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Monday, January 22, 2007


Tyrone Taylor

Jasmyne I am a big fan of yours,but as a same gender loving man...I am ashamed. After all the work we have done to prevent people like IW from being heard, you now defend him because he is black.....Yes, it is because he is black. You can try to tell everyone that it is "this" or "that", but we all know (especially those who really know you), know that it is becaue he is black. While I am not hating on you, I...and I know I speak for alot of others, would appreciate if in the future, you make it clear that these are your issues....NOT THE ISSUES OF OUR PEOPLE.....I have spoken to several people within the community, and most of them are of the mindset that IW should be fired...just like anyone else would be....
Jasymne, you do not speak for us.....Stop saying you do....I support your view on Shirley Q and will volunteer to escort him/her out of town, but chill on the whole IW issue...


richwhitelady you need to stfu. Seriously.

That said, Jasmyne, I agree with some of what you wrote here, and I feel ya on the hypocrisy of the white gay community in general, and wrt SQL in particular, but I can't sign that petition. What IW did was wrong, wrong, wrong. What happens to him is of his own making. He had a chance to make this right and he f*cked up. Again. Simple as that.


sorry i meant gay slurs


i totally get where you are coming from, BUT jasyme don't play naive, we all know that every minority groups including gays care for only themselves.

You are complaining that the gay community is racist, since they are not calling for the down fall of SQL.

This implies that black community is homophobic because they still don't support gay issues. I don't see the black community rallying for gay marriages. Infact, i did not hear of Al sharpton or the others when they killed the black gay guy in New York? where was al sharpton or the black community when you were protesting against beenie man and his kind. Come to think of it, where the hell were white gay men during that period, i didn't hear glaad complaining (it seems only when eminem says something they bring their heads)

If isiah cared about the gay community he would not be using racial slurs, and thegay community does not care that isaiah's role is a very important role for the black community.

So people like me and you who belong to more than one minority group are forced to pick sides. You have obviously choosen isaiah's. I am still confused.


Funny to see you annoyed again, rich white chick, you have been throwing out some pretty nasty racially intolerant posts attacking blacks and anyone who supports them in the protest of the vile black face review for the past few days, now, you are all hot and bothered, please, find a board that suits you liberal spirit, this one isn't it, LOL! Ad hominem arguments from you, you have got to be kidding? I guess the truth can't set everyone free!


Denise wrote: "...and the next emboldened straight, gay, crooked or broken White person, who let you Niggers know your place."

That would be you, RichWhiteLady. Emboldened by privilege, crooked and broken beyond redemption.

Please go chat with the rest of the Liquor likers. Your racist condesencion is neither appreciated nor tolerated by decent, intelligent people.

If you want to give a lesson in logic, start with Abuse of Etymology. As Stuart Chase wrote in The Tyranny of Words, formal logic is of little or no value when it involves manipulating words unconnected with reality. The only value your arguments have is that they are stunning examples of cynicism and contempt for people of color.

Waddie Grant

All I have to say is AMEN sister!!!

I am glad that a prominent gay figure is not allowing that superficial gay mafia punking all gays into solidarity over an off-color remark when we have No diversity in the gay community.


Denise wrote:

"Patrick acts like a punk"
"silly little bitch"
"sorry racist bullshiters"
"pig racist"
"a bunch of sick acting Black Gay Males"
"straight, gay, crooked or broken White person"
"you Niggers"
"that groveling bitch Rupaul"

Lord, my lily-white ears are ringing!

I love it: She's being an apologist for IW's hate speech, and attacking Knipp's alleged hate speech - with more hate speech! If you're actually TRYING to make black people look bad by vomiting up all that hatred and venom, you're doing a good job. (Assuming you are black, of course.)

If you say you're speaking on behalf of your race, do you suppose that kind of talk adds any weight to your arguments? At least be smart enough to keep your hateful thoughts to yourself.

For a blog site that pretends to be politically conscious, there sure is an awful lot of hate speech directed toward whites going on here. It's kind of scary. Not to mention ad hominem arguments. For those who have not studied elementary logic, that means "replying to an argument by attacking the person making the argument, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument."


Correction averagebrain. The power and influence of the Black lgbt community cannot only be measured in dollar amounts. If you go back to the ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT category on this site you will see that this past July Black lgbt bloggers and activists united to persuade LifeBeat to cancel a concert featuring homophobic reggae artists Beenie Man and TOK. We do have power and when it is focused, it's a powerful thing.

