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Thursday, June 21, 2007


penny auction

Some buyers like to dress like bankers and arrive early to position themselves near the auctioneer.

Supra Shoes

Good job.No matter where we are, we must study all the way. As the proverb says that: You are never too old to learn. Thank you for your blog.

gospel singer

Tonex has a big contribution in the Industry and not just one song can destroy his reputation. Let us all say that he was a gay, so what? this makes no difference at all.

homosexuality is an abomination to God. To say different is to act like you know more than God. Love the person , hate the lifestyle.


just how often do you update your page? cause some of the things you have on here are old news.let's get with it girl and bring it.the new year is coming ,out with the old and in with the new.

Deborahhh Dee

Tonex, need to be a example to his congregation, who can take him serious, just because he sings, or preach good. Can you amagine a church full of members looking like he does. SCARY! He looks to girly, and punky. If that spirit is in him to look like that, he needs to step down until he can represent. America needs to stop saying, do what you want, say what you want, go where you want, look how you want. We should have stopping points. It should'nt be exceptable to do what you want in the oval office, where you are known as the most popular president, and your wife is close to being the new one. If we take stands, we will have a place to go back to when things are crazy. Can you see a church mother having a conference with Tonex. The old way had alot of secrets, but it at least had some standards to go by. I don't hate no one, but we do need to be examples for our children, if we do this, what will they do. Where will this craziness all end. What does our future hold, if we don't take the right stands in our life.


I heard the song and is familiar with his music (as well as gay rumors). I believe he addresses in the song being called a "faggot" and "homo", not an admission of it. I heard the entire song on his Myspace page and at the end of it he proclaims "I'm not gay". Media Takeout only played a small portion of the song. Also, he addresses the Media Takeout gossip in a video blog here, check it out:


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