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Friday, June 08, 2007



To be perfectly upfront: I am a white gay man. I also happen to be a diversity practitioner by trade, and make it my business to work toward the end of all forms of oppression, be they based on race, gender, sexual orientation, disability, religion, class, or nationality.

Isaiah Washington choked a castmate while using a hateful slur against another co-worker. In any professional setting I've ever worked in, the incident would have provoked some course of action -- perhaps not an immediate firing, but something would have been done, publically and quickly.

I could make the point that if T.R. Knight had referred to Isaiah Washington using the 'n-word,' he would have been fired on the spot -- but in truth, I don't know that this is true, and besides: pitting gay people against African Americans in a round of Oppression Olympics to see who's got it worse is completely beside the point. Both groups are oppressed; the oppression of both groups is wrong.

As a white gay man who works to end the "isms" that divide our society, I do not tolerate racist or sexist remarks when they are spoken by white, able-bodied, economically advantaged gay men. "Gay" doesn't give them a pass to spread hate in my presence. But neither can I then excuse Isaiah Washington's heterosexism because he happens to be a member of another oppressed community.

It seems to me that there are plenty of folks in this country who are obvious victims of racism, who deserve your activism moreso than Mr. Washington. But perhaps that's just my white gay opinion ...


Samuel, Andre and John,

Okay, let me acknowlege and pay respect to what is clearly a huge amount of pain and disappointment on your part at your treatment by White Gays. I can't apologize for everyone, because a lot of people make me sick as well. They're human and most humans are pretty self-centered and disappointing. That said, I'm sorry if my glibness hurt you even more, or gave you the impression I don't take racism, classism and homophobia seriously. I do.

What's gross to me is that fifty years ago, we would have been talking about Bull Connor turning a firehose on all those brave kids in Birmingham (and thanks to videotape, showing America and the rest of the world how truly ugly and depraved our racism was) and now we're getting our panties in a knot over an actor getting fired from a TV series for acting like a complete asshole and we're arguing over whether it's part of a vast white gay conspiracy against black people. Please...

Mr. Washington is a poor excuse for a cause celebre, in my opinion. And that's my opinion. And eveyone else is allowed to have theirs, too.

it has been useful for one thing, though, and that is exposing the depth of black gay rage (at least among some black people) at the white gay "community" (which is plenty factionalized, I assure you, along class, and economic lines).

We're not all "powerful." A lot of us struggle as well and plenty of of our better-heeled white "brothers" could give a rat's ass about us. Which is why I got so snarky when you guys started lumping us all together in this fabulous fraternity of white privilege. Trust me, Whiteland has its low-rent district, too, and plenty of us are ostracized because our bank accounts aren't big enough, and we don't live in the right neighborhoods, drive the right cars or have the right connections or education.

I'm not going to campare this to black people's experience of deprivation- what would be the point? It all sucks, and it's all a waste of human potential.

It may come as a shock to you guys, but there are white gays who actually identify more as gay than as white. We are not some monolithic group anymore than black gays are.

We are, however, able, should we set our minds to it - to pass as a member of the dominant community of white heterosexuals.

Just hang on for another decade or so, and the only thing any of us will be able to say about the dominant community is that it's heterosexual, because it won't be white...

I am still seriously curious about where Shonda Rimes stand in all this. She seems to have been notably silent.

And btw, that "racial slur" of a name IS my real name, plus two extra letters.


Sorry Cadence, not going to fall for gossip and innuendo about how difficult the black man is to work with, they have used that for years about any strong black man or woman who stands up to them. It has been documented that Dempsey is not so easy to work with, and yet he keeps his gig, I guess because the white guys think he as that hack writer calls him, McDreamy. Child please, this is about the gay men wanting to set an example, no more no less. And, sorry, ion the real world, you have to deal with jerks on the job, and not go running down the street pulling your hair out like a little girl if you are a real man.