I won't even address the intelligence of your 'opinion', but maybe Rush Limbaugh would be a better fit for you than this blog.


Calling someone a faggot is not the same as calling someone a Nigger or a Spic or a Chink or any other racial slur! It is not the same, nor does it carry the same kind of animous! Nor is it the same Stigma attached to it.

If Mr. Knight was not in the room when Patrick Dempsey and Isaiah Washington got into it; He should not even know what happened. If it was between Washington and Dempsey... two grown ass men, then it should have been between them and that is all. Patrick acts like a punk anyway, and he probably went behind IW's back acting like a silly little bitch.

Who have not said or done something in the heat of battle and wanted to take it back? Who have not apologized for saying some assinine shit?

Grey's can and should move on and survive... there is not hypocrisy in this. Black people are always having some kind or another Backlash coming at them, from sorry racist bullshiters, who are more times than not, just jealous... and evil; and don't want to see anyone Black do well or survive.

Mr. Washington is a very good actor; he said something stupid, but he apologized and moved on... as it seemed most of the cast did.

Blacks have been getting it and taking it forever; the problem here is the White Supremist's attitude that because Blacks - more than most others - call them out on their racist shit; as if we don't know when someone is being a pig racist in the first place- that any infraction against Whiteness has to be destroyed, especially if it is by Black folk. Sadly, this attitude of White Supremacy is held by Blacks and others as well, that is why you have a bunch of sick acting Black Gay Males (especially) and Females calling for the demise of this man - in support of a mindset that castigates them every single day... that is pathetic.

There is not such thing as Black Gay Leadership; and if they have found a few token Negroes, they are there to do their bidding; so I look forward to see these ascended Negroes picketing ABC, or some such bullshit.

Michael Richards has a safety net - it is called White Skin Priviledge; the same safety net that is at work for Shirley Q.; and the next emboldened straight, gay, crooked or broken White person, who let you Niggers know your place.

It behooves the senses: "Why is Jasmine linking the outrage over something said between two men, in the heat of battle, with a pig racist...?"

Yet, everytime it is Black and White, the world have to go through, "O.J. did this or that..."

I hear ya, "Two Wrongs Don't Make It Right;" yeah, yeah, yeah,

And your blindness won't make you right either..., you will just continue to support that which not only hates you; but uses you to destroy yourself.

As that groveling bitch Rupaul says to his Black Gay Brethren - "You Betta Work! [For Massa, Bitches]!


I know that my opinion isn't going to mean much on this website but here it goes anyway.Jasmyne seems to want black gay people to have some sort of power equal to that of white gays. It will never happen.
Black people can't get it together enough to even have leadership, let alone raise money. About the only thing that Blacks can influence is BET, VH1, and MTV. And we all know BET isn't even black owned and barely black run.These are the facts. Black gay people are at the bottom of the totem pole. At least the Latinos have their numbers on their side and asians have their money. Blscks have nothing going for them.


While I don't excuse the actions or behavior of Isaiah, I find the petition to have him fired troubling. Let me say that Isaiah has me confused. We may never know exactly what went down on the set, but we do know something happened. The whole cast was on Oprah last Oct/Nov and the incident was brought up. So if he acknowledge that something happened, why would he then say at the Golden Globes that it never happened...confusing.

I am no big fan of Donald Trump, but even he gave a second chance to Miss USA or Miss America or whoever the heck she is. People make mistakes and the smart ones learn from it. This could be a learning moment for Isaiah, but that may not happen if he is fired and shut out. I don’t know if the apology he issued was sent directly to glaad, but maybe Isaiah could also reach out to Black gay media outlets (this blog, clik, etc.). I agree with Jasmyne that glaad and other organizations do not speak for me as a Black sgl man and only bring up race when it benefits their single issue causes.


valid argument for washington to keep job. i looked at the shirley q. liquor clip, now that's who needs to be adressed.


blk lesbian couple agreeing with jasmine. thanks girl.

to nubain

IW didn't make a mistake, he fucked up. but why is the only answer "off with his head" and who made the glaad the executioner?

i think jc is right, there's need to room for input on how to deal with these issues when they arise and when they include people of color, then poc people need to be talked to not at.

never been a fan of glaad, definiely won't be now, but like all other gay orgs, they do need to challenged on their shit.

iw doesn't deserve a free pass, a slap on the wrist, or for us to look the other way. but as blacks gays we should have the right to have our say too. he wants to meet with gays who says he has to meet with glaad? where the hell is nbjc in all of this?

