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Thursday, June 14, 2007


elgin lee baker

HMMMMMMMMM FIRST PARIS NEEDED TO DO HER TIME ....and you are right .....except you come off as a bit of a bigot .........
second as for mr washington he needs as do all homophobic people do to catch up ......its on there will be no more allowance of that kind of behavior .....now i do have a problem with this cut line of yours "hollywood is run by what ?jews gays oh my ........again its time to catch up ....as for him being led to believe he would keep his job ...i think he might be having some metal health issues ...you dont go into treatment for using the f word or the n word for that matter unless you are acting out to those around you ....he likes the drink.... people.... and his behavior as been here and there ....


People don't realize that bird flu is still around and fatal. It took another vietnamese life recently,but we wouldn't know,because of this frivolous paris hilton shit!


As a sgl black male I was offended by Isaiah Washington's casual use of the word F@ggot during the awards telecast. The fact that he is black male was all the more hurtful because as a black man he should know how harmful words can be. I am not thin skinned in the least I have been called a N!99er one time too many by ignorant folks who didnt care to get to know me. But when my own makes a disparaging remark about one's sexuality and it just so happens that that is how I identify well I can't uphold him. Wrong is wrong and to say he is held to a different standard is right 'cause he'd be amazed how many of us GAY black folk voted for him to receive that NAACP award.


Ted, it is because of race that he is no longer in the show. It has truly become a show about appearance. The only actors that are not super skinny on "Grey's" are hispanic or black. Even TJ's character has lost a lot of weight.

It will look really silly if "Grey's" tries to replace Mr. Washington with another young, attractive, black actor.

Ms. Cannick, thank you so much for posting Dr. Samad's article. It rung a lot of bells in my head, and I have thought all the things he has written (though I haven't put a lot of attention on p.hilton). I have wriiten a letter to ABC to express my views and am tempted to write another with reflections from this wonderful note from Dr. Samad.


Great article, and spot on!

Amusing to say the least, black folks now have a get out of jail free card, wow, why didn't I get mine? And, as far as America "grown intolerant of people who use hateful language," I missed that memo as well. I just saw Ann Coulter spewing the other day, for every endorsement she loses, she gains two, as there are millions who like and agree with her. You don't get #1 on the NY Times best seller list if you are loathed. And, Don Imus will be back before you know it, so, sorry, that does not work as an comparison.

The article was great, and showed, its still all about race, no matter what these alleged black apologist claim while having issues with any black person who does not agree with the mainstream, intolerant gay organizations. And, no matter how many of these cyber blacks so race wasn't and isn't the issue, I guess being in the big house has helped shape your image, which isn't in the real world.

Washington was a loud jerk, but, he is not he first and won't be the last, and funny how this rabid hatred of Washington didn't carry over to Miss Hilton who spewed racist and homophobic remarks, but, hey, she's blond and rich, until that get out of jail card was revoked, LOL!

Sorry peeps, IW was wrong and for most of you, will never be forgiven as you are perfect, and so are all the ones who want him strung up on a tree as an example to not be mean to the gay crowd, especially one as weak as T.R., way too thin skinned, and really need to get some backbone, because, you will never get respect when viewed as cowards and whiners, which is what they complainers are. But, whine on about a multimillionaire when you've got states slashing your rights, and making sure you can't live as a full citizen, and a right wing Supreme Court with members who make IW seem like a small cog in a system that will never allow full gay rights, best to go after a television star, and think that's going to help the cause, yeah, right.

Ted Clancy

I'll agree that Washington's dismissal was unexpected and surprisingly severe. But I don't think it has anything to do with him being black.

Ann Coulter, Don Imus, and Mel Gibson have also all suffered severe backlashes following recent remarks they've made about gays, black women, or jews. (Don Imus was fired, just like Washington. Ann Coulter lost sponsorship deals. All of them have lost popularity.)

The issue here is that America has suddenly grown intolerant of people who use hateful language, including Washington. It's surprising, but it's also about time.


Washington, shouldn't get a free pass either because of his skin color,but they shouldn't lead him to believe he was going to keep his job either. People have to understand there's consequences that goes along with your actions and I'm not agreeing that IW should of gotten fired,but seem like they used him to finnish up the rest of the season at greys.


"But the altercation became secondary to Washington's perceived "homophobia," and Hollywood being an industry run by...well, you know,"

No, I don't know. Tell me. Would that be gays or the Jews?

That, putting homophobia in quotes and labeling Washington's behavior "socially impolitic" should tell you everything you need to know about the author and about the blogger who chose to print this guest columnist "whose thinking often mirrors" her own.

There is a word for this kind of thinking. It's called bigotry.


Douglass is right. I'm tired of "journalists" bemoaning Hilton's celebrity, here's a hint, if you don't talk or write about her, then she won't matter. It's funny that this writer chastises all the media attention that she gets, even though he is part of the problem.

Also, can we please stop comparing apples and oranges. Washington doesn't get a pass just because there are other people in the world who are bigger jerks than he is. This whole areguement didn't work when we were kids and trying to get out of trouble by saying it should be okay because somebody else did the same thing, and it doesn't work now.


Amen to that! You can only blame parisite hilton for so much. I blame the media,because they keep throwing that tramp in our faces. That means they're Surpessing information that we should really know.

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