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Friday, August 03, 2007


i am appauled and disgusted with this thievery. the benefit of being used by God is being used by God. i love Jesus and serve Him not man. narrow is the gate and I challenge every pulpit pimp to get to know the Father for real and see how they measure upL BE ASHAMED AND FEAR GOD!


Now I have a problem with the most of you. First of all, I'm not a member of Crenshaw but take this. The salary of the senior pastor is not set by him, no matter what you believe(or some nosy lazy- never had a job but always looking for a hand out heathen has told you.) So look. Whatever he does with the money that he is paid, is his business.

Now why are you so concerned with what he makes anyway. You're not putting anything in the hat, so don't worry about what comes out. Instead of being uneducated, unequivocal minded, pessimistic, haters, sorry examples of Christians, and figure out how to LEGALLY get it ourselves.

Thirdly, to those concerned about the tithe. Now the New Testament does not refer to the tithe, but it does refer to giving. And this is the systematic way by which God has decided to bless. And secondly, the Bible does not refer to the 10 commandments(not like you would follow them anyway) but those of us with good sense still follow them.

Finally, quit reading this and go find out what any preacher with money has done you, and write him a letter. But if you can't find any- write me @ pastorsmithpcc@yahoo.com, so I can ask you where has dumbness, being uneducated haters gotten you. And even if you can find 1 send me something about it. You can visit my myspace pg @ www.myspace.com/t11csmith


First I would like to say "bravo" to you Alan not for standing up for your grandfather but for standing up for what is good, right and true which is your grandfather!!!!!
Bravo to Frederick K.C. Price for also standing up for what is good, right and true and if that means taking it to court to prove it why not? As far as the retraction from 20/20 "it was worthless" it was given with so much skepticism and did not appear sincere at all, besides by rushing to judgement and not proper investigating before airing this program, the damage was already done. Think about how many millions of people probably never saw the retraction by 20/20 and even if they did see it the seed of doubt had already been planted which is exactly what "the devil" wanted. The bible says "the kingdom of heaven suffers violence and violence takes it by force" We must fight for what is right!!!! and Frederick K.C. Price in this instance is right. To GOD be the glory!!!!!

jerome white

i think all these people should stop hating on these preachers ..maybe if you do what they did you can get what they got !! all pastors get 26% of what comes in so if you have 20,000 members ..DO THE MATH !! Pastoring is these peoples jobs they want to get paid just like you want to !!


And yes! I also agree that these pastors should be able to live as they choose. As long as it is not on the backs of thier flocks.


I want someone to show me in the Holy Scriptures where any of the early New Testament Church, or any of the twelve Apostles "Paid Tithes".


That's my point exactly. No matter what people tell you, you're going to believe what you want. Even if they're telling you the truth. In all honesty it works out better for me if you don't believe I'm who i say I am. It's like I was never here at all, wasting my keystrokes.

And after all I've said, that's all you have to retort Denise? You seem so full of distrust I wonder if you even believe what comes out of your own mouth.


We're supposed to believe you're his grandson, huh?

Uh huh


And no, his home was not gifted. He asked that he get payed a salary and that he would buy his own house, instead of the Church buying it for him. So no, he bought his home the same way anyone buys it, put a down payemtn and pay a mortgage. Mind you that was yeeeears ago, and he's been blessed tremendously outside of his regulars salary, so I doubt he's still paying his mortgage.

If I'm not mistaken in the past 5-8 years I believe he and my grandmother have sewn over 6 million inot the Kingdom of God. Yes he believes in the paying of tithes and the giving of offerings, but he doesn't teach anything that he doesn't operate in himself.


And God forbid your heart isn't right. If you consider yourself a believer then you know it's a dangerous thing to attack a man of God, not for what the people around him will do, which is nothing but intercede on his behalf, but what you open yourself up to in the spiritual realm. Provided you even believe that such a thing exists.


LOL are you nuts? 70% of his salary, income, whatever you want to call it.

