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Saturday, February 03, 2007



Everyone time a black person gets fired they scream "racism!!!!!" Always using the race card is what annoys people so much!!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT!

In Milwaukee they had "Black pride fest" ... totally separate from the normal pride celebrations, and I often see black men online who are looking for "brothers only". You are just holding on to the idea that most gay white people are racist so you have something to blame all your problems on rather than your own fucked up way of thinking!!!!


Oops, typo. That's supposed to read: "nor am I *DEFENDING* this flaming idiot..."


Ok, you can't possibly be comparing Paris Hilton--someone whose celebrity status arguably spans across the world--with Shirley Q. Liquor--someone who, AT BEST, might be identified on the internet by a relatively small handle of people familiar with Youtube.

Let me be clear: I'm not defending the knee-jerk, overly sensitive people in charge of GLAAD; nor am I offending this flaming idiot who calls himself "Shirley Q. Liquor" and who thinks he's a legitimate comedian.

But I think you're being completely unreasonable for expecting a national organization like GLAAD to address ANYTHING as insignificant as this internet "celebrity." Furthermore, GLAAD is a GLBT organization; not an African American one. I suppose if we demand all GLBT organizations to respond to racism then we should demand organizations like the NAACP to respond to all instances of anti-gay bigotry .

There's no doubt in my mind that GLAAD does indeed suck, but you've failed to show one good reason why that is.


Being an ex-GLAAD insider, it felt like the organization seems more concerned about being in the media and rubbing elbows with the rich, powerful and famous rather than representing the entire LGBT community.
Although there are some nice people at GLAAD, I feel that the organization needs to take a really good look in mirror and ask themselves if they are really living up to their mission statement.


As a white bisexual female I'm taking a chance and commenting about GLAAD. I have no love for them because I'm learning that it's all about posturing, stupid things while ignoring the bigger things. They suck up to the media when it suits them. I also feel that they, as well as a lot of the gay community, seem to forget that the community isn't just gay white men. Based on what I read on your site today, I don't know if you'd hate me because I have an African American girlfriend (her words), we're very much in love and race has never been an issue with us. I wish that we all could just work together as a community.


And why don't you enter the real world? The so called "gay community" already has a white homosexual agenda. With organizations like GLAAD, Advocate, and the White Gay Mafia as Jasmyne pointed out. So we black gays not saying all of us have to agree but I am GLAD to see black gay activists like Jasmyne not AFRAID to speak out about the white gays racism and bigotry. WE ARE DOING US. We are creating our own art and we are doing our OWN politics like Black Gay Pride and our OWN magazines, newspapers. I think its really problematic when black people attempt to work in concert with whites. Doesn't matter if they are gay or straight there is just bound to be problems. And I argue why bother? Look at GLAAD and their lame rate of condemnation of Knipp yet those white racist homosexuals were so quick to denounce Isaiah Washington. The White Gay community is NO FRIENDS of black gay people. When are some black gays going to wake up? Oops, I forgot there are some black apologist homosexuals that are so desperate for white approval, sleep with whites, and basically think they are white, to see what I am saying. Don't cry to the black gay community when your white lover and white gay friends are calling you the N Word behind your back or to your face. Don't cry to us. It is not defeatism its called BLACK ACTIVISM. We must HELP OURSELVES. Which we are doing. This whole "gay community" term is RACIST. Because it displaces gay people of colour and that's a fact. Sorry not all of us are interested in working in concert with white homosexuals. There are plenty of US that are DOING US. And DOING OUR OWN THING and trying to make the world a better place for US.


well, andrea, we certainly know where you stand. you don't want to be associated with white people. that makes you about as enlightened as white separatists like david duke. you're giving up and giving in to the idea that people of different colors can't work side-by-side. that's not empowering, it's defeatism. and we all lose. i hope other posters here don't feel the same.


...all white gays and lesbians to their side of the room and all black gays and lesbians to theirs...and damn it to hell those who dare meet in the middle, great idea...'cuz we know all white homosexuals are exactly alike because of the color of their skin...just like all black homosexuals are exactly alike because of the color of theirs...NOT! yeah, there are many challenges to all "groups" of people to try and get along, (my own family has both black and white members among it...), in the meantime is showing love and respect where you find it on a person to person level reguardless and allowing it to grow into what it might become an option? ...it has definitely served me well, because while these problems with association certainly may describe us all, luckily they don't define us all...peace


I don't see the white gay media going after Charles Knipp. In fact in many ways the white gay media are a part of the problem. I am glad a mainstream paper like the LA TIMES put GLAAD on blast in Monday's paper. We are claiming out space. Please, don't give me this "we are family" bullshit. Because we are NOT. Its clear to me as young black gay artists and activists we have OUR OWN PATH. And we are DOING US. And that's important. We are CLAIMING OUR SPACE. And we are not waiting for the enemy's support. And in many ways the White Homosexual Community is the enemy.

