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Wednesday, February 28, 2007


i just want to say that i'm a straight woman but i love your show and i don't miss any of your shows. i just want to know why you didn't take the series of when GUY wanted alex's man alittle farther cause i love alex,he is too much for me but i love everyone but i have to stay true to noah cause that boy can dress better than a woman.but anyway i think you should have tooken the drama with alex and guy alittle farther. love all you beautiful and lovely men much.love ladyrain mooches


Its 2008 and this is the first time I have ever heard of the show. I viewed season One and absolutely LOVE IT!!!! I am a heterosexual Black Female, and I don't view the show as black gay males--The show is so much deeper than that. we can all relate to their issues. Its the best show since Toni left girlfriends, since Shonda broke ground with Grey's Anatomy and jaw dropping Nip/ tuck. Logo, you are making a huge mistake by canceling the show. Step your marketing game up, get on the grind, do what you have to do BUT KEEP the series going.
OH and that Damn, Wade (Jensen Atwood) is truly handsome, sexy, sophicated and outright fine!!!



At first I felt the same way as many of you, then I realize that LOGO may actually know what they're doing. If they can't MILK NOAHS' ARC,then they'll have to find another hot property to MILK. Kids they promote all their hot shows while Noahs' Arc is on ever notice. Remember UPN Urban Peoples Net Work,would have never got off the ground with out:Living Single,In Livng Color,Martin,Jamie Fox. If LOGO can have a presetion of Black Gay T.V.they may stay viable. After all,all the Black Stars of UPN went on to become big Stars. Maybe thats the game play for LOGO and maybe they'll make some money in the process.

Logo has some nerve canceling Noah's Arc and leaving the show's fans in suspense. I am appalled, disgusted, hurt and devestated to know that I will never find out whether Noah gets his man back. There's too much left unsaid. I am a heterosexual Black woman and I absolutely love this show (alright, I actually fell in love with "Wade"). I haven't been the same since I saw Jensen Atwood. He's hotter than Denzel Washington or any other Black man out there today.

I enjoyed seeing characters portrayed on TV who look like me and all represented positive images. It didn't matter that they were gay. Everyone can relate to the ups and down of life and love. Please somehow get across to the producer(s) what a huge mistake they are making canceling the series. They shouldn't fix it if it ain't broke. If they need suggestions for the show, let them have a contest; have the fans write in what they would like to see. If they make a movie and the original case ain't in it, I ain't going to see it!!!

This really sucks!!


"The LOGO network has done all its loyal fan of Noah's Arc a grave injustice by using our loyalty to help launch its network, then not being completely forward with us on its show's outcome."
Posted by: Drew |


Great point.

This reminds me a bit of when Barbra Walters fired Star Jones from The View (anyone remembers that? LOL). It wasn't the firing that was the problem, but the SPIN. The cover up. The dishonesty.

I smell the same thing with Noah's Arc cancellation business: Instead of Logo admitting the show has been axed for good, and explain the reasons why, they make up this story about it going to the silver screen. It's like "Wtf?! I've never heard of a tv show getting cancelled, so it can go to the big screen".

There def seems to be more to Noah's Arc situation, and Logo just need to be forthright about it. The longer they play with the fans' minds the worse the fallout is going to be when the truth is known.


Drew, there's a big difference between Queer as Folk and Bad Girls versus Noah's Arc; they are cheaper to air. Both of those shows have completed their runs, and LOGO is just paying a fee to re-run them, both shows combined don't add up to the cost of producing a first run scripted show. That's one of the reasons why LOGO doesn't have a lot of original programming.

Cadence, I realize that there is some good television out there, I'm just one of those who prefers books, live theatre, etc. I would love to see more positive images of blacks on television, both, gay and straight, but, sadly as a realist, I just don't see it happening. I'm peeved that the Cooking Network can't seem to find a black cook for a show, but that's for another board! The only sort of shows that have a majority black cast are awful stereotypes, IMO, and that's what the public seems to want to see. I don't get the channel TV One, but, saw it at a friends house, finally some quality, and I think that's what we all want is quality and a fair portryal, its just not easy to get it from what I've seen, and without NA on Logo, I really don't expect to see any more shows geared towards a black point of view from them, unless its about a singer or God forbid a lame segment on that D/L crap or something along those lines.


Let's be clear everyone reading this article about Noah's Arc future and still say they don't believe the network actions aren't a little along the lines of racial. Then I have to ask a similar question along the lines that Ms. Cannick poses in the article, Do you truly believe the network would do the same thing to the shows they currently have on the air like, Queer as folks or Bad Girls, as they have to Noah's Arc without them truly having looked at this along the lines of race?

