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Wednesday, July 11, 2007



Love Donnie's music can't support the lifestyle. Yes all have sinned and fallen short of God's glory, but that is no excuse to live and love the sin being done. The person who tells lies, the theif, the prostitute, the drug dealer, & so on and so forth are all wrong that means you and me. We all have done something wrong, but u don't have to keep doing it. God looks at us and we r held responsible for our own actions. As Christians we are to strive to live better than the day before. We are to fight the sins of the world, not accept them. I could feel like murdering some one but will I do it? no it's wrong. So we obey the laws of the land, okay you can feel gay does that mean you have to act on it? So obey the laws of God. There are things we all feel r right but we know r wrong Christians stop being told you can't judge, it's not judging you r trying to help somebody from the liar to the killer. Lets all help and support each other and tell somebody OF GOD'S WORD. not the word we made up!


Well I am from London and I am loving Donnie, I think we as human beings always miss what is important and focus on the things that are none of our business...straight or gay!!

I am all for raising my brothers and sisters to a level of understanding so that we can better our selves, understanding the things that are going on around us how they impact us and our children...Donnie does this through "subject matter" listen to the words...

Congratulations Donnie, I am inspired...


Oh and this TEE TRUTH A**H***.... Get a life! GOD LOVES ALL!!!


Donnie is the TRUTH!!! Gay or straight, he's AMAZING!!!

e.nicholas   www.myspace.com/edwardnicholas

had the opportunity to check donnie out at penns landing in philly.... wonderful show and personality.. song 911 was hot and straight to the point.... continue to do your thing......


First of all, congratulations to Donnie on a superb new album- I love it! Donnie- your work is very inspirational and I wish you continued success in the future.

Tee Truth, I know you really don’t mean to sound like a Neanderthal. I mean, there is help for that. You are seriously in need of Donnie’s music and I recommend you begin with “The Colored Section.” While you are digesting that, I suggest you check out Prophesy Deliverance! An Afro-American Revolutionary Christianity by Cornel West. Your symptoms should start to subside as you move from lyric to paragraph.

Lesbian and gay sexuality is not about our bodies and what we do with them- it’s about who we love naturally.

In your post, you attempt to excise the struggles black gay and lesbian people face from, I’m assuming, the struggles of black people who are straight. Think about the impossibility of this.


Then go pick up Meshell NdegeoOcello’s Cookie: The Anthropological Mixtape & re-read your BIBLE critically.


Hi Jasmyne,

First time poster but I've been reading your blog for a while. Really good stuff. So glad you profiled Donnie! I picked up my copy of "The Daily News" today- love it! The vocal arrangement on "Atlanta Child Murders" is so beautiful! :)

Donnie, your voice really moves me.

LM Ross

I absolutely LOVED "The Colored Section," and you can be sure I will be checking out The "Daily News" as well.

Donnie is a fine talent, with a Voice that is real and steeped in a soulful history.

As far as the sexuality rhetoric goes, people who decide to quote the Bible and JUDGE Donnie harshly (or anyone else for being who God or Nature made them), really need to consider this: Only God Should Be The Judge of anyone!

'Judge NOT Lest Ye Be Judged!'

Ponder that shit!

Strange how homosexuality (which isn't even a word written in the Original Good Book) is only referred to in a couple of scriptures, yet people cling to it with such fiery ire and damnation. If it were such an God-awful adomination to mankind, why is there not a single reference to it in The Ten Commandments?


Interesting, isn't it, how some people can so quickly cloak themselves in religion and Christianity (when it's suitable), and yet think nothing when they themselves engage in the Cardinal SIN of judging others?

It's almost laughable, if it weren't so hypocritical.

It would behoove people to check THEMSELVES to make sure their own houses are in order, and to stop checking, dismissing, and proclaiming someone's else Life as being wrong!

After all, as the late great Curtis Mayfield once sang: "If There's a Hell Below... We're ALL Gonna Go!"

That's it. That's all!

Do YOUR damn thing, Donnie! Snatch JOY!



Hi, I just stumbled across your site. Its very nice, but i was totally outraged by comments made by TEE TRUTH. what an ignorant person. i believe that everyone has their own opinion, but that was just outrageous! That is a form of suffering in the black community: Black ignorance. One of the best weapons in AA is the ability to bond together in brotherly love, not to ostracize each other whenever they do something you dont like. AA are so judgemental. What gives them that right. What gives TEE TRUTH that right. Donnie's music is relevant. He says things that actually can make a difference and he doesnt condemed, hurt, or pervert anyone like a lot of these current hit artists do when they make the kids think that life is nothing but guns, bling, bitches, and cars that bounce. Donnie, do your thing, spread good vibes, ignore the ignorance and prosper, kid..


Miss Martin

My first time on your site Miss Jasmine!

This article I originally found on Dr. Marc Lamont Hills' website, you come across as a very positive and uplifting sister! I'm loving it....do you have a myspace? I would love to connect with you intellectually and spiritually, I adore positive sister's supporting and promoting positivity! I'll check your site out more often, thanx for the Donnie article btw, he is TRULY phenomenal, even dropped some massive jewels and furthermore the religious zealots of the world better get on the right(eous) side of history because God love's everyone. It's such a shame that "christians" can so effortlessly condemn and JUDGE others....its unreal sometimes to read and hear some the "assholeish" shit they preach to the world.
I pray for the liberation of the minds and sould of the religious world...ashe

Tee Truth

Another pervert is out the closet and the world cheers. It's bad enough when Whites are perverts but, it's really digusting and loathesome when the queers is AA. As if our lives are not DIFFICULT enough. A man is proud that he has sex with another man. HOW pathetic. Homosexuality is NOT normal. It is UNCLEAN, PERVERTED and UNNATURAL. And it doesn't matter how many people are starting to support PERVERSITY. God doesn't!! I would NEVER purchase any album of a queer especially if I know it. I will NEVER support a lifestyle that is WRONG. AA are STILL fighting for our rights. I will NEVER support perversity. ANd those that do are going against God!! That is your business as far as I'm concerned.


Hi Jasmyne...love the music on your blog!

Mark Norris

I am not familiar with this brotha, but now I am dying to find out more. I commend anyone who has the guts to be and say exactly who they are and not care what the "straight" audience thinks or does. Donnie it doesn't matter if straight, black radio stations won't play you, we have our own information/radio here.........Jasmyne, Keith B. etc. They keep us updated on everything especially everything gay.

Quentin Ergane

Oh, his video is also on Logo's NewNowNext... which is what made me go... oh? He's... is he?

Thank you, Jasmyne.

Quentin Ergane

Yay! He really is gay!!! Why didn't you ask him if he was seeing someone because you KNOW people are sweating this beautiful brotha!

Stuffed Animal


Tell Donnie to read these three Bible passages: Isaiah 56, in regard to eunuchs; Matthew 19, in regard to born eunuchs; and Revelations 14, in regard to the 144,000 men. These readings will teach him not to put stock in what "religious people" say and think. LGBT folk are a part of God's plan, and it's right there in Scripture. If he wants the full story, he can drop by my blog, Christ, The Gay Martyr, and read my post titled "We Are Family".


Finally some good music to look forward to this summer. Loved his first album and found him to be a dynamic live performer when he headlined with Jody Whately as his opening act in Brooklyn's Prospect Park. Hurry back man!



Charles Woodman

I caught your performance at the beah party. My only criticism, you weren't on long enough for me. Thanks for signing my album Donnie.




loved the first album, didn't know about the second one and will go and buy it after work today. thanks j for the heads up and ur looking good!

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