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Tuesday, December 04, 2007


urban survivor

I have read many articles, about everything from Bobby ( Bonehead ) Blakes self denial, to comments on Ike Turners demise...

And I'm wondering does anybody really read this stuff, there is stuff happening all the time to people who are not celebreties

Like for instance in my on case, I had to sue a Hospital, because a nurse upon learning that I was gay said to me in ICU, "that my life was a sin and an abomination to God and man"

does anyone have an opinion of this ?


The casting could have been better, but, if it makes it to cable TV since it might have the n-word in it with the one actress in it and, hopefully it would be deleted, and, I don't care for those words from anyone in any forum as only the unfunny and uncouth use it. Plus the topic seems time ready, but, the casting seems wrong since most are b-level stars at best.

However with the Bobby Jones tripe from that "group", the Christans need to work on the out of wedlock birthrates, and, the way young black men are treated by the justice system, and, not worry about who is getting thier freak on in the privacy of thier homes with.

Erica Watson

Yes! I am one ignorant azz piece of work! LOL..please go and see Dirty Laundry, but only if you have a great sense of humor. The movie is crazy funny, and my character CLARINE is nuts!! Nathan, Crystal, Keith, Maurice and countless others have worked too hard to get this film out to the masses!!! Let's not spoil the release of this film with negativity and LIES (@ LaDumbOne)! And I promise that I do not use the "N-Word" in the movie! Now, on stage..that's a different story!!! Just kidding.... :) Love & Laughter


Excellent. Thank you. Any enemy of the right is a friend.

Can't wait to see this movie...I wonder when the screening will be here in Toronto. Does anyone happen to know? Maybe it'll go straight to DVD...Which is great...Then I can own it. Great stuff to look forward to!

@ "The haters in Christianity"...Just one thing...What the f_k ever!

Steven Stunell

Ms. Cannick, I agree with you completley on the issue of typecasting in film. It is so rare to see Black women in basic leading roles, without typecasting perpsectives, lets not even get to issues about First Nations women or non-hetro women or men.

It was such a refreshing change to see one my favourite actresses, Ms. Thandie Newton, in a non-racialized role in "The Truth About Charlie" reprising the Kate Hepburn role, and doing it royally (despite the sad loss of the Mancini soundtrack).

Despite the fact that our individual stories as racialized peoples need to be told, this does not mean that we cannot be a part of the general stories of nations and peoples and cultures that can be shared and enjoyed by all.

Mes Deux Cents

Why is every so-called Black film a comedy or a thug movie?


Re: The [K]hristian Reich's "judgment" of Bobby Jones.

Spare me those hypocritical NUTjobs!

Re: "Dr. Bobby Jones"

Okay_if that brutha ain't gay then my Gaydar is totally jacked!

Re: The movie...

If I lived in either New york or Los Angeles, I'd probably be in the number.


If the story about Erica Watson is indeed True, then I'd say she sounds like an ignorant-azz piece of work!


Erica Watson, who stars in this film, called a group of three black men "niggers" on stage in front of a majority gay white audience. She took audience questions and someone asked "What do you think about the word nigger?" Here is what she said:

"I don't know. You guys invented the word, so you guys should be able to use it. I mean don't you just look at a guy and say 'Damn, he's such a nigger!'? I mean, you know a nigger when you see one. There are those three in the corner right there." Comedy?

For more information, please go to the March 13, 2007 entry of racialicious (unfortunately she's misnamed Sandra):


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