The NAACP has issues with homophobia as many black gays know. As Black gays and lesbians we have to speak out about SQL because it is racist and offensive. And we will NOT allow white gays to undermine black people. GLAAD should of spoken sooner because SQL is played by a white homosexual man. See as black gays we got a battle on both sides. We deal with homophobia from the black community and organizations as the NAACP and then we got to deal with white gay racist organizations like GLAAD. We had to CLAIM OUR SPACE. And let our voices be heard. And that's important because the problem with mainstream society and even the queer media is that blacks gays and lesbians we are consistently DISPLACED. Look at the word "gay community." Time and time again the media use this word when clearly gayness still is equivalent to whiteness in the mainstream. Yet where are we? We MUST speak up. Society's got to know just because the white homosexual community speak out about something doesn't mean they speak for ALL OF US. And that there are plethora of gay communities NOT just the WHITE gay community. And I think that's also what Jasmyne is trying to get across.


Personally speaking I don't really bother with the white homsoexual community. I am very much involved with the black gay community. No one said GLAAD to speak up for black gays. In fact, GLAAD is useless for black gay people. As GLAAD has proven once again with the SQL fiasco. GLAAD is a white homosexual organization and they should quit fronting on TV saying they speak for all gays when clearly they speak for THEMSELVES. Look how long it took GLAAD to speak out against SQL. Its incredibly hypocritical and racist. And that's Jasymne's argument really there are many gay communities and NOT JUST ONE. And yes Black gay people we are organizing. I think black gay people that want to work with white homosexuals in concert are just going to have a LOT of problems. I believe as many other black writers, activists, and authors we are DOING OUR OWN THING. You got Patrick Ian Polk with Noah's Arc, you got James Earl Hardy, E Lynn Harris, and so many black bisexual and lesbian artists like Alice Walker, Angela Davis, bell hooks. We are doing our own thing. We are NOT waiting for whites gays. We took a stand here to speak out about their racism. And yet here's the hypocrisy of this so called "White Gay Movement." They really PREFER gay people of colour to be on the boundaries looking on the outside. Yet suddenly when black gays and lesbians SPEAK OUT AND UP FOR OURSELVES about their racism and bigotry we are called names. This incident is a perfect example why I don't business or bother with the white homosexual community. They claim they are differeent then white straights. Yet in so many ways white homosexuals are even more hypocritical bigoted and racist. Black gays and lesbians we are CLAIMING OUR SPACE. We have black gay prides, black gay magazines. We are DOING FOR US. And we have to. And this is a very important incident. Its crystal clear to me the white homosexual community has tbeir agenda. And we got our own agenda. We black gays have to help OURSELVES. To hell with the white gays, is what I say.


I think one of the above commentators misunderstands my statement that GLAAD cannot be expected to focus on race.

I am not saying that GLAAD should not try to involve black members of the gay community in leadership positions. The same can be said for the HRC and other gay organizations. I am with the poster reason on this. Clearly, steps can be taken to involve racial minorities in the LGBT organizations, a step that would benefit those organizations. And by this I do not mean token seats as outreach coordinators to minority communities. The growing HIV epidemic in minority communities illustrates the lethal danger of that type of approach.

But that does not mean that GLAAD should be accused of racism for their failure to go after Knipp in a timely manner. If that is the case, I would be able to accuse the NAACP of homophobia for not attacking any (mildly) popular black stand-up comedian who used homophobia to obtain laughs. Or a black pastor who attacks homosexuality during Sunday services. They are as much part of the "backyard" of the African-American community as someone like Knipp is of the "white gay male" community. But of course I do not expect the NAACP to bother with those guys. If they respond after a letter writing campaign, bravo for them. But I do not attribute their initial failure to respond to a relatively minor homophobic incident within the black community to hostility and homophobia.

Teka-Lark Lo

I can relate to your statements so well.

So often in life I've been assigned "the black" person role and if I get mad about it, well I'm just being difficult. I've got no problem with people of African descent asking me to do things with other people of African descent (especially if its a granny type that can cook), but I refuse to be the "safety" for a bunch of racist assholes who want to be able to say, "look, she's black, so we can't be racist..." Yeah cold day in hell before I let that happen.



Black people really arent supposed to have any emotional or intellectual separation from white folks, I think is the issue there. Let alone intense disagreement.



Why does any African-American who strongly expresses their opinion of ANYTHING contrary to white orthodox thought get tagged with the 'angry' label?


So tell me, Andrea: Is a white person, any white person, who works in the gay rights movement automatically racist? And if not, how does he PROVE to YOU that he is not? And if you don't think ALL gay white people who work in the movement are racist, then how do you advance understanding and healing by calling them that?

