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Monday, December 10, 2007


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I have read in an important magazine that Knipp concedes that his performances as Shirley can make people uncomfortable. Knipp has said his show is about "lancing the boil of institutionalized racism" and that "treating African Americans as if they have a disease is the real racism" because black people are "more than intelligent enough to discern the nuance" of his performances!!!

Juan Castro

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If you would like to listen to the RuPaul interview in it's entirety please visit feastoffools.net The show was posted on 11-12-07

Please understand that the hosts of the show,
DO NOT LIKE Charles Knipp's act and we felt that we took Rupaul to task for his endorsement in the most respectful and appropriate manner we could muster.

Here's a direct link to the show.

Someone you and have had conversation with, Monica Roberts, lost her writing position, on the Letter, here in Louisville, because of it and how some of the ignant black drag girls reacted to her comments. Unfortunately, RuPaul isn't the only ignant black child in our community.

Joyce Ann

We went down this road before about how offensive and hurtful the show is, and, white gay guys, don't get it, so, I hope that more news will happen and this clown and his fans will be old news, if not as the poster below said, all those trolls of the minstrel show will pop up. And IIRC, start spewing the same racist nonsense they did before, all in the name of as they call it good, clean humor that black folks should be able to understand more than anyone else and black women should be flattered by an obese white man depicting them.

Their white privilege is something they just can't stop using,and, the gay ones are worse than the straight ones with the hate to people of color.


LOL, ah, Joey a true Knipp troll, typical, nothing about the racists that love Knipp,or the fact that he is "performing" with black paint smeared on his mug and then bring up Tyler Perry, sorry dude, you must be the one smoking, as there is no comparison and, maybe you should try and get to know some real black people, and women in general, most are not like Knipp in black face. Did Knipp or "rupaul" mention Perry? Its about two old, sad drag queens with a even sadder crowd follwing them and thier "acts".

Knipp has a right to do whatever it is that you find funny, and, he and you have every right to hate black women and men since that's part of your heritage, but, dude, black face paint and spewing the n-word on stage about his "men" or not correcting all his fans who spew it at the show as they all do , sorry, that's low, even for the denizens of dive gay bars filled with white men who claim to need special civil rights under the law only that this freak act appears in.

Funny how these trifling "white" Knipp "fans" are oblivious to their own vile racism, and, maybe that's why they just love them some "liKKKer."


Caleb, what the hell are you smoking?
"And, Knipp is "popular" with "white" people who actually think his show is a real portrayal of black women,"

No one thinks that SQL is a valid portrayal of black women. And if you have a problem with SQL you really should be going after Tyler Perry for making fun of black women, since these mystical "white people" who believe anything shown will give more faith and credit to the gun-totin' barely-speak-english tyler perry than a white person doing it.


I wonder what will happen if Angelina Jolie gets nominated for an Oscar for her "blackface" turn in A Mighty Heart..


You are right Mason about homophobia, but, lets also talk about it in the white community as well, since they are even more vocal than blacks, just ask Mitt or Huckabee, people who can be heard around the world with antigay rants. And, while you are at it, lets talk about the blatant, rampant racism from white gays towards black gays in gay publications, online websites, and don't even get to the bars and clubs where the not wanted or welcome mats are out. That admiration for black women is only when they can belt out a song they can dance to, other than that, just another n-word to all of them.

As for Rupaul, two bit, no talent drag queen who has not had a black thought in years, or even dealt with black people, which is why I loved it when he was peeved that the "Ellen" show wouldn't take him on as a guest when he was peddling his homemade "cd", who wants a old, broke, bitter drag queen with no talent screeching and prancing around at 50, other than the Knipp crowd, who he will let call him the racial slur as long as they pay him, and, one of them might sleep with him, LOL, he's as pitiful as that interview, and, a disgrace to real drag queens with talent.


