based on this travesty. I can only hope that with the passing of time, and the application of gravity, any physical attraction this person has for young women and children will pass. I don't know many females who find saggy, old flesh all that great.

What bothers me most I think is that a church would sponsor an event with someone who has even a hint of scandal associated with his name. I do NOT advocate the use of churches for this activity.

Christians have a duty to advocate for righteous behavior and until/unless this person is TOTALLY exonerated of all charges, their churches need to be kept as holy ground; not used to make money for the church coffers.

I'm not happy with any white persons who cross the line, the cost to the victim is great and alters their lives forever. I know, because I am a victim of childhood sexual abuse. I know African-Americans who aren't happy with this kind of activity either. I can paraphrase one line that Jesus told ALL of us, 'Better to have a millstone tied around your neck and you thrown into the ocean than harm one hair on a child's head.'

I'm pretty sure it applies in these cases. For those fighting for justice in any of the charges brought against this man; let the light of day be shown into each and every corner of those transgressions. Let God be the Avenger of those who have sinned.

MY hope is that parents of girls and young women everywhere will be alert and protective as much as they can be. Stricter parenting in this country is necessary in this day and age. After that, the only thing we have access to is police protection and investigation.

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