I condemn Washington for his vile words, but, think that the white gay men behind his firing are far more vile and should be feared, as they have way too much power when they want to prove thier issue of being victims, and if its a black man, all the better. And, rest assured, that lame show won't have another black man on it, 2-1, they introduce a gay white male character to appease their critics.


All you are talking about is heresay. I will NOT believe what the mainstream media has to say about this. I refuse to believe Isaiah was some kind of ogre. I believe everyone involved said harsh things to each other. And I firmly believe Isaiah will rise above from this white racism. I think Isaiah will move on from this. I think ABC is sending a racist message. I also believe that black people gay or straight pay attention to this. The white gay community once again shows their hypocrisy and racist colours once again.


From all reports, Isaiah had run-ins with most of the cast and crew of GA. This wasn't one isolated incident. And from my recollection of the events, it was Isaiah who went public with the situation. The first incident happened in October, Isaiah made his ignorant comments three months later at the Golden Globes, if that didn't happen, then this wouldn't have turned into a public uproar.

None of us would want to put up with a homophobic co-worker, or one who can't control his temper. So why should the GA cast have to.


If these "white" gay men came in with respect and not mocking us with off the wall "screen names" and trying out their version of Eboincs as if that's a real language used by anyone, maybe they would be worth a read. But, every single one of them comes off as some trifling queen with an attitude problem. Take that nonsense to towelroad or one of those sites that embrace and encourage racism. This one is for people who live in the real world. And, this issue has created a even greater divided as it has the two things that America hates to deal with race, and I guess the white guys sexuality, although if he were in the closet at the time, why was he so offended? Or like most of them, not real mean to begin with, just over the top fem guys with major issues.


Andre, I couldn't of said it better. Far as the The gay white racist come to black board. They're always coming to black sites hunt for big mandingo,but want to use racial slurs and be racist toward blacks. I knew this white guy that approached me and told me he was a social worker and this was around the same time they got Affrimative Action banned from here in Michigan. So we got into a heated debate,because I told him that white women have benefited more from AA than any minorities have and his true colors surfaced. Push the right buttons and you'll see their true colors and at the beginning he said he was attracted to blacks and how blacks love him at his job to saying nigger and how he would get me arrested if we ever got into a phsyciall confrontation.


mcquaidla, Gay white male or whatever you refer to yourself as. I hate to burst your bubble,but gay white men do not feel they're minority. Like someone else mentioned you can use your white skin or should I say "White card" to do whatever you want. And yes,hollywood is mostly controlled by jews and White gays if not both. I'm not defending IW,but whatever delusional world you live in. I live in reality and there's more discrimination going on in the gay community and most gay white men are hypocrites and retarded to equate what you gays supposedly been through to what blacks been through in America. If you want to be specific on the topic I can. Those so called conservatives in congress are the real ones that are against same sex marriages and they have to power not IW to discriminate against homosexuals.

Samuel Akoli

"moqualida" or whatever that racial slur is supposed to be and, what didn't you just comeout and say what you do in person and call us a "n(^%$#," its not as if you haven't or don't daily. You are neither funny, smart, eloquent, and certainly not a coherent "writer" a cyber bigot, no more no less, so, why not sneak in to a dark room with security guards and see the LiKKKer show, that way, you and the rest of your ilk can do what you do best, mock blacks with your racial trash that you deem funny. That was one of the worst posts on this whole debacle, and the most transparent one as well. Come on out of your closet and put on your sheets, its cyberspace. You can attack all you want, but, at the end of the day, you are still a white gay man who can walk into any room in the world and get respect, something you and your ilk won't give a black man or woman.

Longwinded, rambling, racist garbage worthy of a KKK board or a gay white message board where they are all in agreement and share your obvious disdain for balck gays and black people as a whole. And, while you are at it maybe you need to call Betty Ford for some advice on your obvious issues of fear and hatred that you must have learned as a child. These condescending white gay men are just tacky, uncouth and sickening, and have the gall to demand special rights.