You and Jasmyne and others have made good points; Black SGL individuals are too often excluded from decisionmaking at the highest levels of the gay rights movement.

Now, what do we all do about that? Where do we go from here? How do we promote change that will address those concerns? Please, let's talk solutions and stop the useless and destructive name-calling practiced only by those who live to hate and complain.

"GLAAD cannot really be faulted for paying more attention to sexual orientation than race"

No one expects them to represent black people.

The fact is GLAAD presents themselves as diverse and liberal. SQL is clearly something they should be opposed to and vocal about. It's in their backyard, he's one of their own, and many people(black, white, gay, straight)have made it clear how offensive and damaging this is.

SQL aside, why is GLAAD silent when black gay men and black lesbians are assaulted and murdered?

I hate discussing Norbit, but there are many Asian men and women that are offended by the project. They should be, and I doubt that other groups and organizations will ignore them or dismiss their concerns.


I don't think people are understanding what Jasmyne is saying. She is saying GLAAD is basically a white homosexual male organization and she is correct. Also the LA TIMES yesterday had an article that put GLAAD on blast. GLAAD is very hypocritical and racist and so is for the most part the White Homosexual Community. Cannick is arguing that racism, sexism and homophobia is interconnected. Shirley Q Liquor is played by a white homosexual. Yet GLAAD is silent about that. I think Liquor's hummor is very offensive. And yet GLAAD wants to destroy Washington's career. I call that BS man. The venom by some white homosexuals on this board is a perfect crystal clear picture that there is NO ONE gay community. There are SEVERAL gay communities. And I am glad I am NOT a part of the so called "mainstream" white homosexual community. Because these bigots think they can have it both ways. They want gay black people to "keep quiet". Well bravo to Jasmyne she is someone that won't allow these white gay racists to tell her to be quiet. And neither will other gay black and lesbian people. Because bigotry is bigotry. GLAAD can't have it both ways. GLAAD once again showing its true racist colours. And so are fans of Liquor. Do NOT tell us to think or believe what we think is right and just. And do NOT tell us what to do. We will voice our displeasure against racism and that's exactly what Shirley Q Liquor is. Racist and so is GLAAD.

why are we as blacks always whining and complaining about how these white organizations don't reach out to our community? WHy are we forever looking for validation from them? Haven't we learned by now that validation starts at home. I don't think its wrong for them to look out for and preserve their best interests (meaning white gays), afterall, that IS who runs the organizations. Black people wake up!! No one is going to have our best interest at heart like we will. This is and will always be the case. Let's shift the focus from groups like GLAAD and focus on some of the smaller, lesser-known groups that focus on minorities and thier (our) well-being. You should EXPECT just what you get from the likes of organizations like GLAAD. Just a thought.


Alec makes sense. The fact is organizations like HRC, GLAAD and NGLTF are what we have to work with. NBJC is equally important, but it will never match the power and money of HRC. The key is to make all of these organizations better by engaging them and demanding change when you think it's needed. It's not enough to take your toys and go home. That's for children. Adults stay and fight and work for change.


I cannot really comment on the culture at GLAAD, having never worked there. I think it is fair to say that racism (and homophobia) are alive and well in virtually all settings, my own mind being no exception. As I refuse to make monetary contributions to groups focused exclusively on the rights of specific categorical minorities (i.e., race, religion or sexual orientation), and instead give to the ACLU, I think it better to focus on an umbrella organization that fights on multiple fronts. I would add that there is in fact an organization with a focus on the civil rights and liberties of the black LGBT population (National Black Justice Coalition at http://www.nbjcoalition.org/). Whether the splintering of interests along racial lines is advisable as a strategic matter is somewhat immaterial; there is an alternative to GLAAD or the HRC for black members of the LGBT community.

That being said, I am skeptical when evaluating sweeping generalizations about the larger LGBT organizations. Similar organizations (I'm thinking the ADL in particular) are rarely held to such exacting standards. And GLAAD cannot really be faulted for paying more attention to sexual orientation than race; it was organized for that purpose.


*If GLAAD ever expects to repair its relationship with Black gays they are going to have to do more than hire a few Blacks.*

The reality is that they never had a relationship with Black SGL people and have never taken the necessary steps to create and nurture one. The evidence...

- Six years ago, when Eminem was all the rage, GLAAD pounced on him (as they should have) for his homophobic lyrics. But they didn't go the extra mile when certain (mostly white gay) factions were making racist generalizations about hip hop and the people who listen to it: point out that "gay" and "hip hop" are not mutually exclusive life stations, i.e. there is such a thing as a gay hip hop artist (not to mention SGL people who love the music). But, bringing that up would have forced them to acknowledge -- and include -- Black people in the debate. It wasn't until after all the controversy had puttered out (and Elton John agreed to appear on the Grammy telecast with Eminem), that they hosted a panel discussion featuring Black sgl hip hop performers (and myself). Yup, too damn little, too damn late.

