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Thursday, December 06, 2007


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nuh un im a fan of keyshia cole but she need to put some clothes on


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ok first of,
you all are really offensive.
second off,
she can do watever she wants. just keepondoin' yo thang gurll


i luv keyshia cole fuck the haters im her number 1 fan




i love this pic it looks damn good


Hey keyshia wattup keep doin tha damn thang gurl

daquasia edwards

i like your songs

mark beckett

i just want to say for keyshia cole. girl you look so danm good. but keyshia i just want to know are you preganat by young juzzy!

shakia hell

keshia cole i don't like your picture that shit really make you look real fucked up. you look like a man for real and when you do get this i hope u tell your self that you are a man.


Hey i like ur pic


keisha keep doing your thing girl you look good.


you one of my bigest fans


LOL, I'm glad to see your sense of humor today, and, be grateful that you don't have a Frankie and Neffie holding back more than your chest!!

Waddie Grant

I love your humorous side...where do I buy your issue of Vibe??? LOL


alright now mama! lol.

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