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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Mr T

I'm with you on holding back my Obama vote. It just seems like everyone expects me to vote for him or Clinton because I'm female and black. Plus, most people who haven't actually followed their careers seem to think Obama and Clinton are liberal. I know in the primaries I'm voting for Kucinich because he has stated again and again that he is for gay marriage (not just civil unions), and he has protected gay rights at every opportunity. He also does all he can to protect the rights of racial minorities. He's been trying to get universal healthcare since before Hilary even got to the Senate. And, he wants free post-secondary education for all Americans. He has a record that 11 years so not only does he talk the talk but we have proof that he'll walk to walk.

Martha Jean

I guess I must have been one of the few who wasn't feeling Obama from the get go. I still have no clue as to what he even stands for other than that mystery word "change." Neither he nor Clinton do a thing for me, I like Edwards, and I also like and really respect Richardson. But, then again, where they stand on gay issues is secondary with me, as the gays rights issue to me is about white gays and their issues aren't mine on any level, and my issues are those of first a black woman, and a lesbian second. I need someone who is going to work towards health care for all, better wages,safer neighborhoods, things that the white gay majority don't have to deal with as a whole.

So, I so, run John Edwards, run, you will work for the little people in this society, and now, its good to see he will also work on glbt issues.


*sigh*. i feel your sentiments word for word. there is so much that i like about Obama but as a lesbian, i too am having a hard time with the song and dance.

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