Give me a break. If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck, or even sits like a duck then call it what it is a duck. I'm beginning to hear the quacking from here.

You have to feel that the network executives care less about the gay African-American community to which this show was targeted too, and care more about looking more like the mainstream television that they are trying so hard to emulate. What they have fail to see is how this show has touched on a variety of subjects that has opened up a whole new dialog in the gay African American communities that rarely is seen or spoken about from the gay African-American point of view.

The LOGO network can expect to lose me as a viewer if the network can't be honest about the show's future. I do believe that many shows still were able to continue production on their seasons while filming for the big screen. What makes this show any different from earlier shows mentioned in the article?

The LOGO network has done all its loyal fan of Noah's Arc a grave injustice by using our loyalty to help launch its network, then not being completely forward with us on its show's outcome.

Shame on you LOGO, Shame on you.

Washington, DC


There is nothing wrong with television. The great thing about having a show on LOGO is that it is accessible to a lot of people. While Noah's Arc wasn't a great show, that doesn't mean that we should stop making shows with large Black gay and lesbian casts.

More black gay shows are in the works, where Europe or some place? Perhaps Mars? I don't see it happening, here has been talk about the other invisible for the most part gay channel doing something, but, other than that, don't hold your breath. And, for those who keep harping about the "quality" or lack thereof, its television for goodness sake which isn't going to raise anyone's intellect, not Shakespeare in the park. Perhaps supporting black authors would be a better route to take, lots of excellent books on the market.

i love my black people like the next person but that was a terrible show! Bad acting, poor writing, unrealistic. There are other black gay shows coming out that we should put our energy in.

I agree with your take on it Cadence, it seems to be more about the coins than anything else. I think that this show probably would have had the largest budget of the fledgling network, and if, I were Polk, I would be shopping it around to some other network, hopefully one that makes it available in my area.


I don't think LOGO canceled Noah's Arc because of the quality, because it's not like LOGO has a lot to choose from. There are a lot of mediocre shows on the air, but they don't get canceled because they have a large audience.

I think it was canceled due to financial restraints, and the network wanting to spend money on shows that would attract a wider audience.

This is a OUTRAGE!

How Logo have the nerve to cancel this show? I demand the NAACP, GLAAD and Nation of Islam condemn Logos immediately.
How is we ever suppose to get reparation from the slave holding white mafia who don't even wear shoes when they cancel a show this populars?

Logo need to be SHUT DOWN and BANNED due to the fact of they are Jewish and white.


It's bullshit. They'd need to recoup a lot of money for it to be profitable. And how much money it makes in theaters doesn't necessarily translate into how well it would do on TV. Logo doesn't even have ratings on its programming yet, so this is just a way to placate Patrick. If he were smart, he'd shop it to Showtime or something and get a real budget.

Viacom is just dickin us around the way they do on MTV, VH1, and BET. And we fall for it. A feature film does not automatically mean wider exposure. And it has nothing to do with whether or not it can be brought back to television. They just don't wanna spend the money required to produce a high-quality television show. Period.


Anonymous dude/dudette, you might be right, it wasn't the best of shows, even though I enjoyed it, but, then again, this is also LOGO and there are not too many shows that would rank up there with quality, but, it was from most accounts its most watched, hence the reason it seems odd that it was axed under the guise of heading to the big screen, which makes as much sense as snow in Phoenix in July.

Is it possible that NA just wasnt a good show and got canceled like the several other shows that get canceled every year?

Jimmy David

Jasmyne, I just read Rod's article that quotes you in the new issue of The Advocate. You, he and Keith Boykin are quite the trifecta. I'm glad to see his and your name appear in traditional, vanilla "gay" media.

No way NA is coming to the big screen. Logo execs and Patrick Ian Polk must think we are crazy if we believe that NA will come to a movie theatre near you anytime soon. Like the above poster said, if by chance a movie is made, it will likely go straight to DVD and be forgotten about by next year.


A funny and somewhat lame play on words from the Logo spokesman, the show has been CANCELLED, and why don't they just own that? This show has no chance of making it on the big screen, good grief, it couldn't get 100 episodes on the small one. I did enjoy the show, and will miss it, but, time to forget about it being a cross over success, just who is going to pay to see it? And, better yet, who is going to finance a movie that can't be shown across the country, so, it would appear, it will go straight to DVD.

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