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Monday, March 19, 2007



Revised link for Rene Hicks:


Yeah, that's pretty much what I expected you would say...nothing.


Jasmyne my friend, I am here to offer you the chance to prove to everyone that you are a woman of conviction, and not just some race-baiting publicity hound attempting to ride Shirley Q. Liquor's skirttails to the bigtime.

Since you denounce and decry Shirley Q. Liquor at every opportunity because you say she demeans black women with her routines, I have little doubt that you will attack Rene Hicks with the same ferocity, since she is performing essentially the same material. An example of her work can be found at http://homepage.mac.com/studiotodd/iMovieTheater31.html.

Go get 'er, Jasmyne. I expect to see her eviscerated in your first (of many) posts very soon. Because everyone knows that you are nothing if not consistent, right? RIGHT?

Wow, what a racist place this is. SQL is wrong JUST because he's white, and anyone who sides with him must be a KKK member? Wow, just wow. Racism involves hate, like the hate here in this forum, find the hate from SQL, and please read up on comedy first. But going around calling all white people KKK members, well, that IS racism, pure and simple.

From Charles Knipp's Wikipedia Page:

This time, the protest would be prove to be successful; Knipp did not do the show.[5] • In 2006, Knipp was banned from Eastern Kentucky University [6]. • In 2007, Jasmyne Cannick, an African-American and gay rights activist, spearheaded a campaign against Liquor's act, encouraging nightclub owners to cancel Knipp's act. Cannick's movement brought nationwide attention to an underground act, and Knipp's act was canceled West Hollywood[7], Hartford, Conn.[8], and the Gay Mardi Gras[9] Actually, Knipp performed the shows in Hartford and New Orleans, but without publicity. The perpetually angry and age "29" Jasmyne Cannick, of crime-ridden Compton, California, describes herself as an "bitter, inarticulate, unashamedly Black, lesbian, childless disfellowshipped former Jehovah's Witness without a partner", who looks in the mirror and sees herself first as "black, female and fat." Describing herself as a "journalist" and "culture critic", despite not having a college education, she writes long and tedious weight loss diaries in a desperate bid for media attention on her blog. In a recent NPR show, Cannick bemoaned being alone on Valentime's (sic) Day and said that it was rough being "black single lesbian."

Cannick hopes that Americans will look upon her with pity. When that fails, she bashes Jews, Christians, the NAACP, white people, GLAAD ( her former employer - she was fired for seeking other employment on the job), black churches, drag character "Shirley Q. Liquor, and the ethereal "gay mafia," while proudly defending Greys' Anatomy star, Isaiah Washington, who called a fellow actor a "faggot."

Cannick works as an aid to 83 year old foreign-born California Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally (D-Compton), known as a feeble-minded zealot, who represents a crime-ridden district of Los Angeles. Cannicks' co worker, part-time field aide to Dymally, Michael Robbins, recently shot his wife to death in their Baldwin Hills home, then turned the gun on himself.

Cannick has stated "No, I am not interested in sitting down with white America and "healing."

Hi Jasmyne,

Check out his (Chuck Knipp's)Wikipedia page, and read what it says under criticisms...


Can you LiKKKer queens get a room with this nonsense? One says he/she/it isn't a racist, just a nice guy who seeis nothing wrong with racist taunts by a drag queen and has many real black buddies. The other proudly admits to it, the LiKKKer fans are one hot mess full of contradictions and just plain pathetic.

The show will go on, and as long as its in a private hall, all you Klansmen and women and drag queens, sorry, gay white men, are free to hoot and holler and burn blacks in effigy all you want, but, go away with the one upping each other trash about that lame bigot in black paint smeared on his face.

Lily Cornish Cobb-Jenkins

And, don't forget that that red lipstick to correct my spelling errors, sure that will make your day as well! Its a message board, and makes a man with a small weenie feel like a big boy by doing so, chump!

Funny how these dizzy, bitter, ugly queens think they can speak for SQL, as if they are the only ones who know and like his show.