Andre and John, keep it real, this is way more than calling that block head, passive aggressive guy a name, this is yet another example of white men, doing what they do best, demand what they want and get it.


First off you are not a minority you are a part of the white majority. So give me a break. I am so sick and tired of white gay
men just using the word "gays." You need to put the word "White" and "Gay" and "male" together because all white gay men are about is YOURSELVES. Don't front! White gay Men have others have pointed out have White power, Gay Power and Male power and that's a LETHAL COMBINATION. You have a lot of economic and political power in the USA. Now that's something Isaiah does NOT have. He's just a TV star. So Please do not act as though White gays support black gay people because you people most certainly DO NOT. And don't equate white gays racist tacitics to getting a black man fired from his job as Civil Rights. Its disgusting and racist and I will not tolerate that BS.

Second, as many other black gay posters have pointed out the white gay community only wants to exploit and use gay black people when it suits your racist white self interests. AND WE ARE NOT HAVING IT. WE WILL NOT BE SILENT WHEN WHITE SUREPMACY IS TAKING PLACE. SO for all white gays belly aching. Please child give me a break. Not when the white gay mafia conspired with TR Knight to get a black man fired. And yes the white gays all worked together to achieve their racist goal. It was not by chance that Advocate was so vocal against Washington and suddenly Knight is on the cover of Advocate as though he's some white gay hero. Sorry in my eyes Knight is no here what he is a drama queen, a trouble maker and a shit disturber and a coward.

If Knight acted like a real man he would of handled the business in private and settled the situation. Nope not TR Knight. Knight will not get any support from the black community on this. Knight being the shit distuber that he is had to make sure he got media attention on HIMSELF to BOOST his sagging career.

And no my dear you are not a minority go cry yourself a rive elsewhere. Not when white gays refuse to acknowledge the power fo white skin privilege. White gays have accomplished nothing by getting a TV star fired. The aggressive and racist tactics will not garner any support from the black heterosexual or homosexual communities. And obviously some white gays don't get it. No black gays here are saying Isaiah didn't do something wrong. He most certainly did. He should not have called Knight the F word.

However, we are not going to stand here and side with white gays when white gays will not acknowledge their white supremacy.
I am a black gay man and I refuse to go on mainstream gay message boards too racist and one way traffic as far as I am concerned. Its so interesting when white gays hijack this board. They are stunned that some black gay people and other people don't agree with them. The racist aggressive tactics of White gay America will not win the white gays any support from Black gays or even black heterosexuals. No one here said Isaiah was not wrong for using the F word.
No you are not a minority. Just because you are gay you are also white.


Yeah, hi everyone, Privileged White Gay Man here.

"How y'all durring?"

And now that I've got your attention by quoting a very un-favorite "comedian", a question: when did Isaiah Washington turn into Paul Robeson? Did I miss something? I mean, before he walked on water and struck a blow against White Gay Racism and let's not forget, Privilege by calling his co-worker a Faggot, I believe he was just another fool who didn't know how to behave at work.

I mean, if I went around my office calling black co-workers "niggers," or female co-workers "cunts" I'd get my ass fired pronto. And that would be good. Because no matter how many racism or sexism rehabs I had gone to, my co-workers would be pretty pained to have to deal with me day after day.

So why has it suddenly become a huge blow against the White Gay Oppressor when IW refers to one of his co-workers as a faggot? It's great that he went off to homophobe rehab, it really is, but why should the cast and crew have to re-live his hurtful behavior day in and day out? He'll get another job, no worries, as Jasmyne assures us. I mean hell, Mel Gibson's still working and lookit what a Class A headcase he is.

Oh, by the way, is everyone up to speed on the fact that GA's creator, Shonda Rhimes, is a black woman? Do we imagine that she had nothing to say about this situation? Or was her back against the wall as the White, Gay Conspiracy That Runs Hollywood told her "Sister, if you ever want to work again, you'll fire the brother, NOW!"

