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Friday, March 02, 2007



In regards to AsianWeek to Da statement that no one would probably know about AsianWeek.

You know yeah. I would have never known that ever happened if it weren't for certain bloggers, but in general the Tim thing you didn't have to look for it. The it simply found you. Tim's comment way more damaging.

The AsianWeek thing, was more of the news of the odd. Why would a magazine that's average income is 175 K just randomly put down how they hate black people. That's just odd..



The head of the national NAACP just announced that he is stepping down from the position that he has held for only 18 months. Check out the AP report that can be found at ajc.com and other sites. Some of the board members say that Gordon wanted to make the organization more efficient and focus on social issues, but that they just wanted him to follow their orders.

This pretty much shows why the organization is losing their credibility, influence, and relevance.


Oh, and another thing the NAACP needs to know, and they'd probably be shocked to learn this, is that their unwillingness to stand up for black gays is undermining their very own legitimacy.

How so? I'll give a simple example:

-AsianWeek's circulation - under 50,000. Readership 175k (so chances are, hardly anyone mainstream will know about this mag)
-Tim Hardaway's homophobic rant's reach - Millions and millions. Both in the US, and the world.

The NAACP's absence from the Hardaway scandal was not just a show of their lack of political awarness towards black gay issues, but it was also a missed opportunity on their part to speak on a global headline which resonated with today's youth all over.

Their involment would have demonstrated, not just to us, but to LGBT in other communities (white, asian, jewish etc) that they are an organisation in touch with our issues and that can be an ally..And it would shown to the many critics of the NAACP, who percieve it as a disingenuous "interest" group that only steps out to defend causes of people of color which serve their own political interest, that they are wrong about them.

So the NAACP's silence in this is not just hurting us, it's ultimately hurting their credibility as well..and they need to be aware of it.


"Their lack of comment speaks volumes about their position on the Black LGBT."
Posted by: Lucretia |

..Which is exactely why we start being more vocal about this!

If we continue being silent, then we are only allowing the NAACP and others to use the excuse that "they didn't know we needed representation" or "they thought our needs were taken care elsewhere". - Which are lies..more excuses for them means more exclusion for us.

So the responsibility lies upon us to speak up and request representation if we want some. And I think one way that comes true is by having strong & intelligent voices speaking within the black gay community and beyond...which is all the more reason why we should stand by Joe Amaechi and vehemently defend his integrity against those who try to undermine his public stance to end homophobia in the NBA.

Joe, and others like him, are the kind of black gays we want out there to give us visibility - Cause the way the media and the political process work, we will not invited to the table if we show we don't have opinions on anything. And we will not be invited if we show we don't have ideas or solutions for the community. Basically, being silent is the best way to shut ourselves out of the political process.

Yet I'm convinced that as a group we have some very fresh perspective on things, based on just the comments on this site. We definitively have the opinions, ideas, and solutions...we just need to stop apologizing for existing, and reclaim the place that is righfully ours.


That was awesome that Mr Washington mentioned you when he got his award. Right on you must have help him at least see the the light a little or pointed him in the right direction.



I am disappointed and not surprised by the position or lack of position on the "I hate gays" comment. Underneath the exterior of the NAACP is blatant homophobia masquerading as morality. I certainly expected the NAACP to comment on the Eng article. One has to ask again, how the hell it got past the editors anyway." As echoed in the comments, our issues are relegated to the "back of the bus" as are we. Our dollars are welcomed and our nationalism, and our willingness to support the black agenda, not the Black gay agenda. However, we are not welcomed. Their lack of comment speaks volumes about their position on the Black LGBT. As for giving Isiah Washington an image award . . well . . think about it . . it's about image.


When are you going to get it? They want the advancement of colored people, not gays.
Posted by: 000000 |

Personally I don't, so you explain this to me.

Aren't black gays "colored people"??

And by following your logic, one would assume that "colored people" are a homogenous and indifferentiable group of people - which is the opposite of the reality of who the NAACP is promoting the advancement of :

Colored people are a variety of ethnic backgrounds, with various racial mixes, sexes, social classes, religions, etc etc..

ALL of whom are OK to come to the defense of, except (according to you) colored people who happen to be...gay!!

Now explain to me again the basis and justification of this exceptional exception, and why you accept it?

To me it's very clear: the only reason why the NAACP is not standing up for gay blacks, isn't because it's outside of their mission, it's discrimination - pure and simple.

It has to be denounced.


The only point I have on this topic is that the NAACP is no more going to get involved with black gays and lesbians than GLAAD or any of the other groups. Being black and gay, we are in a unique position, not wanted by either group, sop, to combat this vicious cycle of homophobia and racism, we are going to have to do like the song says, do it for ourselves, because if we wait for the NAACP to denounce black on black homophobia, or GLAAD to denounce white gay racism, we will be waiting one long time as we are basically invisible pariahs to both organizations.

j. brotherlove

The problem with the NAACP (and most large, black organizations) is that they are too closely aligned and steered by the traditional, homophobic black church.

While I don't doubt many of the members have gay folk in their family (or are LGBT themselves), they are afraid to publicly support our struggle for losing their "base". And that's why they'll never flourish as we move into the future.

When the NAACP gave Isaiah an "image award", that sent me so far over the edge I had to write about it.



When are you gonna get it that the first thing people see about me is not that I'm transgender, but I'm Black. That is true whether I'm in GLBT or non-GLBT community circles.

So as an African-American if I'm gonna demand accountabilty from GLBT organizations that claim to represent me, then for the sake of consistency organizations that are African-American CANNOT, SHOULD NOT, and WILL NOT get a free pass to ignore me as a GLBT African-American either.

My money is STILL green and my voter registration card is still as potent as a non-GLBT African-American and the NAACP and other organizations in Black America need to recognize this.

Dr King once eloquently stated, "The time is always right to do what is right."

And the time is right for Black orgs to do right by their Black GLBT children and speak out against the evils of homophobia in the African-American community


*throws hands in the air*

I give up. UP!


When are you going to get it? They want the advancement of colored people, not gays. If Hardaway started a movement for black homophobes, I'd understand, but he didn't make his dumb statements on behalf of his ethnicity. He's one jerk digging his own grave. Do you want GLAAD to denounce Michael Richards too? Now what you're suggesting is that organizations leap across their intended purpose to fight other battles. Your point of view is lacking basic logic. The NAACP isn't going to spank Hardaway for you anymore than they'll fight sexual harassment. You honestly thought they'd serve him his discipline just because he's black! GET REAL. With your influence and following of readers, the way you miss the mark is infuriating. I'm like, "I know she didn't bring this back to the NAACP yet AGAIN..."

Undercover Black Man

Nova beat me to it... but it made me smile, Jasmyne, when Isaiah thanked you on the Image Awards. You were at the top of his list.


Hmm. They say nothing about Tim Hardaway hating gays AND they gave Isaiah Washington an Image Award. And Isaiah thanked you in his acceptance speech.

Who'da thunk it?

Mel Smith

Jasmyne, I agree with you. That's why we have to support the National Black Justice Coalition.

nahtan serious

You are so on point. I am disgusted by the black leadership. I am saddened that they clearly do not consider gay people to be worthy.
Oppressed people should not further oppress!

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