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Monday, December 24, 2007



I'm single and happy being single, right now I see myself sliding into the New Year single and kicking up my heels all year long single with strong cocktail and short dresses showing my sexy legs and turning heads. For those who are single and unhappy get a stiff one thank God for being alive and enjoy life.
Do you spend New Years with the one you love or just with the one your with? If your not committed just enjoying the good life and dating, do you spend it with that one your with. If your committed & love the person do you spend it with them. Or do you say the hell with it put on your sexiest and shortest dress with your 3 inch stiletto, strut into the club as if your name is on the marquee and your paying the mortgage.
Enjoy your New Year 2008


Truthiz, I've been single for a year and a half, following a 4 & 1/2 year relationship that I initially felt held great Promise for lasting.

My decision to "end it" was the Right thing to do_so End It I did, and I have No regrets about it!

I remain Optimistic that "She" (whoever she may be) is waiting on the appointed time to enter my life. In in the meantime, my job is to simply chill :)

Now, I'm NOT sayin there aren't times when I've been mighty tempted to start dating again_I do LOVE da ladies_LOL! But I'm content to take my TIME before seriously exploring the Beautiful "possibilities" again.

I've become a bit of a political and policy junkie over the past 7 years so I'll be enagaging in abi of that activity over the holiday break.

But MUSIC is in my blood_I've always been Totally addicted it!!! I eat, breathe and drink the stuff_so in addition to spending some time with Family and a few close Friends, I'll most certainly be devoting a significant part of my time enjoying that art!

Peace, Blessings & Happy Holidays To All

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