Washington's publicist, who not only arranged his homophobe rehab but is now screaming bloody murder on his client's behalf is white and gay, himself. He's also John Amaechi's publicist. I'm sure there's a sinister explanation for this, and I'm sure someone will supply it.

I always thought Hollywood was run by the Jewish Conspiracy, no? Or is it the White Gay Jewish Conspiracy to run Hollywood and Keep the Black Man Down?

No wonder "they" need so many assistants with Blackberry's

Okay, Okay. Seriously, what is so damn sad as I read these comments isn't the ludicrous quality of some of the notions, it's the fact that so many of these posts reveal such a World of Hurt.

And that hurt seems to have poisoned everyone's Logic capacity as though everyone is so tired from hurting that the only way they can make themselves feel better at this point is to react with unfocused rage and try and get everyone else to hurt as much as they do. Vent it everyone, but know that if you're not going to listen and consider and challenge your neighbor when he does his venting, we're not going to get anywhere.

It wasn't always this way, children.

Most of you probably aren't as old as I am, but I remember that there was a time when conscious Gay folks and Black folks and Chicanos and a lot of other people were fighting for EVERYONE'S liberation, not just their own. That person who posted about the Gay Liberation Front standing in solidarity with the Panthers is correct. And we can bet that there were some people in the Front who were scared of the Tough Black Kids, and I seem to remember Eldridge Cleaver making some truly inane remarks about women and gays as well. None of our groups suffer from a shortage of stupid people.

I actually saw a few stupid people as the Celebration of Getting Isaiah Fired (Whites Only) Party I went to this weekend, John. Yessiree, Gay Pride was completely eclipsed by our joy at seeing IW get handed his walking papers. Hell, that's why all us white people are so hung over today. Please...

Oh, and about that continuing contention that one can't equate the Black struggle for Civil Rights with the Gay struggle for Civil Rights. I know I'm White and Privileged, and even Pass-straight if I choose to be (I don't) but can someone tell me what the point of seperating one struggle from another is? I mean, it's a great way to ensure that we continue to struggle seperately, as the smallest groups possible, and black people can feel more oppressed than white gays (Congrats! Yes! You Win! but if Women get involved, you'll have to concede) but tactically, it doesn't make much sense. We're all minorities, remember? And even the richest, most powerful folks among us are that way at the pleasure of the even more rich and powerful - most of whom happen to be white, heterosexual, Christian and male.

I certainly agree that much of what has passed for the Gay Rights Movement in recent years has been about rights that are most important to the richest folks among us (some of them are, believe it or not, black and most of them are yes, white, but whatever). I also fault any white gay person who is so shortsighted as to turn around and step on someone else who is also oppressed, but that's what people do all the time - and not just white people but anyone who sees a spot at the table and has to crawl over someone else to get there.

Sorry for this being so disjointed. Unlike Jasmyne, I'm not one of those writers who can just weave it all together and have it make sense fast. To me, bottom line here is that IW is not a hero of any sort and neither is TR Knight. They're both actors and at the moment, they're appearing in what threatens to be a neverending American tragedy that will never be covered by Equity. And the audience is having a hell of a time making sense of it all


I wish a white FAGGOT would call me a Nigger to my face I'll Kill them dead and will end up doing time over it and it would be worth it.


Joey, I can't stand when whites like yourself assume all blacks do is throw the race card,but what about whites throwing the "White Card" or better yet the "White Gay Card? Face it! It's more racism in the gay community and you most not know the true definintion or racism. Blacks can maybe prejudice,but not racist,because blacks don't have the power to be racist.


Racial prejudice: the act of having hatred towards another race (or all races) within (or outside) a society.

Racism: the act of having hatred towards another race (or all races) within (or outside) a society and having the ECONOMIC, SOCIAL and POLITICAL influence to conquer, control, or negatively influence one or more race.