People don't even stop to think sometimes. Did I not say we have 200+ employees, most working full time positions. These are not your run of the mill volunteer positions. These are peoples lives. Now if I'm not mistaken where you have lower level employees, you have management and then an executive staff all the way up to the CEO. Well that's how this church/non-profit is run, and people are payed just as if they were in the world, otherwise how on earth could you keep them full time?

So all of these people are employed because of my grandfather, so you think he should get payed what? Do you feel that say the VP of Finance who may hold a master's or even a doctorate and commands a particular salary, do you feel that the CEO/Head Pastor should make less than he/she?

I'm quite curious as to how you people think a non-profit business should be run.

Yes the church use to be a "local" mom and pop, but it has been successful and is now a global ministry non-profit enterprise. It's amazing, we are able to do so much more for the Body of Christ because our resources have multiplied. This poor person mentality is sickening. Crab in a barrel syndrome, Jesus was poor bull. Jesus' deciples had money belts, and walked away from their business and families to stroll with Jesus, do you honestly think that they just left their families poor and stranded, and Jesus was a carpenter for goodness sake. He worked, for MONEY, I'm sure. Jeez you nuts.

My grandfather set a standard from the beginning. Do not pay him parsonage or all the other traditional things churches do, he told the BOARD to pay him a salary and that's it. Now if you want to know where the money goes, then alllll you have to do is simply join and tithe/give and we hold a meeting annually where we hand out and discuss our "annual financial report." But no, the public is not entitled. But if you give in support of this particular ministry then yes you are entitled.


Two people living on 70% of what?? I'm assuming their home was gifted and is, therefore, paid for, correct?

p.s. The previous comment regarding Jesus not having to "floss" in designer gear should have been attributed to me.


Furthermore, I don't know where in the Bible that it says that a person has to "live where the church is" or what rule exists in today's world that says that the CEO/President etc have to live where their for profit or non profit business reside. That just doesn't make sense at all.

Our church is large so it is run like a non-profit. We have over 200 employees workign full and part time positions, that I guess you feel should work for free. And at the helm of this non-profit enterprise that started out as a small mom and pop church on West Washington, is my Grandfather, Dr. Price. Now, keep in mind that he and his wife work in the ministry FULL TIME. Which means they spend all of their work hours in the ministry. Now she use to get paid a salary. She decided to give ALL of her salary back to the church.

So now both who work FULL TIME live just off of my Grandfather's "salary." Now take into mind that my grandfather TITHES 30% which means that he give's 30% of everything that he earns back into the ministry. So let me clarify, TWO people who are working FULL TIME live off of just 70% of ONE PERSON's income. And he's been doing that for several years.

If any of you ever even bothered to actually listen to what he's saying, he's giving practical principles that anyone can understand and apply in their lives based on the Word of God. The sad fact is that even the people underneath him don't always listen to him, and get lazy and don't do their homework and they end up getting their butts kicked by life. I should know, I have bene one of those lazy people who haven't been practicing all that I've heard and I'm reaping the sour fruits. I have a mountain of debt and bills that sometimes get paid just like some of those so called parishoners who can't do this or do that. It isn't my Grandfather's job to bail me out financially, just like it isn't his job or the Church's job to bail out all of the parishoners out financially. It's a church, not a lending institution.

We get you saved, and then what? Then we teach you how to live a healthy life more abundantly. As I've started to implement the principles in my life I've started reap some of the fruit. I was about to be 2 months late on my rent. So I started sewing seed into the man of God. I GAVE MONEY TO MY GRANDFATHER. Good seed into good ground equals good harvest. Do you realize just a few days after rent was due that I got a check for 2 thousand dollars and no, it was not from my grandfather. All I can say is that when you put what you've learned in to action, you should expect results. I mean people pay thousands of dollars to go to school and that's what MAN says to do, and then these people use what they've learned in order to get them the best job possible.

Well the Bible speaks of tithing and giving of offerings and it's no where near what the world and taxes ask of you, but the benefits are great. The catch is that you need to be living a life that is becoming of Christ. Now that does not mean you have to perfect at all, but that you are actually, conciously trying to live a Christ-like life. not just doing whatever you want to do by acting in the flesh (ie, praising God on Sunday and giving and then Monday you CONTINUE your affair with the maid next door.) Sorry you're going to cancel out your blessings that way, because you're sinning with an intent to do so.

