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Tuesday, February 06, 2007


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Did anyone stop to think that we have ugly stereotypes because people live up to them? We wouldn't have stereotypes if they weren't true. Just stop living up to the stereotypes! Don't get pissed because others find it funny. Only the anal retentive get upset over stupid shit they can't change.



That bar stoppped discrimination in 2006. It was wrong extremely, but don't say that it's still going on.


You are one of the biggest discriminators that I know to not dissociate racist and misogynistic remarks from comedy. I am not threatening you, like some of your malignant emailers, but rather challenging you to step out of your shoes to take a look at what the situation really is. Knipp doesn't perpetuate the black stereotype; what he is doing is grossly exaggerating historical steretypes which no longer apply today for comedic purposes. For years I imagine you have tried to get people to open their minds about homosexuals yet here you are determined to confine the mindset of many people to believe Knipp is racist. Knipp is taking a step in purging racism by letting people, who are open to it, have a laugh at themselves. I firmly believe that the ugliest people are, most of the time, those who cannot laugh at themselves in a joke. You yourself claim to be an advocate for the end of racism yet by taking a joke as racism and encouraging other people to recieve it the same way, you are one of many roadblocks for actually abolishing racism. By encouraging this behavior, you are essentially retarding the rate of an evolution in mindset that transcends racism and sexism. I can see that you have somewhat good intentions in wanting to end discrimination but your actions, in a way, promote people to think of certain things as a discriminating message rather than a humorous narrative. What's next? Do you plan on protesting television networks like comedy central for airing shows of people who speak their minds and love that freedom like comedians Lisa Lamponelli, Carlos Mencia, Dave Chapelle, and Jeff Foxworthy? Don't restrict people from expressing comedy which isn't offensive to a majority of people as it restricts the possibility of achieving what can be a propitious future for humanity.


I don't know why you are "elated". For what? GLAAD to me are still a bunch of white gay racists. They take forever to make a response. Yet they tried to destroy Isaiah Washington's career. Sorry, I think GLAAD is really lame here. But I am glad people can see GLAAD for the hypocritical and racist organization it is. GLAAD is a White Male Homosexual Organization. Nothing more and Nothing less. Anyone expecting something else will be looking in circles.


Reason, i actually do think that black organizations should condemn isaiah.



It's clear that, because of your hard work around this issue, GLAAD had no choice but to finally say something (who says being "an angry Black woman" is counterproductive? LOL). But I wouldn't be too quick to commend them.

When I first heard about this, I thought: "Oh, what a great Black History Month stunt." GLAAD's goal is to pimp the media, hence the line in their press release: "this issue has risen to a level of visibility and importance that we feel compelled to add our voice to those speaking out against this awful portrayal." In other words, Knipp's minstrel act warrants a response because of the media attention it has received, not because it's the right thing to do. For, if it were really about doing the right thing, the right thing would have been done months, if not years ago.

Most importantly, GLAAD's statement will allow the group (in its eyes) to silence its critics (namely you, Jasmyne) who accuse it of being a racist organization that doesn't give a damn about the concerns of Black SGL people. But, of course, one crumb from the pie does not mean that we are now viewed and treated as equals.

So, continue to keep GLAAD and other white-identified queer groups that claim to represent the interests of the so-called gay and lesbian community on blast. We shouldn't and can't expect them to represent us, but if they are sitting at the table and we aren't (and that is usually the case, as with Isaiah), they need to represent right -- and not white.

Anthony Galloway


I am proud of you! We got your back...

Anthony Galloway


I am proud of you! We got your back...


You seem to reiterate what GLAAD's mandate is, and I just gave you a prime example of how notoriously they fall short of even that. It doesn't get more mainstream than Clay being bullied on PH, AH and ET..Or Lance being dragged through the mud while GLAAD and HRC stand in the corner waiting to catch him, and use him at their turn with a "Visibility Award" consolation prize for the pain and humiliation..if that isn't complicity to a crime against gays, I don't know what is.

"but by all means, let's keep circling the wagons and then firing at each other. that's what the bigots want."