With that being said, people of African descent, esoecially the ones in the Americas and areas of European and foreign dominance, cannot be racist. We can be racially intollerent or racially prejudice, but not racist. Black people, in general, don't have the economic, social and political ability to influence a country that we are "better" than any race; for example, Blacks in America don't control the majority of large corporations, government or the education system. Even in predominately black countires (i.e. South Africa, Brazil), blacks still don't have that ability of racial power. In conclusion, blacks cannot be racist.

So you need to fall back re examin what you write,before you type non sense out of your ass.


LOL, come on now Andre, you knew they would have him as their "hero." And, he has only been "out" for a minute and he's a hero, yeah, sure. TB is good for them in one area, more coins for their "struggle" and it took a loud uncouth Isaiah to help them. Like I said, its their movement and with their issues. I wouldn't rean an Advocate if it were free, just like I would never waste a coin on Instinct, Genre or any other of their trash, since I lost all interest when their editors were truthful, for once when they said their 'audience' would not buy their publications with a black man or woman on the cover as they can't relate. But, at lest they were finally honest about their racist readers.

Just like I can't relate to their nonsense about trying to get more special "rights" for them, since if you aren't white, they don't want you to have anything more than they do, sorry, but, lets keep it as real as TB and his raise and cut of that shows profit as a hack, obese actress.


Is anyone surprised that the so called fallen hero TR Knight is now on the cover of Advocate magazine? Advocate and GLAAD, TR Knight and all those white gays have been planning Isaiah to get fired for a long time.The racism and hypocrisy of white gay America is on display here. Its sad that Isaiah actually thought his job was safe. Didn't he know his contract was up? He must of known this was going to happen.T The white gay's racist and aggressive tactics will NOT get them support from the black gay and straight communities.

This incident is indicative once again why white gays ARE THE ENEMY. Now Knight is considered some white gay icon. I hope this incident is a lesson to the black gay community we got to keep on organizing and doing our own thing. White gays are the enemy I cannot be more blunt then that.
White gays say they are fighting for gay rights and that's a lie. White gays ONLY fight for WHITE GAY RIGHTS. And this incident is a perfect example of it. The racism of Advocate and all those other white gay mafia is not surprising. It does prove though that the white gays have been working effectively for a long time since the comment for Isaiah to be fired. I laugh when white gays say they face discrimination. No you don't. White gays have their white skin and white gay men have their white power.
The white gay community has never been supportive of black gays. There are too many incidents to count. However, lost in the shuffle of this drama is the fact the mainstream American media no surprise ignored black gay people all together. The face of the so called "gay community" is a white one. And that's a serious problem because we are being displaced due to white racism.


Joey, well, you explained yourself quite well, and no where did I say that I Washington was right in his comments, I for one found them to be quite innocuous, but, TB and his cronies were devastated by them, as is their choice. I don't accept bigotry from black people and I sure as heck won't stand for it from hypocritical gay white men. And, yep, there are a whole lot of black people, Hispanics, Asians and whites too, who don't accept or condone the gay lifestyle, but, guess what, their have a choice in doing so, and GLAAD will be able to bring down one loud black man, but, they sure won't be winning over anyone with their strong demand shrill tactics. They can't even get most black gays to agree with anything they do, and I still for one have no clue as to what they do, other than sponsor circuit parties for dudes on steroids and drugs, I think.

As for segregating races the white gay community has done that quite well, and make it known that they don't want black gays in their spaces, and I for one have no problem with it, as I was raised, don't go where you are not wanted.

ABC alone should have fired him, just like CBS and MSNBC should have with Imus, not due to some shrill queens or loud windbags like rev Al and Jesse Jackson. When race is involved, it is always nasty, sorry, that's a fact of life.


As for "hater" I don't support him. I think IW will come back and Jasmyne is not going to lose much if any credibility because of this. He's an idiot and one of those people that makes all this separation even larger. I can't apologize for him. Even if we are both gay and black. But I won't defend him either.