But all of this is probably pointless, since I believe I'm posting on a homosexual site.
I too disagree with homosexuality and believe that it is a sin, but that's what you do as far as your sexual lifestyle and has nothing to do with you as a person. I've known several homosexuals and most of them were cool people but that didn't change the way I felt about their lifestyle.

Homosexuality is in the same boat as fornication and adultery. They are sins against one's own body. If you believe in God and you believe in the Devil then you should have no problem in grasping the concept that the Devil intends to pervert as much as he can of what God created. The Devil operates via suggestions because he has no authority over you until you give it to him. So if God made Adam and Eve, man and woman, and the union of the two can produce another human being, then the Devil would suggest that a Man and Man get together or a woman and woman and not reproduce anything, because that would be a big perversion of what God originally intended.

But ultimately we all believe what we want to believe. Thank God for free speech.


Interesting. Topics like these are sad because they locate everyone who posts in them. First things first, Fred Price and Crenshaw Christian Center has done more for the community surrounding the church than any other business or church in that area. With great power and resources comes great responsibility and we do not take that lightly. The signs on the square in front of the church grounds were to honor him for all that he's done, but apparently since he is against the formal marriage of homosexuals you instead would rather discredit and dishonor the man. That sounds like bitterness and spite.

"You know what, you faggots always got something negative to conjure up when it comes to men and women of the cloth who are offering priceless services to those who wants a relationship with God. ..."

Uh, I'm not a lesbian and I'm not threatened by them either. LOL

For those who think a pastor "deserves" to live in material comfort while you struggle to eat AND keep a roof over your head, let me remind you that Jesus wasn't flossin' in designer clothing and jewelry...

Darian Aaron

Captain I see you're infecting Jasmyne's page with your homophobic bullshit too. Have you forgotten that you're a homosexual? You claim to be a christian but nothing that ever comes out of your mouth is christ-like. Next time throw in a few extra dollars in the collection plate to help your pastor maintain his extravagant lifestyle and maybe he'll give you some word that will actually manifest itself in your life.


You know what, you faggots always got something negative to conjure up when it comes to men and women of the cloth who are offering priceless services to those who wants a relationship with God.

Yes, every pastor that live, walk, talk and breathe the bible, that has a heart for the people and helping people is worthy of money too! Who is to say that a pastor is making "too much money?"

Do you turn around and ask the athletes who hardly play all season if their millions are too much? You faggots are quick to run to the next Janet Jackson concert or NeYo or some other artist making them rich, having millions of dollars, mansions, diamonds, and exotic cars but DON'T SAY JACK about them. You got these thug wannabe Bow Wow and Lil Wayne stacking millions to just make a record taking nothing but garbage, yet you give your money to them and make them rich over night.

At least I can get to a pastor for help, counseling, prayer, a word from God. If Jay-Z needs a jet to go to the Bahamas to freak some female, so does a pastor need a jet to minister the word of God across the nations. Who are you to tell a pastor he should live where his church is? Why don't you say that same garbage to Jay-Z, P- Diddy, or your other artists and actors? Why don't they leave their mansions and live next to you?

You God-hating faggots kill me with this garbage just because a pastor is doing good for the community and society, they have to be set up for for verbal assassinations by mindless, confused, rejected homosexuals who hate God because their vile lifestyle is judged.

I hope Dr. Price wins his case! He has been FAITHFUL to Crenshaw Christian Centre for YEARS and built the church with the sweat of his brow and the help of God. There is no lack or poverty in God's kingdom, so why should the pastor's live in poverty? That doesn't reflect the blessings of God!

So, you need to take that garbage somewhere else. Better yet, tell Keith Boykin to disclose his money and give it all to the HIV/AIDS foundation. All your gay activists, making money on their books and worthless speaches at colleges and universities, make them donate all their money to "worthy" causes and tell them they can't live in high-class neighborhoods and that they have to live in a middle class area. I bet you they won't do it, so why should the pastor's be subject to poverty?

