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Wednesday, May 23, 2007


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Remember, those in your life care about who you are, not what you do.

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Temperance and labor are the two best physicians of man; labor sharpens the appetite, and temperance prevents from indulging to excess.

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the one Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past.


Thank you Jasmyne and Isaiah for making a difference to my country Sierra Leone. The past mistakes of those who show grace when I am in need, does not concern nor offend me. God bless you x


my goodness, ppl will never change. will ppl stop trying to blame others for the image we get. if anyone's a fool --> the one's who judge. so wut? he said wut he wanted to say. wish there were more ppl like that than the hypocrites who've been posting rubbish on this blog. see these ppl are being productive in helping unfortunate ppl, while ya'll just have to hate. think about this... ya'll are busy disassociating urselves from africa but if there was no slave trade, u'd be wishin ur blood would pay u a visit. that's the thing about most african americans. u lost the african in it. got so tied up trying to fit in wit ur white neighbors, u don't even know the value of unification anymore... u know? wut makes ppl progress?
anyways, jasmyne, go girl. hope u enjoyed yourself and didn't complain too much about the road situation. ow di body? if u understand that, at least u took a lil wit ya. one love.

The Captain

Africa has been judged.


wow miss. just because he's doing something nice for people in another country who seem to care very little about us, black american, doesn't make what he did here any easier to swallow. i'm usually in concurrance with your statements but this time it seems that you want minimize what mr washington did here because he's doing something nice for very distant relatives. interesting...

jay lassiter

I hope your travel companion doesn't call you a dyke while you're abroad.

listen, everyone deserves the grace to ammend their past mistakes. i hope your presence with this clown isn't making his contrition easier. you and him making his junket probably represents total contrition as far as he's concerned. just the same, are you gonna ask him about it or are you gonna give him a pass?

p.s. don't forget girlfriend, everyone's ancestors come from Africa.



I have a good friend from Sierra Leone. I hope you have some good news to tell us about Sierra Leone.


Have a wonderful time, and don't forget the sunscreen and keep us updated! And, bless IW for what he is doing for "his" people, the people of the Weast and the USA in general don't seem to care about life in Africa, which is not unexpected since they don't value black life here either, unless they can get some oil out of it.


i hope you enjoy your trip. i'm haitian and i heard from a friend that we are generally descendents of the yoruba in nigeria. i would love to visit and just TOUCH THE EARTH where my ancestors stood. i know it would be a life-altering experience. take plenty of pictures, i would love to see sierra leone vicariously through your lens.


While I respect you greatly for your work and fight for the rights of SGL/Trans people; I really don't understand your blind support of Mr. Washington. I have enjoyed him as an actor for many years and I thought that he was much more open and exposed/ and or enlighten then he proved to be when he said the F word at the Golden Globes Awards. It was sooo in bad taste and very homophobic of him to even use that word...in the manner in which he did. He deserved what happen to him (A very public figure)and to be honest...they need to bring on Blair Underwood to replace him. Blair has to much class to even "go there"...and smarts I might add. The Black community didn't need to see one of it's own using that type of hate word...or any, I might add. How does that make our SGL/Trans youth feel...some of whom are called "FAG" everyday of their lives...He needed that kick in the butt...what's up with YOU?

C. Baptiste-Williams

Safe travels... Africa is such a beautiful place that everyone should see at least once.

But of note, the life expectancy is quite sad, hopefully some of Isaiah's work will improve that as well... and see if you can find out if he is coming back to Grey's next season... I love Dr. Burke!


Traveling blessings for your trip and safe return. Jas you get to go to Sierra Leone and hang with fine brotha Isaiah..I'm hatin':-)

I'm really proud of actors like Isaiah, Don Cheatle, Danny Glover, Harry Belafonte, and others who use their celebrity to support Black empowerement. I will definitely check out Isaiah's foundation.


I pray you have a safe trip there and back. I've been to Africa twice and my life has not been the same. Enjoy every moment!


Many blessings to you on your trip..it is definitely an eye opening experience being "back" in Africa. I know you will soak up all the culture. Use the hell out of your camera too. And return safely!!

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