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Thursday, February 15, 2007


Kenneth Glover

Dear Jasmyne

I am the Clerk of North Shore Friends(Quakers) Meeting in Beverly,Massachusetts. I am not speaking for my meeting but I will speak from my own experience.
Quaker meetings historically have not been very racially diverse unless of course we recall the balcony where the slaves and children sat in the Quaker meeting house.
The first person to refuse to get off a first class seat on a train reserved for white people was in Lynn, Massachusetts just after the civil war. He held onto that seat and he and the seat were removed. The train was owned by a Quaker who hired the thugs who removed the man. Soon afterwards the policy was changed and all people could ride if they purchased a ticket.
On the other hand Quakers have in their history spoken out against the institution of slavery.
There is a divide in our society between white and Black reflected in our language and attitudes towards one another. There is a mutual mistrust of one another which can't be unlegislated like slavery or institutionalized poverty.

I have not seen or heard Charles Knipps act but my co-worker tells me that he finds his radio show to be funny.
I also entertain and once performed as Mambo Kenifa in her "Voodoo revival" at a Cabaret night in Boston. I was not in blackface I was on stage with two Voodoo practitioners who suprised me by using the "N" word in context of Voodoo and the act. I believe the word was not used to hurt anyone. I learned something from that 20 minute experience. Our mostly white audience were watching the three Black Jamaicans in the audience for there reaction. When they reacted favorably the whole audience bought into it. I didn't need to be in black face to play the Voodoo Mambo. I didn't need a radically different foundation to play a Powerful woman. My co-actors could have left out the "N" word and had the same impact. People were very excited about our act and wanted more.
That kind of positive attention we recieved, can be very seductive to someone who loves to entertain people.

When I perform now I ask myself if I am providing entertainment that upholds the dignity of every person. Do I treat people with love without first waiting to see how I am recieved by them.


The white sheets of the SQL fans are showing again.


I just took a look at your photos you have posted online, and I think I now understand why you are so hung up on Shirley Q...but, listen Jasmyne dear...trust me on this--he's not doing an impersonation of you!! No matter how much you two might look alike, I swear he's not doing you!

I mean, seriously...in the first place, Shirley is much sexier...and she's obviously funnier...and DEFINITELY less annoying.


$10,000, wow, amazing, there are fools that pay this broke down, unfunny drag queen with black paint smeared on his face that much for that act? PT Barnum was right, one born every minute, but, if he can get it bully for him, since that is what he and his fans are, bullies. But, God bless Knipp and his fans, they have issues that only they can resolve about their racial issues with laughs, but, from his fans posting here I doubt if they ever will.

And, for his PR agent, shouldn't you be helping him secure more fans, this board is a lost cause for your tirades about "injustices" when most just express a disdain for the black paint smeared on his face, the context of his act is what he obviously believes that blacks are the low class underclass that deserve a good laugh. as do his fans, and I for one really knew that before I heard of him or read their silly rants. And, this is one poster who will call you out on the act, if, he were not doing it with black paint smeared on his face and painted on lips five times the size of his own, I would say more power to him and the bigots who love his act. I still don't get why he needs to put on the black paint, charcoal or whatever it is he uses and the buffonish lips from the 1800s. What he says in his act is what his fans and the majority of Americans already think, so, nothing he says is new nor unexpected.

And, for the one poster who has "always liked" Langston Hughes, I bet you have "black friends" as well, right, so typical and a dead give away as to why you like Knipps minstrel show.

I don't know if you Jasmynites will really care, but I am a Shirley fan, and as a result of all this brouhaha I decided to delve more deeply into black literature. I always liked Langston Hughes, and Baraka is interesting, but I always thought black fiction was pretty, well, nascent, to use a euphemism. But, I'm reading "Invisible Man" by Ralph Ellison, and it is totally blowing me away! BRILLIANT novel! Any other recommendations would be welcome.

"he can mock black women and men until the cows come home, but, why does he have to do it with the black paint"

Well, that doesn't make much sense to me, because I don't see that makeup has any inherently evil or magic powers, but let me ask you this:

If Knipp were to do his shows without the makeup - WHICH HE SOMETIMES DOES - but of course you and Jasmyne wouldn't know that since you've never SEEN any of his shows - if he were to do a show without the makeup, would you and Jasmyne and her followers protest?

Be honest, now, because I'd lay odds of 1000 to 1 that she would raise the same old stink, hollering that's it's a racist show mocking black women, whether or not done in blackface.

What it boils down to is she's decided to go on a PERSONAL SLANDEROUS ATTACK against an easy target to hurt him in any way that she can, and the more obvious it becomes that she is screwing up, the more malicious she becomes.

And by the way, I've been in touch with Knipp, and thanks to Jasmyne his fee for a performance has gone from $3,000 to $10,000. So much for her "successful" campaign.

Where's the "hateful speech" people keep talking about? How could you know he makes hateful speeches if you haven't seen the damn show? Again, LIES, FALSE ASSUMPTIONS, MISREPRESENTATIONS.

I'm continually baffled how someone could see a man in a dress who makes himself intentionally look like a clown, and interpret that as an insult to black women. How many black women do you know who look like that? And you'd have to live in a cave or be retarded to think, DUHHHH, HA, HA, all black women look like that.

And by the way #2, whenever someone hurls a gay slur at me, I just laugh and yell, "I WISH YOU'D BEEN THAT BUTCH LAST NIGHT!" It may take them some time to figure that one out, but it turns the tables, doesn't it? Try it sometime.

Acting all hurt and offended just shows your adversary that you're weak and thin-skinned.

Signal, you are 100% right, he does have a right to his act, the point that you and the rest of his fans miss is the black face part, he can mock black women and men until the cows come home, but, why does he have to do it with the black paint? I could care less what he feels about black people just as I don't care what you or any of his other fans do, as you have nothing to make life better for me or anyone else in this country as reflected by the hostile and intensely negative posts.