Lily Cornisha Cobb-Jenkins

Sorry child, don't need no "test" on a stupid message board with some dizzy queen about SQL, now, use that sense yo mammy gave you and find someone who cares what yo silly butt thinks. I for one don't since no time for some uppity, bitter queen with no life. Now, put that in your purse and take it to the bank. I buy my CDs and pay for my Internet, don't like it, I've got a nice big white ass for you to kiss if you don't like what I post about Chuck, but, then again, you iz probally teeming with HIV, so, I'll skip that one. Now, go on now and bother these other ignut fools on this board. Didn't yo mammy and pappy teach you any manners? Guess not, since you thank yo iz all eduracted, and yet a total fool, replying to people who think you are nothing but a LOSER, and not a real Chuck fan to being with. Don;'t try to get togh, since you are one of the cowards who won't admit how you really feel, so, let me be the one, LOSER. Now, you can post all you want, since I know you will, you seem to reply to anyone, fan or not, total loser indeed, now, go on now and head to the bathhouse and get yoself some mo hiv, I'm sure you must be running lo on it.

And, maybe the nut house will help you as well, funny how these cowrads and chumps hide behind a moniter, well this SQL fan will tell them and anyone else off who trieds to dish, when the only dish they know are the paper plates they shared and ate off as kids.

Ooh, this board can be some kind of funny, the fool nigrahs and nelly queens with attitudes.

Oh, "Lily/Lilly" that's not very sporting of you to pose as a Shirley Q. Liquor fan in a lame attempt to make REAL Shirley fans look bad (or I should say, "worse," since you already insist we are all demons).

We don't call ourselves "SQL fans." And we don't splice sentences together endlessly with commas. Most of us are intelligent and educated - you have to be to understand the humor. Are you really so desperate that you have to resort to such games?

But I must admit it's an interesting Rorschach of your sociopathic mind ... and you were good enough to fool Teka.

And don't try to deny that you're an impostor because I'll give you a pop quiz.

Lily Cornisha Cobb-Jenkins

Gal, you sho is ignunt if you can't understand what I wrote, long sentence or not. You people are losers, and Charles is right, you all need to be made fun of and the best publicity for his act is this silly board with you uneducated people doing what you do best, scream racism, which does not exist since you people have made it illegal, when all you need to do is get a job. Get out of bed with all those different men, stop having all those kids with those foolish names, and leave gay men alone who just want to have fun. You people are just plain old foolish losers with a child like mentality that can't get the clean, wholesome fun that he does on stage, thank God none of you ever show up at the shows.

But, you all had better get ready, he is going to blow up now that you morons have tried to say he is being mean to his former mammy, he loves that poor lost soul with all those kids born out of wedlock, which most of you are anyway's, so, why the hate? Don't blame Charles, just keep posting about him it only gets him more fans Teka, and what kind of foolish name is that!


"I think that its great that you ignunt black people don't like the delightful Charles, his parents took in a woman with no morals and no education and treated her like she was family, and Charles continues to this day to help her out with money even though he does not have to, its all because he's a good Christian who feels pity for you poor less fortunate things who still are not worthy to even e in this great country since all you do is bring it down.. " by Lilly.

Are you seriously calling black people ignorant? You who thinks the above is one sentence?...lol......lolol.......


Lilly Cornisha Cobb-Jenkins

I think that its great that you ignunt black people don't like the delightful Charles, his parents took in a woman with no morals and no education and treated her like she was family, and Charles continues to this day to help her out with money even though he does not have to, its all because he's a good Christian who feels pity for you poor less fortunate things who still are not worthy to even e in this great country since all you do is bring it down.. He is making a living off you losers, because he can. If, all of you weren't on food stamps, teeming with sexual diseases and such, we wouldn't have anything to laugh at, and its not as if there is one lie in the show. Don't get mad at Charles because black people are dirt bags, and black women cheap tramps, stop living that sort of life. And, why do you people always complain? Its not as if you work or anything, so, go steal something and make you and all those out of wedlock kids lives better, but, leave us decent SQL fans alone, we are the same ones you stole from last week and will next to support your crack habits and men in jail.