Au contraire..I think our complecency towards addressing homophobia and other problems within our community (ie the topic above) is the reason why we're losing. We need to tackle these issues head on, instead of comforting ourselves in the position of victims all the time. Honest debate is the only way we'll grow and become better.



Freedom of speech does not absolve one from consequences. I absolutely agree with you that Knipp has the right to play to his fans. However, I have the right to critically interrogate his racist behavior. I truly do not believe anyone here is suggesting that Knipp does not have the right to perform his act.

Anonymous, "Being "offended" is a choice" is the most ludicrous statement I have heard in a while- I must share it. Your attempt to reduce minstrelsy and its effects down to merely how one perceives it is critically lazy! I "choose" to be offended when someone calls me a nigger or faggot. I can "choose" to ignore it, simply perceive the insult differently, what do you suggest? Oh that’s right, do something positive. I guess calling out racist caricatures and defending African-American people, particularly women, against gross misrepresentation does not count.

Thank you Jasmyne.


i understand, i think, what you're saying, DA. but let's be clear. glaad exists to make sure the MAINSTREAM media--which, like most other businesses, is still made up mostly of straight people--represents the lgbt community fairly. that's all. so when straight actors do a good job of representing the gay community, they get awards. that's the carrot approach. when the mainstream media screws up, then glaad works to educate them and make sure they understand how they screwed up. that's the stick approach.

the posters on this list seem to think glaad's chief responsibility is policing the words and actions of gay people. it is not. no organization does that. just as it would be absurd for the naacp to condemn all homophobia by black people, it is absurd for glaad to be expected to police all gay people.

but by all means, let's keep circling the wagons and then firing at each other. that's what the bigots want.


Even if we were to 'lower expectations' of GLAAD, we'd still that they don't even come close to fulfilling their own fixated mandate..or else they would have reacted long ago to denounce the single biggest defamation against gays in recent years (on top of other crimes against humanity –I mince my words–) which were comitted by Perez Hilton. This man was all too real and as mainstream as it gets when preaching his message on AH, ET, MTV and other print media. And you'd be naive if you thought they was not aware of it. They probably did not know where they stood on the issue..which is precisely what they're being reproached today: their lack of direction, clear stance, guts, and consistency)

GLAAD is supposed to represent our community, so how to explain the general lack of confidence expressed by gays towards them? It's because we feel a distance; that they don't represent our interests or care to listen to us; it's all just "politics". How do you think the average lgbt feels when we sit at home and watch GLAAD hand out prizes to straight actors for playing us? Can you even begin to understand the resentment? And do you see why the community feels they are not part of us?


glaad exists for a very focused reason: to be the watchdog of how the LGBT community is portrayed in the media. that's very different than what many of you seem to expect of it. it is not the watchdog of what every single living person says or does with regard to lgbt people. no organization could do that. you seem to fault glaad for not doing the things it was not established to do, which of course is unfair. it's like saying the congressional black caucus should have issued a condemnation of isaiah washington. doesn't compute.


Jasmyne, I must say that though I don't agree with your viewpoints that Knipp is racist [aside for the commercialisation of his act with cups saying "ignunt" on it, cause context and commentary is always key with me..and he should know that too) – I APPLAUD you for sticking to your guns and your vision of denouncing it.

Also, I'm impressed to see GLAAD finally react...hopefully this signals a change for the organisation, cause they need to sit down and decide if they're in for the "politics" of it & awarding little trophies to straight actors for being paid to portray us, OR if they really want to break new grounds for our community as you brilliantly put in your expose about them.

If they're not in it for the politics of it, then it's a great start condemning Paris, but there's still no justification for their silence when her nemesis was bullying gay men and offering a forum to millions to do the same. The scars are the same, whether it's a 'supposed' member of our community or not...that should be the message.

GLAAD just has to be consistent in how they approach condemning defamation against LGBT (on top of paying attention to what we have to say), and maybe the confidence the community has lost in them will start being restored.


Monique, we do suffer the results of minstreal acts. Acts such as knipp's have never stopped taking place. It's true that most of the actors are Black and some of the creators of the acts are also Black, but that still doesn't make it right.

But back to your erroneous statement, we face the backlash from Knipp's act when we have to deal with people who believe that all Black people are like SQL, we face the backlash through job discrimination, we face the backlash when we have to prove that we are individuals. We face the backlash when people like you can't see that racism and bigotry are just as alive today as they were years ago.