And whats so wrong with "white acting?!" just because a person does not use certain slang terms, or agree with most other balck people does not make them white! AND THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH BEING WHITE! I see my self as an ally against racism in america. I see racism every day.

Yes, we can be the opressers. But we can be some of the greates allies as well...

excuse me... tha just made a little upset...


This is all coming off a bit anti white...

I think its a freedom of expression thing. Every gay man i know love black women. I love black women... Black women represent strength to many white homosexuals. Because so many of them stand up for themselves and are not afraid to say what is on their minds. While white culture tells us to shut up if we disagree...

Its a little disapointing that this is fact is going unnoticed... it supposed to be the highest form of flattery...

Sounds like a candidate for the negro please award if you ask me, lol.




RuPaul has experienced more bigotry and hatred than pretty much anyone, so for him to still have a sense of humor about it all should tell you something. For you to attempt to discredit him for not being "black on the inside" says something about you.

While you're so worked up about a comedian telling jokes, lets talk about homophobia in the black community. How many gay jokes have been told by black comedians? Have some of them been told out of hate? Yes. Have some of them played on stereotypes but not come from a place of hate? Yes. Is everyone in the audience too stupid to understand the difference? According to your logic, yes.

Reality check: you've completely lost your sense of humor! Take a step back and find a real battle worth fighting!


RuPaul is a joke, and his miniscule fan base proves it. SQL, nothing needs to be said about that trash.

But, I'm going to have to agree with ChicagoChillin', RuPaul is Black no matter what he says or does. Yes he is ignorant, self-hating, and stupid, but he is Black. As are Clarence Thomas, Condi Rice, and Barack Obama. We are too smart to start calling people's race into question just because they don't agree with our view.


What would you expect from a has been drag queen that only sleeps with white men and wishes he was a white woman? Not too much, he is as trifling a fool as they come, and without the talent that many drag queens have. He and that obese racist are a perfect fit, one wants to be a black woman, and the other wants to be a white one.

I wonder if Ru would like it if the bigot made fun of his mama when she had no man and a house full of kids?

And, Knipp is "popular" with "white" people who actually think his show is a real portrayal of black women, how that's funny, I still don't get it, since most are racist to begin with and, don't know a single black person on any level other than what he shows them. Its not as if the clubs and private parties in which he appears allow black men or women in for crying out loud.

He should be allowed to prance around like the obese queen he is, just without the black face.

But, its a good thing that both he and RuPaul, and, how ghetto of a name is that to mock, are has been's and have such a minute following, since anyone with taste would ignore them and their white fans, and the 2 or 3 black fools who follow them.

I just hope Jas does not start giving them more publicty than they need, let them pick the coins up off the floor that thier "fans" throw to them during thier side shows.


j makes a good point. after listening to rupauls interview for myself i'd question his blackness and love of black people too. he was way to happy to throw out nigga.


"Oh and by the way, RuPaul is Black…at least on the outside."---c'mon Jasmyne, does Rupaul need to "qualify" as being black before they made these statements---does that make them any more or less valid???? What is interesting about this issue is that we often don't think of our people who are the perps of black-on-black crime being "less than black" when they do something that involves killing a black man or black woman, but that is a different subject. I am just saying...I have never seen SQL perform and have no intention of doing so. I think comedy right now is walking a fine line between humor and hurting and depending on which side of the line you are standing on, you will either be crying or laughing---but you definitely won't be doing what I appreciate about comedy, which is "thinking"...it's all glib imitations and knee-jerk reactions to what people say or do...I can't say that I completely understand why SQL is popular or why SQL even thinks that this (dressing up in blackface and mocking African-American women) makes any sense given the history of black-face in our country's history...but maybe you already wrote about her before and I need to do a little homework, but for some reason the whole "Oreo" comment about Rupaul made me cringe - - - yeah...we say it to each other, but I wonder if we even should - - - wouldn't SQL be the equivalent of an inside/out "Oreo" then...white on inside, black on outside???

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