So John, because IW is Black he should have been allowed to keep his job, yet what Don Imus said, inappropriate as it was, should have gotten him fired, but only because he is white? You don't see the racism in that?

Anyone who uses the n-word in the media needs to be fired, and that is inclusive of the black community.

I have the backbone and am happy to be here, Jasmyne does a lot of good in the racism community but this bizarre love fest with Isaiah is strange, even for her.

He made a statement and was fired, like Don was. His was far worse than Don's(using the word instead of a vague description) but both were inappropriate and the appropriate action has been taken. So why the defense of this guy when there are real issues out there to take care of?

ABC is the one who made the choice not to renew. GLAAD may have played a part, but MMA and NABJ played big parts for Imus(still glad he's gone), in fact the same roles as GLAAD played in this.

I will admit that the gay community is more racist than the community at large if you admit that the black community is more racist than the community at large.

Oh, and thanks for your support of racial segregation. I respect Jasmyne in most of her endeavors and will be around, mostly quiet as I have been before. But her support for this guy is absolutely bizarre. He'll be around.

Just think, a black person who can't make it in the white Hollywood became one of the bigger stars on a hit TV show and then went and blew it. I don't agree with the n-word, not even in the black community, and I think the free use of that word makes blacks think they can freely use the f-word, which I also don't support(Imus, Washington, or anyone else). But this whole "Get out of Racism free because I'm black card" has expired.

He should have manners at work, in public, and on television, and being black does not mean you get to go around insulting anyone you want. Neither does being white, nor being gay.


why does anyone who agrees that IW should've been fired "pathetic" "uncle tom?" I for one am a gay black man and I agree that he should have lost his job. This is NOT a race issue, so much as it is a question of poor choice. I can't go into work tomorrow and make derogatory statements at my co-workers and not expect to be reprimanded. IW is no exception. He has been around long enough to know the rules of the game. Gays run Hollywood, those are the LAST group of people who u want to piss off. FIRE HIS ASS! replace him with a black actor who knows how to handle himself in a tactful and respectful manner. IW is an IDIOT to blow this gig!


Well I for one am cheering, good riddance to him! Of course, I'm part of the white gay male conspiracy, of course. It's just so not fair for homo-biggots of color these days ::insert violin music:: Well, Jasmyne sure seems to be having a love fest, maybe she can go straight and hook up with Washington and hate us evil corporate gay white men all she wants. Boo hoo.
As for Washington's career (and Jasmyne's credibility) is that a toilet I hear flushing??


Hey Joey, since you asked my TC comment, it shows that a obese white gay with as much talent as a flea and is about as convincing as a heterosexual as Shirley Liquor is as a black woman, plays the victim and the white powers that be give him a raise and lets him keep his gig, and the black guy who beg and pleaded with ABC and the white gays screaming at the top of their Gucci loafers can get axed

And, yep. racism is a two way street, so, why don't you address it about why white gays feel so comfortable calling any black that does not agree with the firing the n-word, or is that acceptable with you? Or all the ones who called Jasmyne it for standing up to the racist Shirley minstrel show? Until you and the rest of your kind get some backbone and decry all sorts of intolerance, racism and bigotry, save the terse "why can't we all get along and are in this together" for someone who looks like you, as I have yet to see any gay white man show any sort of interest in anything that a black gay man or woman has to deal with in the gay world.

Sorry, I for one have had it with white gay men and their inability to stand up and be men, and whine, moan and try to force their victim off on anyone who does not bend for their special needs and whims, since most are doing quite nice in life, since they still have all the rights that go along with being a whine man in the USA. Like the one poster said, it should have been ABC to make the choice, not have it made for them by GLAAD or any of those other lilly white groups. Its always about race in the US, and always will be, and gay whites are no different from their brothers and sisters in their disdain for blacks, and especially black men.

Sorry no "victim" here, and condemn I Washington for his comments, but, refuse to stand tall with white gays, as they have no need for me and other blacks and I certainly have no need for anything they have to offer on any level.

