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Tuesday, April 10, 2007



there is a strong possibilty Venus Landin is in hell?

OMG this should be on every black gay blog right now. Everything else is just crazy but saying she could be in hell! How many lesbians is she trying to screw up with this? I am outraged! SHE SHOULD BE PROTESTED. Take Venus's name OFF that magazine!

I commend Clay for being able to sit through that toxic enegry.


What in the blue f**k is this woman talking about?

Stuffed Animal

I read the interview. Charlene Cothran has become yet another victim of heterosexist brainwashing. She thinks she's worshipping God, but she's just another misguided soul who's been recruited into Bibliolatry, worship of the Bible. God and the Bible are NOT the same entity! What we know as the Bible did not exist in Biblical times.

Shame on Charlene, using a magazine named in honor of a Black Lesbian to disparage Gay people! Satan truly has her in his grip now. Only with God's help, the TRUE God, will she be able to break loose.

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