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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


The Captain

The very tool that Charlene use to promote a vile lifestyle is the very tool God is allowing her to use to pull them back to morality and right standing with God. I praise Charlene for her courage and the power of God's deliverance.


Jasmyne, I can not wait to read your juicy report on the ex-gay movement. In a news report aired on WUSA-TV (channel 9, D.C.), the ex-gay minister said that being gay may be genetic.

So if even the ex-gay minister is saying being gay is genetic, then common sense will tell you this sexuality transformation program is not working.

This woman along with the 700 club is a joke. I will not watch, because if I do I may through a rock through the television screen.

Probably a rock thrown at her head would be a good idea.

P.S.: Jasmyne I may disagree with you on some issues, but you are still my girl.

taylor Siluwé

Speak Lord! Speak to me!

You go girl. This song made my day, and it makes up for the sad reality of this womans life.

The first article I ever published was in VENUS. It was such a happy moment.

On a day when I hear that some black bishop in the pocket of the Christian right is blustering about God is gathering "a SWAT team" of Christian "terrorists" to straighten the world out ... and now this sad piece of woman again, and on a show that would have nothing to do with her black ass if she wasn't spouting their poison.

I don't know. I'm going on a cruise and I don't wanna think about how sad and deluded the world is. Sometimes you just gotta sit back, stare at the sea, sip a tropical drink and think about nothing.

Aaah ...

But I'll deal with the ex-gay movement when I get back. I'm actually doing a little undercover work in that area.

Stay tuned.

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