I speak for all us Chuck fans, its a inside joke, and we all get it, you people are losers and not one of us is ashamed to say it, here or to your black faces since its a free country and if we want to laugh at you nigrahs, we can. Bet Jazzie won't leave this one up, even though I hope she does, it will help sell out more clubs and halls with the best comic this country has seen in 100 years!


LOL anonymous poster, good to know that some of Mizz LiKKKers fans have that degree from Harvard in English, since I didn't know they did out reach into mobile home parks, sleazy, racist gay bars or gay ghettos! Too bad with their self parody, they can't be real she/males enough to own up to the fact that they are as racist as anyone in the Ku Klux Klan for a laugh, now that would be keeping it as real as the .99 cent store can of black spray paint that Chukie puts on his face for his adoring fans who somehow find it a hoot to make fun of blacks and no lives other than to post on this blog with that racist nonsense.

Oooh sistah Masoquandria you went off! Although I don't know if people like Nurse Lucretia Borgia should be allowed in. I mean, not on account of she's Afrikaan-American, but because she's another bitter humorless ... c-c-cu .. I cain't say dat word

Dear Buffy: The cliche' you were looking for was "dregs of society" not "dredges of society," although that's exactly the kind of uneducated malapropism Knipp pokes fun at in his comedy. Are you for real or a self-parody?


Those broke down Shirley Likkker fans are a hoot all the while being the dredges of decent society, if "he" is making so much money and they are enjoying that minstrel show, why the need to trot here in those size 15 worn down Payless heels to sing how great it is that black folks are offended? I would think that he and they would be sewing those Confederate flags I that he wears during the shows with more of those tacky sequins that drag queens and other assorted poorly attired white, and broke down RuPaul's, fans of "his" show and buying more black spray on paint for him to use for all his wonderful future underground shows!

But, like "his" fan said, they think they are so smart, that would be true, some of the most "smart" people around are racists, since they can smile in your face and attened black faced reviews at night down dark alleys. Hey now!

Masquandria Effusunianita Jones

Shirley Q. is playing Jasymine like a finely tuned piano. The San Francisco show is almost sold out and will not even have to be advertised. By putting "please do not post this," Shirley Q. has out-smarted Cannick, who took the bait like a wide mouth catfish and immediately posted it, guaranteeing a sold-out audience. Even Nurse Lucretia Bolin have bought tickets! LOL

Jasmyne, PLEASE continue to post updates of Shirley Q. Liquor shows. PLEASE!!!


Teka, I know EXACTLY what you mean! It's kind of hard to explain, but I do know what you're talking about.

As for this whole "Jasmyne is putting money in Knipp's pocket" BS that his fans keep spouting, it's just that - BS. If it was true, Knipp and KKKompany wouldn't say it every five minutes in hopes of shaming Jasmyne into silence.


You know if JC posted things and then it was just comments that said things like, "I don't agree with you." It would be one thing, but her posts go along with some pretty angry vicious things.

The supporters of this person are completely crazy. They are harassing JC. They are putting nasty racist things on her board. This Shirley Q thing is more than just entertainment if he has followers willing to be jerks on that kind of a level.

I am a believer in any publicity is good publicity, but to me Shirley Q's crew seem to a bunch of hateful racist and they should all be exposed for the kind of hateful racist that they are. You don't see African-Americans heterosexuals or Asian-American heterosexuals going to gay boards in regards to recent comments made by gay Americans saying derogatory homophobic things to the authors of blogs.

But on JC's blog you have an awful of viciousness and that kind of viciousness and what creates that can't be ignored, so those of you who think JC should shut up because she's just helping, well you should shut up, because there is nothing wrong with exposing the truth and letting everyone else know what the truth is.

I would much rather JC expose this little nasty asshole and his friends so I can know in regards to who I want to associate with and who I don't want to associate with. This is beyond art. This is beyond ignorance, this little jerk knows exactly what he's doing and his skidmarked underpants need to be exposed.


On a different topic I never liked it when gay white men would come up to me and were like, "hey girlfriend what's up." I always felt insulted, like they were being a bit too familiar. I mean in general I'm not even the "hey girlfriend" kind of a chick. I don't call someone girlfriend unless I think they are superrad. I don't throw my "girlfriends" around like that.

