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Monday, November 12, 2007


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There is obviously a lot to know about this. I think you made some good points in Features also.

Fashion vibe

thanks !! very helpful post!


~~it happens all the time to blacks. thanks for not letting it pass and blogging about it.

Coach Handbags

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I am a 44 year old white woman with blond hair. dressed nicely when I go shopping. I am always constantly watched like a hawk when I go shopping at a lot of stores of all kinds. I have also been followed and checked out by an employee in the restroom recently at a Ross store for no reason I could see. This is always very degrading for me to be treated this way I know that race makes no difference, I have had your experience and a lot more. The only answer would be to never to go shopping again, because they definitly do not like something about me in there stores. I would never steal anything.

loi wade

Hello Meike? Are you still there? You are aware that you proved my point about being oblivious. Did you pay attention to everything I wrote or did you just pick out certain parts to suit your own agenda? You made this asinine comment about there being a reason for racial profiling. Are you fucking kidding me? We might as well condone vigilante justice. If the police want to use an excuse for profiling. Every time an innocent woman or child comes up missing they should randomly harass white men. Perhaps then they would save some lives. Black men and boys are being assassinated you closet bigot! You cannot deny that. And you don't know where I've been. I hate to tell you this fool, but the effects of slavery continue to live on. Go study your history, read your newspapers and watch your news, then talk to me. Reverse racism. Thats a joke. I don't care if you hate me UNLESS you have the power to keep me out of jobs and housing. Do blacks have the power to do that to whites? Hello? I don't hear you. Nothing to say? Didn't think so.

Meike S.

Thank goodness I don't personally know anyone who condones reverse racism. This blog page wreaks of it. I love ALL people. :) Not to mention, bringing up slavery in this day in age? Seriously? Really? It's a 200+ year-old legacy that, yes, should never be forgotten. However, mentioning about it as a way to try and justify black people are victims? Boohoo! Racial-profiling occurs because of current events involving inner city gang related activities. Get it straight.

The Zappos employees were paid to do a job. They will not notice every single person in the store who possess a large bag. Everything is observed on a whim. Jasmyne wrote of her sister's actions--going to the restroom and returning to it, yet, again to apply lip gloss. From a loss prevention standpoint, that DOES look suspicious. I suppose it never occurred to Jasmyne that that might just be it. Nope. Instead, reverse racism "I'm the victim because I'm black" took its course and this blog was posted. Racial profiling exists in parts of America but certainly not in this instance.

And, oh, by the way, Europe, especially, in the bigger cities such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, etc are similarly diverse if not more than its U.S. parallels. [sarcasm] Nice going on making the assumption about Soeren's ethnicity and background when you absolutely have no clue. [/sarcasm] Seal, Xavier Naidoo, Craig David, etc...there is something to be said about incredibly refined, educated European men. But, perhaps, you wouldn't know that if you have never traveled outside your bubble.


It is sad that in 2008 that this still happens, but seriously, I know that stores train people to be on the lookout for shoplifters etc, but c'mon...if I was working in a store and someone took something and ran for the door...I would still be in the store watching them run across the parking lot, through some bushes, climb a fence and keep on truckin', because I am not about to chase after anyone--white, black or maroon. Store clerks continue to ask if they can help you when you are in their store and my suggestion is to reply with "Yes...can you stop bothering me so I can shop in peace or are you trying to get my black ass out the door, yesterday?"

Loi Wade

Gotta make this quick before I get caught on the office computer(lol). This person Soeren A. Is so typical. They just want to live in their protective bubble because blatant racism is too hard to digest. Her comments remind me of the comments of another white woman. A brother was asking her what she thought of the young brother that got shot 30 times by the NYPD. You know that fool said 'well he had to have done SOMETHING , right?' What in the hell could an unarmed man POSSIBLY have done to deserve being shot 30 times. One bullet would have sufficed, DAMN! Ms. Soeren, during slavery the main reason runaway africans were caught was because of other slaves;'yassa massa, I knows weah 'dey run off to' The only thing that has changed is the date. Tameka is the self hating slave and jasmyne is Hariett Tubman, HELLO! Thank God not all whites are as oblivious as you.


it aches. I'm past a half century and this bs has got to stop.
i remember being in my corporate suit in the tiny white town with the new record store. the owner is following me around while the grungy white teenager with the army sack is stuffing his bag. Now how many ways could this be more stupid? I'm
a junior exec in a tiny WHITE town, like i would blow my gig
for a CD? and as it was--- get this--- i was looking for Pavrotti for my mommy. He didn't have it. I told everyone the story and the shop went out of business, perhaps because this was only one aspect of the manager's stupidity.... but that said it was sad. I was so happy to have a record store in town, i went there to support the mf business and he couldn't even tell that i would be the last/ least to vary from the super straight and very narrow. Okay so we can't legislate love, but we can demand good behavior and withhold our dollars from those who insult
and demean us. And yeah, not the biggest deal, but just a painful deal, and it's pain we don't have to endure.