And, since I'm sure you are 100% pro freedom of speech, I sure you are never offend by anyone who may feel so at ease as to hurl a gay slur at you when you are walking down the street, right? Freedom of speech and not PC, so, that would bother you one bit I bet. The thin line between hateful speech or acts is pretty simple, and you can't pick and choose when you want to hear it. If, Knipp wants to have his act in a public club, fine, but, the club should be bought out for a private party and since the tickets are sold, its open to the public, not a private party, and rather than bashing the victim, how about trying to see why someone might be offended, since that's the question that neither he nor his fans ever answer, always the get over it line and freedom of speech spiel, never a reason for the black paint smeared on his face, since I've seen many white drag queens with makeup on lip synching Diana Ross or one of those other so called divas they claim to like, and yet, they do it in a tasteful, respectful manner that I as a black man have never been offended by, not some clown makeup that looks like some sideshow freak like Knipp does.

And, btw, you need to be spending time on web sites that actually matter for your desire for freedom of speech, since you have a government that is trying to curtail it more than this board trying to disavow a racist drag queen in black face, not tell him what he can or can't say since racist speech is allowed in the USA, now, get over that one, its not that hard LOL!


It's amazing to me how you guys want to mold the world into the way YOU see fit. THIS IS AMERICA, everyone has the right to free speech. If you don't like the shows, don't go to them. It's only a problem when someone from a different race is saying something that you dont feel is appropriate. OPEN your eyes, there are many comics out there that make the black person look degrading. THEY GET ON TV, these are PRIVATE shows that Chuck Knipp does, if you don't like them, then don't buy tickets. Also, no one criticizes him about his other acts, why is that? Because it's ok that they he is portraying a white lady? Rethink your priorities. It is politically correctness that is going to ruin this country. We were founded on FREEDOM... And in closing, GET A LIFE.


I agree Cadence, if he is so proud of his "act" why not come out and discuss it? I would love to meet one person he has "healed" with the act. I sent him a note about my disdain for the act, and don't know if he was the one who replied, but, he was very cordial in it although he disagreed, too bad his "fans" can't show the same level of of good manners,agree to disagree with out the shrill over the top rants, just tacky histroincs like a bad Bette Davis movie. I'm leaning towards finding that the real issue about his act is the fans, and not him, he is just using the fools to make a living, and with the way they are going off, he must be making a good one at that, as they are really offensive to say the least and the ones who really need to meet some real black women, or a real black person and take the time to see just why we might be offended.

"if he actually thought he was in the right that he would do a 1-on-1 interview either in person or over the telephone"

Once again, LIES!!! He has been interviewed by several REPUTABLE news organizations (NOT BET, which has been posting verbatim the same slanderous lies about him that have been posted here). And there is an article on him coming out in Rolling Stone. But don't bother reading it, because your mind is obviously already closed.

Cadence, where are you getting your information? Are you just making it up? I guess that figures since that's what Jasmyne's been doing.


If Knipp wants to get a discussion started, or wants to get his side of the story out, I wonder why he won't do a proper interview. It would seem to me that if he actually thought he was in the right that he would do a 1-on-1 interview either in person or over the telephone. But, I guess it's hard to answer questions, when you are nothing more than a bully.


Mr Knipp has me confused, what conversation has been started? All I've read is that black people are too sensitive and can't take a joke, so, where is the open dialogue he thinks is going on? Not in online forums and somehow I doubt it is in clubs filled with drunks and druggies There are many in the gay community, both black and white, and Asian and Hispanic who say there is no racial stuff going on, but, like society as a whole, it is, and until gays of al colors can say end any sort of intolerance, and especially this act of getting cheap laughs off of some uneducated woman who had to work for small change in his family's home during the Jim Crow era, is just mean.

And, to the angry poster above me, seek help, your anger is eating you alive. You have the nerve to chastise someone after I have read all your rants and rage? You are just the sort that needs some education about how to deal with people of any color, sorry, the world does not revolve around racist caricatures. And out of curiosity, just what does a white man with black makeup on his face represent if not a two bit minstrel show? You have your right to rant and rave about how great Mr. Knipp is, and I think its great that she leaves it up, it shows that when you hate a group of people, you are blinded by it, but, hey, if you have nothing better to do that post all day every day trying to find converts to your "cause" knock your self out, but, some time off line might be a good thing.

Mr Knipp needs a better mouthpiece to get what it is he's trying to do across, because his fans are coming up way short.

Jasmyne wrote:

"While I think a conversation on race is long overdue, Knipp is wrong is his assertion that blackface is the way in which to get it started."

Er, well, obviously he HAS gotten one started - you and your toadies have been blathering about it nonstop for weeks. Who are you to dictate the terms of the conversation?

You keep repeating your false slogan "blackface minstrel show," as if you're afraid people will see the truth, i.e. that it is NOT a minstrel show, and maybe if you say it enough times it will be true. I wish you would be honest and say "blackface minstrel show WHICH I HAVE NEVER SEEN."

Why haven't you talked about how the Lexington police have been investigating you for posting an innocent family's phone number on your blog, saying that it's Knipp's, and inviting people to call and harass them?

Why haven't you apologized, if not to Knipp, then to your readers who depend on you, for the LIES and MISREPRESENTATIONS you have been posting here about Knipp?

He NEVER anywhere described his character as "an inarticulate black woman on welfare."

He DID NOT turn down CNN or any other REPUTABLE news organization for interviews.

He NEVER posted any of your contact information. He doesn't even know it.

The list goes on. You do realize that in your obsessive zeal to persecute Knipp, you are ruining any credibility you may have had as a journalist or commentator?

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