Well, Monique,and anonymous, maybe you need to stroll on over to the Glaad board with your being upset, rage, anger and whine, with the long, terse posts about how this is just good old boy clean fun, and all black people should be happy to have this "man" prance around with black paint smeared on his face, after all, aren't all black women uneducated and on welfare to you and Chuck's character? He may not be offensive to your kind, but, he sure is to decent people who have no need to see racist stereotypes being done in black face. Now, I realize that some of you would laugh at a man being dragged behind a car, but, hey, that's your choice, just like its mine not to laugh at it.

I guess one thing is for sure, the Chuck Knipp fans must be those same compassionate conservatives, who love to tell the world how free and clear they are of prejudice, and yet, don't seem to ever know a real black person, or in this case a real black woman, I guess we are all just to angry for you to ever try and understand why we find it offensive, LOL!

And, if one of them or him, could just tell me, what's funny about it? Funny is Ellen Degeneres or someone who does self deprecating humor, not spewing racial slurs and stereotypes to hurt and victimized people with black paint smeared on his "face" for a $2 cover charge. And, not a one of his fans have ever said that they ones who called Jasmyne all sorts of racial slurs were wrong, so, he, Chuck has failed in saying his fans learn that racism is wrong via a minstrel show.

And, just for fun Monique, those nobody comics, and South Park, a CARTOON, as if that's reflective of real life, that you mention, they can make fun of blacks all they want, as can Chuck, just have the common decency not to do it with black paint smeared on your face, and in a venue that is open to the public, not, sneaking around at night like the Klan. And, in bars with polices that they don't even hire the people who he is making fun of or as the San Francisco based site "castroforall" says, still in 2007 discriminates against people of color, but, Chucks fans seem to not have one problem with racial discrimination nor race baiting for a chuckle.

Being "offended" is a choice. It all comes down to your own ego. You choose your reaction. Why not choose to live and let live and tend to your own lives and do something positive?

Just because you or whatever special interest group decide to label Chuck Knipp a racist based on your own perceptions doesn't make it true.


So much rage and anger here, it's as if you yourselves suffered the indigities of minstrel acts two generations ago. Get over it, people. This is 2007. Stop complaining and using as ammunition the injustices of the past. As far as I know, Knipp's act isn't hurting anyone. Why do you not protest every episode of "South Park" or stand-up "Queen of Mean" comedian Lisa Lampanelli (a foul-mouthed white woman who makes fun of Mexicans, homosexuals and, yes, Blacks based on stereotypes). If you don't get the irony and silliness of Knipp's caricature, then don't pay to see his act or buy his CDs. Just because you have an opinion and think his act is crap doesn't make it gospel. You know what they say about opinions - so share yours all you want, but Chuck Knipp can play to his fans all he wants. At least I thought that was the point of living in a free country.


Well, I'm glad that GLAAD finally showed some backbone, on the minstrel show, and the Paris Hilton slurs. Sometimes, you have to do what a few don't want you to, i.e. keep it real when things are just plain wrong, like Mr. Knipp's act. I doubt if this will have much impact on him or even spark a clue to his legion of fans, that his "act" is just mean-spirited, hateful, unfunny, and has no place in 2007.

Good job Jasmyne and all those who called, and emailed GLAAD!

AID Atlanta

Hey folks,

Please check out these events we are hosting as part of Black History Month.



Dear Ms. Cannick,

Thank you for standing up for the beauty and dignity of black women.

the izza

I don't agree or understand all your politics, Jasmyne, but this is amazing. Really. Amazing.

Ian D. Stewart

Humour which depends on denegrating others, whether based on race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or political ideology isn't funny. It's just plain mean.

While I long ago gave up on GLAAD acting as any sort of credible champion of LGBT rights, they are perceived by many mainstream outlets as the "voice of the LGBT community." So in that regard, it's good to see them finally taking a stand.


I question whether Monique or Ray Richmond of the Hollywood Reporter fall into either a racial or sexual minority. If they don't, their opinions have no relevance on this issue as they can't possibly relate.

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