A Luta Continua!

Soeren A.

I don't know you nor anyone involved but let me just point out a couple things from my perspective as a European citizen.

The fact that you weren't offered any assistance in the store didn't upset you back then, so why bring it up now? The way you phrase it makes it seem like you should have been upset in retrospect.

Common sense tells me that *anyone* who enters a store with a bag is going to be randomly supervised. Sure, it sucks to be targeted as an innocent but from what I can see none of you were considerate enough to understand the employees' point of view. They have to make sure nothing gets stolen and those people who weren't picked for supervision will get picked for supervision in other stores. A store's employees can't focus on everyone at once.

Then you go on saying that you don't have beef with Zappos as such - and a little later post their HQ address to invite others to send hate mail. Which is it? Do you have beef with people or the company?

Also, the very people who label these workers as "sistas" are enforcing racism through demanding to be treated differently due to a common skin color. Should they *not* have done what they did just because they happen to share your looks? You cannot base their mind sets on a single occurence of that kind, nor can you conclude that the company as such condones racism.

Okay, you guys are black. Okay, the Zappos employees decided to check if you were up to something. It happens to anyone. Everywhere. You just don't always notice it. So please get over it, there was/is no racist agenda going on.


Hi new to the site, and will be back. I used to work retail, and can't tell you how many times I would see security (black and white) trail groups of black and brown people in the mall while not paying attention to the whites. They even trailed the younger people more than anyone else. Still, levels of theft didn't go down. It was because the people stealing tended to be the older white women who looked as if they were middle or upper class. One was finally caught stealing while back to school shopping with her kids. Another that was caught had some kind of mental issue (so she said).


I copied the link that allowed for emailing everyone on your list and have emailed them to inform them that I'm boycotting Zappos for life as well.

The information age makes it possible for civil rights violations to reach the awareness of just about everyone. This is a sign that the world intends to progress.

Thankyou for sharing this important piece of information.

Whether the profiling came from outside of the culture or from within it by those who hope they'll 'be spared' by being unjust to their own, it is unacceptable and deserves maximum exposure.

William Clark

I'm with Ty. I pretty much but everything online now. I remember being treated with nothing but courtesy from a security guard and the sales staff in a store some years back when I was window shopping with a friend. I went back two days later with a different friend to make a purchase of something that I'd decided to get and was treated like I was planning to lift some goods by the same security guard and staff members. I didn't get it at first until I realized that the first friend I went to the store with was white and the friend on the return trip was black. That is surely something isn't it. And the guard and staff members were--you guessed it--black like me.

loi wade

I am laughing child, but this is not funny. And why is it always Tameka, or shaniqua with the attitude? She knows last week she was saying 'welcome to macdonalds may I help you' . I experienced the same thing but it wasn't Zappos. Are you ready for this? It was PAYLESS! This hood rat, couldn't conjugate a verb to save her life ho, had the nerve to follow me around the store. All the while this 75 pound barbie put her old filthy ass shoes in a box on the shelf and walked out with a brand new pair. I waited ten minutes before I pointed it out. There are so many of our people walking around with a 'slave' mentality that, unfortunately this kind of thing will continue to happen. Please update us on this story. Have they issued an apology(along with a gift card!)?


Well, child, I know I would not have bought a thing in there, and, after they got cussed out, they would make sure to be careful who they stalked the next time, and, I hope some of the other customers were boosting them blind while they were hawking ya'll.

Sounds as bad as some of these Korean's and how they hawk you, black folks just can't get a break, whcih is why I don't deal with any of these stores in person, if, I need something, I but it online.

Dennis Hicks

WOW.. and I was JUST in that SAME store yesterday! How crazy! I didn't buy anything because their men's selection just seemed limited (at least in my size).

Unfortunately, it doesn't surprise me - especially in that area of town. The Target across the street from it is pretty similar.


it happens all the time to blacks. thanks for not letting it pass and blogging about it.

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