Tell all these rich-over-night rappers to return their mansions, money and diamonds. All the garbage they produce is making the black community look bad anyhow. They all talk about freakin, booty, money, sex, murder, smokin, weed, getting high, and all other garbage. Yet, no one say JACK to them, ONLY when one of them starts talking about you faggot homosexuals...then you want to get all defensive and political.


right on! Though I am not a Christian I find the way that some of the pastors who claim to preach the word of God absolutely horrifying! I cannot get over the way that some are living and spending money... and often taking it from the congregation. That is just wrong, regardless if the victims are Christians or not. and yet people still go to church and give all of this money.

I believe that anyone who gives money to whomever should have the right to know where their money is going (proof of documents should be offered).


My sister is a member of a D.C. based prosperity ministry that has purchased a Rolls Royce, lavish home, and plane for their minister.

When I questioned her about the First Couple's insatiable taste for high fashion, bling, and custom clothing, she got angry and said her pastor DESERVED to live in luxury and these gifts reflected respect and appreciation!

Mind you, this church has been of very litte comfort to her family during a recent crisis. Apparently, she doesn't DESERVE the same level of LOVE, respect and appreciation from her pastor and his wife. But my sister continues to to write checks to support this church...

Through her ordeal, I am convinced that just as a certain type of woman falls prey to the manipulation by a street pimp, these slick ass brothers have honed their pulpit game to rope in to a certain TYPE of individual. These churches have shamelessly tapped into the sense of hopelessness in our community and exploited it for their own greedy ends.

Brother Omi

i agree with you jasmyne ... there is a book out by Jeremiah Camara that deals with this. what is sad is that the black church has a wonderful historical legacy . it is a shame that it has come to this.. here is the link



Fred Price is probably one of the few Pastors with some credibility.

However, I cannot co-sign on the lasciviousness that is being practiced among church leaders. It makes me down right nauseous.

If I hear sow a seed one more time, I am going to loose my mind up in here.

The most “un-preached” verses in the Bible are Acts 4:32 – 35. Selah.

It is not all about the benjamins. Can you heal the sick? Can you walk on water? Can you do what Jesus did? Any charismatic fool can swindle folks out of money.

A true test of a ministry is how it treats the poor, sick, fatherless and widows. Selah.

Are you making disciples of men or are you too busy collecting the seed money?????


"I think that the same rule that applies to politicians should be extended to pastors, live where your church is."

Since when does anyone have a right to tell anyone in the private sector where to live. Then the barbers and hairdressers that make a lot of money should follow this logic too since they're providing a "service" to the public and get paid by them. Sorry Jasmyne.....you lost me on that one. Last time I checked, we're not in communist China (which by the way is about to overtake the US in economic power).

I did watch the 20/20 report and also one of the retractions, which aired on another 20/20.


Jasmyne, the quickest way for someone to earn a lot of cash is to be a minister.

There are MANY reasons why I left the traditonal Baptist, Methodist, Church of God, and other hell and damnation churches to go to the Episcopal Church.

1. The preacher's extravagant lifestyle. I think that preachers should be able to live comfortably from parishioner's earnings but not rob them blind. There are so many preachers that I see with the Bentley's, while their parishioners are living paycheck to paycheck.

2. The churches have to much hypocrisy for me.

a. Homosexuality: Jasmyne, you already know about this. Especially at Calvary Baptist Church in D.C, it is basically a gay pick up spot.

b. Money: In these churches they ask for money way too much. In one service, these ministers are asking up to four times per service for money.

Furthermore, what really pisses me off is the devious ways they ask for money. Preachers tell their parishioners if they give them money, God will have a blessing for them. I never known you can pay God off. Well if that was the case, every rich person would be in the front of the line for heaven.

3. These churches really do not teach about God. In most of these church services they only read the verses for a few minutes, then they go on their tirade for two to three hours.

Now I know in the African tradition, they tend to be a bit lively in the services when it comes to music. However, the sermon is the most important part of the church.

The point is THESE types of churches are draining resources out of the community.


"pimp the pulpit" - i like it. that's a keeper.


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