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Sunday, February 11, 2007



hey jasmine, learn how to spell your name, maybe your mother was a shirley q herself. You are the reason i do hate niggers. Go get a real job.

oh and for the rest of you guys, you arent "african-american" unless you immigrated in your lifetime, did you? Because if you didn't, you are BLACK!

A Faggot Who Loves ShirleyQ

Thanks Jasmyne, for shutting down Knipp. I'll remember that the next time the Wayans brothers do White Chicks, or Eddie Murphy throws on a fat nigger, chinq or kyke costume.

Now that's racism Jasmyne. That's hate. Don't you know the difference?

You'd also might want to look into your own closet before casting stones... Hardaway and Washington come to mind. God the hypocrisy.

A concerned faggot.

Jennifer wrote:

"The government has not censored Charles Knipp - private citizens have."

Thank you for finally admitting that it's VIGILANTE CENSORSHIP. I guess that makes it okay. We can all go on a free-for-all and censor anything that offends us. In that case, how about giving us your address, so we can censor YOUR HATEFUL MOUTH.

And, Jennifer, are you surprised Knipp wouldn't consent to an interview with someone like you who has been spewing out lies about him for weeks on end? He only gives interviews to real journalists.

And he never turned down CNN. Another lie.


Don't you racist have anything better to do with your time than Black Minstrel Shows? Get real jobs and leave us out of your lives.

taylor Siluwé

The only thing this proves is that club owners are PUSSIES. A little controversy and they piss their panties.

This is the most misguided activism ever. What about the real Shirley Q's? Huh? What have you done lately to help them stop being such caricatures?

If there weren't so many women just like that, you wouldn't be so angry. With all due respect, could it be that there are one or two Shirley Q's on your family tree, Jasmyne? If so, is that the image you wanna run around protecting?

Guarding the sanctity of illiterate ho's who don't know their baby daddies is a foolish waste of your talent.

Why don't you open a center for young girls, to steer them AWAY from that negative stereotypical image -- instead of blaming Charles Knipp for turning it into art.

I'm appalled by this whole thing. Charles Knipp clearly hit a nerve, and it goes so far beyond blackface.

Scott H.

You people are amazing. Keep patting yourselves on the back for getting Shirley Q. Liquor cancelled because it is such a huge step in really dealing with racism, stereotypes, and hatred. It really is. Get a life.


By the way, Izza, I personally contacted Knipp and asked him for an interview for BET. I thought he may want the chance to clear up any misconceptions about his character and address the black community.

He refused.


Folks, for the 40 billionth time, the first amendment DOES NOT APPLY in this case. The government has not censored Charles Knipp - private citizens have. Just more proof that Knipp's fans are more "ignunt" than we all thought.


Cadence, you are a jewel, thanks for he level head when dealing with the Knipp fans, they are a odd lot, but, anyone who endorses racism as good clean fun, its not that unexpected. And, then they trot out his "civil" rights to insult black people, well, my civil rights allow me to call him and them out for the bigots they are. And, funny how all of a sudden civil rights are being violated, take it up with the clubs who see they light or the GOP, they are the ones who will take away your precious right to view this freak show, not people who email to call a bigot in black face out. Now, take that to the bank, or at least to his site and buy that racist garbage, or keep that red pen out for spelling mistakes on a message board, as if this message board is the end of end alls, but, apparently it is for the Knipp fans, they have more time to push that racist agenda than bona fide members of the KKK, and all for a good laugh.

And, to those who feel he is missing a couple of coins from his purse, send him a check, I'm sure he would take it as he will pander to anyone for a buck.


The Izza, Knipp isn't going to debate the issue. He already had the chance to go on CNN and declined. You can read the article from the Hartford paper to see that he really doesn't have the capacity to debate or support his stance. He's basically just your typical coward.

To the poster above, I'll find the exact words that are on the baby bib that Knipp sales. I'm not going to go to his site, because frankly the sight of him makes me want to vomit. But, the gist of the saying on the bib is just as I wrote. I'm sure many of his followers can give the exact qoute, they probably own many versions of the bibb.

"he sales merchandise on his site whith phrases like 'stop crime by killing Black babies'."

That is a blatant LIE - he's never sold anything like that. If you google that phrase you will see it doesn't even exist on the internet. But I suppose that's to be expected from someone who's barely literate and can't spell the word "sells."

And how ironic to hear this idiotic crusade equated to the civil rights movement. I thought the civil rights movement was about EXPANDING civil rights for people, not ABRIDGING a person's free speech and right to make a living. You are REDUCING and TRAMPLING on civil rights.

There's nothing in the law about a "right to be offended" as the basis for violating someone civil rights. And you can't make up your own definition of hate speech. Shirley Q. Liquor never says anything hateful. She doesn't even use profanity. In this case, the hate is in the eyes of the beholders.

Evil Kinegro

Honestly you lost me at:"You people" but alas, I shall respond anyway.

Shirley Q Liquor is a large white man, dressed like a large black woman...

That was a big part of my point.How is this okay again!? He's just poking fun? WHy can't he poke fun in his own skin?

You're a small minded, egotistical, hateful person...You're a knee-jerk idiot

Name calling is the height of maturity, and a very effective way of winning an arguement!

you and your cronies have cost alot of people alot of money. That's a brilliant way of gathering support.

It certainly got their attention, didn't it?

So rest easy tonight knowing that you and your miserable "friends" took money out of Charles Knipps pocket

It'll work better than Nytol and Unisom combined!

and also the pockets of a whole bunch of hard working people who were looking forward to an escape from everything that we're having to deal with down here.

