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Thursday, August 02, 2007


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I've always believed that there are two types of people in the world, also: those who take comfort in viewing the world in oversimplified dualities, and those who don't. Which one are you?


Your point about R. Kelly is well made. However, It's perfectely OK to be outraged by his crime (not heard much about Kelly being innocent until proven guilty) as well as Vicks alleged crimes. Outrage should not be mutually exclusive to one or the other. You do seem a bit too dismissive about the sadism which exists in dogfighting no matter where it exists. The affects on children brought up to accept the torture of animals is exceedingly damaging to the accepting communities. Ghandi said that "societies can be judged by how they treat their animals"


i get it! I really get it! Our priorities as a black community are so up our butts that we cannot even feel it even more because we've been use to meaningless values for so long!

we have been so brainwashed into protecting ourselves from being victimized from other people (non-blacks) that we no longer can admit when we victimize ourselves... "A prominent black man hurting our black children? Nooo way!"

It is so true. I get it. We have our priorities all messed up. We, as a people, are concerned about the wrong things when it comes to justice sometimes. There are more issues like the racial tensions in Jena, Louisiana outside my hometown. Black and white young people are beating each other senseless, and it seems like only the black community is suffering, but in essence, everyone loses.


It's funny how people want to protect dogs more than humans and just recently acto ving rhames dogs killed his caretaker and I hear people saying that don't kill the dogs,but I guess if it was humans (particularly black people) they'll want them to get the death penalty. And nobody mention how a pitt bull raped and sodomized a 2 yr old boy in Buffalo, Ny and instead of putting the thing to sleep authorities were evaulating it like it was a human.


If noone else is going to mention it, why don't I? What the fuck is up with the mask at the Grammys? How fucking weird is this dude with the pedophilia and the oddball getups and the never-ending "Trapped In The Closet" horseshit? Go back to Planet Crackpot already! What a tool!


No top ranking--both are evil--and I believe the dog fighting is only the tip of the iceberg I will bet my last dollar on that.


Thank you Jas! It's about time somebody in our community speaks out about R. Kelly. The fact that he is idolized by people who, if it was their daughter, would otherwise have a problem is insane.I will not drink the kool aid and 'step' to any of his music, buy it or listen to it in my car. We as a community need to be clear about what is right and what is JUST PLAIN WRONG! We are quick to make issues racial and don't realize that the only thing that has kept Kelly out of jail is money. If that was any other black man, he would have been prosecuted! How's that for racial.Even white men with money have a difficult time eluding jail time for pediphilia...so black or white his ass should pay! As far as Vick is concerned, another person with money, I say you break the law, you suffer the consequences. If you commit a crime and it just so happened that legislation to further enforce the crime is about to go into effect, it was your double bad luck. Sometime after Civil Rights and crack, our people seem to have lost their minds. I blame a public who celebrates mysogyny for fear of appearing to be a 'sell out' for supporting such ridiculousness! Meanwhile, blacks who prostitute our culture continue to remain on top. Keep on speaking sister!


Jas, with all due respect, the dog fighting is something you should look into. You are a well educated young woman, and dog fighting and crime in low income neighborhoods go hand in hand, and then there is the total cruelty to the animals that can't be condoned in the year 2007. In this day and age there are way too many other ways for these people to find "entertainment" other than watching animals kill each other.

I just don't get why someone like Vick who had it all going on would stoop to this, something is WRONG with how these young men are bought up, something is wrong. This isn't a racial issue, it is a cruelty issue.

And wrong is wrong, pedophiles or dog killers.


I don't think either are important. There's no difference between breeding dogs for fighting and raising them for food or leather. And in terms of R.Kelly-- I could give a fuck about another celebrity sex scandal.

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I soooo get it.

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