- In 1995, the head white man in charge at GLAAD (his name escapes me) threw a serious school-yard tantrum, complaining about the media coverage the Million Man March received in comparison to the Gay Rights March earlier that year. Hunh? One would think that, given the group’s mission, he would have criticized that same media (white and Black, straight and gay) for ignoring how Black SGl men felt about the march and the tension surrounding whether we should participate and if we'd be welcomed (I only recall one article outside of Black SGL media that did touch on these issues and -- surprise, surprise -- it was in the New York Times). And, mind you, that coverage he was so envious of was not the least bit positive, focusing more on the anti-Semtic, sexist, homophobic statements of its organizer, Louis Farrakhan, and what could be expected of the crowds (i.e., riots).

GLAAD is (and, IMO, always will be) a group that advocates for “fair, accurate, and inclusive representation” of caucasian queers in media (although I’m sure Mr. Giuliano and his cohorts would vehemently disagree). But, as with the above examples, the fact that two white men sat across a table from Isaiah representing the so-called gay community to measure his sincerity and school him on how the slur wounds us speaks volumes. GLAAD has a troubling history of firing people of color for questionable reasons (Donald Suggs and Cathay Che immediately come to mind); you weren't the first and you won't be the last to be shown the exit for not towing the white gay status quo.

maybe Norbit has something "socially responsible" to communicate. how can you pass judgment on a movie that hasn't even come out yet? what is all this nonsense about? I agree with TTurnbald, it's time to focus on more meaningful issues and stop being so damn serious. Most black folks don't have a problem laughing it up at stereotypical white jokes, and who are you to say that Chuck Knipp is a racist and that he isnt' doing anything good by making people laugh? So what if he puts on some ridiculous outfit and a purple wig? there have been lots of drag queens through history. Do you think Cher gets offended when some guy dresses like her and parades around a stage lip syncing to "Believe?" This is all just ridiculous. Look at yourselves in the mirror, people, and do something constructive with your lives. Shouting and protesting a drag queen just makes you look like a bunch of spoiled children who can't get along in the sandbox.
And no, since we have to justify who we are around here, I'm neither gay nor white, just someone who sees what this is. A bunch of bitter nonsense over nothing.


Big Mama's House is Mrs. Doubtfire with a different backdrop and respect for the type of person being portrayed is there. There is no comparison.

Is that so? I think you should go back and watch Big Momma before making such erroneous comments. I've seen (and loved) both movies several times and I don't remember any scene in Mrs. Doubtfire where she sits on the toilet, takes a huge, nasty dump while flatulating loud enough to wake the neighborhood, then hauling her 300 pound ass into the shower as Martin Lawrence hides in the bathroom, trying to avoid vomiting from the stink. And what about all the "ghetto" humor throughout the movie and the portrayal of the abusive black man/criminal out to murder his former wife? That's the crux of the plot. The black woman is on the run from her murderous ex-husband/drug dealer. Isn't this sending a negative message about the Black community?

My point is you can't disapprove of (and boycott, run out of town, etc.) of one "minstrel show" without disapproving/banning another. I really don't get why it's any more offensive for a white guy to play a black character any more than a black comic portraying a silly stereotype of white men who can't dance, walk with their butt cheeks clenched, etc. It's just in the name of fun, and no one I know takes it seriously. So why all the fuss? Aren't there more important things to focus on in life?

For what it's worth, I'm a heterosexual Hispanic woman who has struggled for years with my weight. But that doesn't mean I can't appreciate a good fat joke. In fact, I am looking forward to Norbit. If you can't laugh at yourself, then you're headed for a life of bitterness, anger and resentment. I've never been to a Shirley Q. performance but those who think she is funny certainly have the right to go. We can judge art all we want, but we can't censor. This country was founded on freedom of thought and expression. And as far as I know, no one has been hurt by Shirley Q. When in the history of drag queens has one engendered such rage? I just don't understand all this anger. It feels like a witch hunt in here.

I don't want to dwell on this issue because problems in our community don't excuse Knipp's behavior. When people bring up our issues in these discussions it's almost the same as saying people like Knipp aren't doing anything wrong.

Anyway, the first time I saw a clip of Norbit, I felt sick.

People might want to bring up other similar productions. Madea IMHO is slapstick humor that tries to communicate something socially responsible. Big Mama's House is Mrs. Doubtfire with a different backdrop and respect for the type of person being portrayed is there. There is no comparison. Norbit is one long dehumanizing fat, black joke and I hope Eddie takes one on the chin(won't be the first time...hello Mr. Gill)for this crap.

Damien LaMarc

Oh I forgot why I really came here to say.
Thanks for the info Jazz but be careful with putting people on blast though b/c they will find any little way to get at you and say you're slandering their name.

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