Mardi Gras is also going on, I was planning on going to Endymion. That's not enough of an escape on a Saturday night? The Pub has a great dance floor, and some kick ass DJ's.
How about the huge parties going on in the Quarter? Or Uptown? Not good enough? No?
Well then there's just no pleasing you.

the izza

It isn't about the rights, as it is about the right to disagree. Chuck Knipp is not participating in "hate speech". He's doing a minstrel show. As a writer, I get skittish when we start talking about what we can and cannot allow to be in the zietgeist. For the sake of arguement and conversation--to some degree--it all has to be fair. For the record, I support Knipp's right to perform his show and Jazzy's right to protest it, and this dichotomy is not at all dissimilar to my feelings about the dancehall reggae protests. Both parties have rights that need protecting. And this is why we live in a great country. Now, let's get Knipp, Buju, and Jazzy on a panel (NABJ?) and allow everyone to air thier veiws constructively. Also, if we protest whiteface minstrelsy and celebrate blackface minstrelsy (see also Eddie Murphy in "Norbit", Martin Lawrence in "Big Momma's House", Jamie Fox's "Living Color" caricatures, Queen Latifah in "Bringing Down the House", etc) if I'm a performer of any color, I'm wondering where the line is. A minstrel show is a minstrel show...there were--and are--black minstrels.

How YOU durrin'?


Izza, well, if freedom of speech allows hate speech, let it go the way of black faced rants. This fear that some have of their "rights" being infringed on by the government is ludicrous, but, then again, as long as they can say what they feel, its alright, just don't let anyone say anything they don't like.

And, for Cadence, amazing how none of the fans of the big "show" ever seem to comment on what you described as some of his "wares." I guess anything for a laugh really is the mantra of the fans of this alleged "comic" and speaks volumes about their own lack of character, while they are demanding others not to judge the "show" and turn a blind eye to the real Chuck Knipp and his motives for the show and its pandering to the lowest of the low.


Right, Izza...because the First Amendment not only guarantees freedom of speech, but that you have the right to be provided a forum for your speech, and that no one is allowed to disagree.

Oh, wait...

the izza

While I think what u are doing is great, Jazzy, there is still the maxim about shutting down someone else's rights. Those chickens often come home to roost. SO be careful: your rights may be next.


Kathy, it doesn't make any sense for you to say that Knipp is not a racist or that his "humor" is aimed at White people, when he sales merchandise on his site whith phrases like "stop crime by killing Black babies". It takes a pretty pathetic person to find that funny and not offensive.

Anyone with a brain can tell what type of person Knipp is, and it's really not too hard to tell what type of people his fans are. You all will always be racists and bigots, but we don't have to sit around smiling as if we condone your garbage.


I guess the civil rights movement was "mob rule" too. Oh, that's right! It's only a mob when a bunch of black people are protesting.

Threats? Riots? Hurting the New Orleans economy? Talk about a handful of churls who can't deal with the real world. The only time any talk of "riots" was by the SQL fans, who feared that a "mob of blacks" was going to be outside the Factory, since they assume that blacks can't go out in public with out fight.

the New Orleans economy? If the NO economy is still in a shambles, why not take up your gripe about that with Bush, since he is doling out big bucks for Iraq and not NO or any other city in the USA. And, the only ones who would have been making any money would have been the white bartenders, and the white owners, since we all know they don't hire any blacks in those clubs, just keeping it real just like the SQL fans want it. Sorry SQL'ers, that club will be jammed packed to the rafters as it is every time they have this show, so that gripe is just a bald face lie. Instead of harping about how you will miss the minstrel show that is just good old fat boy fun, yep, I said fat boy, and he is fat, so, its the truth, unlike the 19 kids with names like STD's, why not head on over to the store and buy some of his racist stuff to keep him eating and in business. Your sad, pathetic rants are old, tired, and played out, kind of like black face minstrel shows in 2007, that seems to only be funny to white gays and memebers of the KKK who suppport his site in huge numbers, talk about irony of a "comic" who wants to heal racial wounds.


Why don't you Shirley apologists stop lying, trying to spin this like Fox news producers and state the facts?

The facts are that the only people that attend Shirley's show and enjoy it are white gay males with a smattering of white lesbians.

Y'all still don't have a clue (or don't want to have a clue) that this racist minstrel show is OFFENSIVE to African-Americans.

That's why it's being protested and SHUT DOWN.


So only entertainment that suits you and your ilk is acceptable? You're a small minded, egotistical, hateful person.

You people are so hell bent on censorship. Have you ever bothered to see any of Shirley Q Liquor's shows? The majority of the crowds are homosexual and a decent amount of the audience is black. Shirley Q Liquor is a large white man, dressed like a large black woman, who spends a majority of his time making fun of white people. Do you know that? Did you bother finding out anything? You're a knee-jerk idiot. In the process of going after this man, you and your cronies have cost alot of people alot of money. That's a brilliant way of gathering support. So rest easy tonight knowing that you and your miserable "friends" took money out of Charles Knipps pocket and also the pockets of a whole bunch of hard working people who were looking forward to an escape from everything that we're having to deal with down here.

So, yeah, thanks for helping out the New Orleans economy.

Grassroots activism? Oh, come on, who you trying to kid? You shut down some comedy shows with belligerent intimidation and veiled threats of rioting and violence. That's grassroots fascism and mob rule.

Meanwhile, Norbit is number one at the box office. You've really made a difference - LOL!


The Likker fans have been awfully silent lately...where did they go?

Evil Kinegro

So glad. I've written letters, but it's good to know I wasn't the only one taking part.


Congratulations! Count me in for any further action.

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