So come back at me when you are man enough to admit that racism is worse in the gay community than it is in society at large, and, any gay white man or woman who is honest will own up to it, until then, the righteous indignation and condescending tone of those who flock to a black oriented board falls on blind eyes. Maybe some of the gay white sites would be better, since they are all goose steeping to their version of what is "fair and right" with him getting canned, along with a hefty dose of racial slurs to keep it colorful and show they are inclusive. But, I'm sure like the others who are outraged and "disgusted" by the racism you claim that is here, don't have a problem with it there, LOL!


I can't defend TJ as I'm not familiar with him or the show Grey's Anatomy(not my thing) but why does Isaiah receive all this help and defense, especially from this blog of all places? The racism displayed at this blog is disgusting at times.

Shirley Q: Bad, he's white!
Madea has another kid: Good, he's black!
Isaiah: Good, he's black!
T.R.: What has he done? If he said something racist, he needs to be gone too! If he's just guilty of being gay and white(Bad! on this blog) then there's no problem here.

Racism is a two way street.

And don't count Isaiah out, he's paid for what he said. Celebrities need to learn that because they are popular does not make them gods like in the olden days. He will bounce back, he is a good actor. He's made a mistake and has paid for it.

John: "IW gets fired and icky, obese TJ gets a raise and a cut of the profits, only in this racist country"

Why is it ok to be black and call people faggots but not ok to be gay and white?


Isaiah should not of called his co worker the F word. However, I agree with the others that say the white gay community is no better. The white gay community as I have said before is all about themselves. They are no friends of black people.

The black gays that actually think this has nothing to do with race must be the black gays so desperate and starving for white gay attention and approval. I have been to gay message boards and the racist anti black discussions would make your ears curl. I don't even bother going to mainstream gay message boards the stereotypes and the racism is disgusting.

The white gay community their so called false victimhood is total BS. White gays have their white skin privilege that's white power right there. And white gays accomplished nothing. Big deal they got a TV actor fired. They also exposed their own hypocrisy and bigotry towards black people. White gays love blacks that conform to racist stereotypes. They love their black studs in the porn movies, and they love sexually objectifying gay black men. They like black women that can sing. What the white gays don't like is when black gay people challenge them on their racism.


I couldn't care less about Isaiah Washington not returning to the show. He knows what he did was bogus, & he has to pay the price. But whats funny is, how majority of black folks back him up. If he were white, & said the same thing, it be a different story.And i'm saying that as a black person.


Isaiah Washington, whose career is totally over as the "gay community" will make sure he never works again, is the one to blame for most of this, but, I also blame the white gay men and women as well. They were like a dog after a bone to make their point that they are "victims" of verbal abuse, which is a joke. They can dish it out in these online forums and while drunk in the streets of this country, and spew that n-word as if they are calling their mommies, and yet, if a black man or woman says anything that is in their face, they are "violated."

If, the white gays would have not made this into a watershed issue for their movement, this should have been settled by ABC and the employment laws of the state of California, not the shrill, threats from them.

As a black gay man who has seen more racism from white gays, I for one find it ludicrous when these cyber "blacks" come in agreeing with them. Children please, they will never accept black gays into their fold, Asians, yep, love them some Hispanics, but, blacks, only for a woman to sing, and not too much more.

All that said, I for one will keep getting my laughs when they are voted down at the ballot box, white gay folks don't need any more "rights," since their own intolerance and hatred along with their privilege give them more rights than anyone else in the glbt communtiy of color.

And, for those who think that Jasmyne is a "divider' think again, she is far from the only one who sees right through this two bit fake stuff that the gay "establishment" is spewing out, some of us see right through the double talk of fairness and equality, since we have heard it all our lives and can spot a liar in a NY minute. Just like reading some online forums where 90 of the anti-IW posts are racially tinted, keep it real, white gay men are just like white straight men when it comes to anything based on race, like this IW thing turned into with GLAAD and thier ilk.

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