I never knew why exactly. It was something about it that made me feel uneasy. It was something about it that made me want to smack them and this, this Shirly Q thing this is a picture of why I never, ever liked that crap.

But I did used to give gay white men a pass, because hey they where a "minority" just like me. The way an old black woman would use the term good hair and I would let it go. I would let go of the sort of borderline racist familiar comments of older gay white men, because I thought we had some kind of connection, but no more. I still love them and things, but I feel like they weren't paying attention in class.

Not because I have a hierarchy in regards to people, but because they really don't understand. I think we truly should (women of color) call people out on any bullshit that they say. I think the reason why Shirly Q was allowed to happen is because we let gay men stereotype us, at first the stereotypes where "good" so we didn't mind, (the diva diana ross, the sexy tina turner, who doesn't want to be a badass) but you know this is why stereotypes even "good" ones are deadly.

It doesnt' have to be in a "you're an asshole" way, but educate people any time we can, so that they can know what's a hurtful thing and what's a fun thing, because gay white guys, they truly don't get it. They think they do, but they so don't.

I always find "liberals" who know are much more difficult to talk to and have them view you as a "human" than a person who has no political leaning.



If Knipp's fees have jumped from $3k to $10, I'm the queen of Siam. That man and his fans tell so many lies that I don't think he can keep any of them straight.


I have to say that the Knipp fan is 100% right, all this is doing is giving a unfunny, fat drag queen more attention that he deserves. Jazz has a great thought to rid the world of that magical word "racism" that Knipps fans say does not exist, but, she is only putting more coins into his Wal-mart purse. He isn't going to stop doing that minstrel show, racist club owners will continue to take a chance and book his black face review, his fans aren't going to stop being racist, and the only thing I think should be done is to try and keep him out of public venues. if he is doing private parties, in private homes or halls, let him. But, in bars and clubs that have racist hiring polices, picket him.

He and his "unintelligent" fans live in glass houses and one where other peoples feelings don't matter, which is cool with me, but, you aren't going to change what they were raised with, blacks are inferior to white folks, gay or straight. So, this mission to rid the world of him and them, is a waste of time, and we should be focused on things that deal with black glbt issues, not white men and their issues, which have nothing to do with me as a black gay man on any level as I'm invisible to them to begin with and they have no desire to take the time to understand my perspective about being gay and of color, except of course in some stereotypical way.

Dear Chris - Please tell me exactly what I don't believe, since you seem to think you can read my mind?

During her last Knipp-hating, fan-insulting campaign, Knipp's performance fees increased from $3,000 to $10,000. Thanks to her, he has had articles written about him in The Advocate, Rolling Stone and various other news media. Why does she keep acting as his volunteer publicist? One would wonder whether he is paying her to do it.

If I were truly just a Knipp toady, I would just sit back and keep my mouth shut and watch my man rake in the dough. The fact is that I very much enjoy his comedy, and I would very much like to have the pleasure of seeing him perform, and I am sick TO DEATH of Jasmyne Cannick's meddling in something that is none of her business. What else can it be but some kind of sick obsession? It makes ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE!

Read the comments - no one's even denying what I said - they're just resorting to the magic word "racist" which is always good when you can't think of anything intelligent to say.

So the commenters above sound just like white supremacist groups? Oddly enough, so do many of SQL's most enthusiastic fans... especially the ones that harass Jasmyne with racist, sexist epithets.


anonymous poster #4, please, give me a break. and give it a rest. even you don't believe what you just wrote.

Oh, lord, here we go again, Jasmyne. Why are you so obsessed with tracking every step Chuck Knipp makes, even though it only increases his fame and fortune? Why must you try to barge your way into even the private events, like some sort of crazed Gestapo agent/vigilante? Even your own supporters are questioning your sanity. I think there's something seriously wrong with you. Please do us all a favor see a psychiatrist about this.

Judging by the scatterbrained comments above this one, it appears that this is all just an excuse to express hatred openly against white people. It sounds exactly like the rants of white supremacists. I find it rather sad.

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