Keisha Jackson

See now this is where I don't understand why GLAAD and other gay groups can call themselves diverse and the only work they do is for people who like them white.

i think Isaiah is wrong for what he said but there is a lot of racism in the gay communtiy directed towards black people and it is not everyday that it is exposed.

so isaiah is wrong but so is thh white drag queen.

and for the record i am african american and i am a lesbian, no I don't want isaiah to go from the show ut i do that drag queen cancelled.

GLAAD continues to lead the witch hunt after IW...

From today's NY Times...


Neil G. Giuliano, the president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, told CNN on Friday that he expected to travel to Los Angeles this week to meet with ABC executives and Mr. Washington.

Kelly Mullens, Mr. Washington’s new publicist, declined to comment on Mr. Washington’s plans for a meeting or his expected future with the show.

“Grey’s Anatomy” ranks fifth overall among prime-time shows. It ranks second overall among viewers ages 18 to 49, the demographic group for which networks charge the highest advertising premium.


what is up with the "support all black people even if they are homophobic" rhetoric that is going on in this article.

i do not agree with it. washington offended me as a black lesbian, and no, i do not think that he is a good man who made an honest mistake. i think he should be terminated.

the truth is, there is more hypocrisy within the "black community" than we dare to acknowledge. but to continue pointing out the wrongs of the gay mafia i.e. white gays, is tired, and getting us nowhere.

why, when michael richards blurted out the word nigger repeatedly, all of us were up in arms calling for his demise in the entertainment industry. but, when one of our own does the same mess, he just made a mistake?



For the person who said that GLAAD isn't calling for IW to be fired.

Read today's New York Times and please tell me why then Neil is flying to L.A. to meet with ABC regarding IW.:

January 22, 2007

Anatomy of an Insult: ABC Is Stung by an Actor’s Anti-Gay Slurs

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 21 — Executives at ABC and its parent, Disney, are mulling the future of the actor Isaiah Washington, a star of the hit series “Grey’s Anatomy,” after Mr. Washington last week publicly used an anti-gay slur for the second time in roughly three months, a Disney executive said Friday.

The situation has potentially great implications for ABC, which is reaping millions of dollars in advertising revenues from a show that, in its third season, is among the highest rated on television.

The executive, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because company officials were instructed not to go beyond a prepared statement, said that Mr. Washington’s behavior could be considered grounds for dismissal under Disney’s corporate antidiscrimination policy.

ABC and Touchstone, Disney’s television studio, called Mr. Washington’s behavior “unacceptable” in a statement issued on Thursday, three days after Mr. Washington’s most recent remark, which occurred in the backstage press room at the Golden Globes ceremony last week.

Mr. Washington later apologized for the remark and said that he was seeking help for “issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul.” But the damage might be done for Mr. Washington, 43, who portrays Dr. Preston Burke on “Grey’s Anatomy,” which this season has attracted an audience of more than 18 million viewers each week, according to Nielsen Media Research. On Thursday, the first broadcast since the show won for best dramatic television series at the Golden Globes, the audience numbered nearly 22 million, according to ABC.

Mr. Washington first got into trouble for using the same slur during an off-camera dispute on the set of the show in October. The remark was aimed at T. R. Knight, who portrays Dr. George O’Malley on the series and who had not previously talked publicly about his sexuality. It followed a brief fight between Mr. Washington and a third actor on the show, Patrick Dempsey. After that incident became public, Mr. Washington apologized, and Mr. Knight publicly acknowledged that he was gay. The October fight has continued to be the subject of gossip around the show, and after the Golden Globe victory for “Grey’s Anatomy,” the show’s actors and creator gathered backstage to answer reporters’ questions. One asked about the fight and the remark.

Mr. Washington moved to the microphone and denied that he ever used the slur to describe Mr. Knight, at the same time repeating the word. Fellow cast members who were with Mr. Washington appeared shaken, quickly going from jubilant to solemn. After the awards show another “Grey’s” actor, Katherine Heigl, publicly repudiated Mr. Washington’s remarks.

Mr. Knight appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Wednesday and disputed Mr. Washington’s denial of using the slur in October.

As discussion of the incidents grew, Mr. Washington remained silent until after ABC issued a statement chastising him.

“We have a longstanding policy to create and maintain respectful workplaces for all our employees,” the ABC statement said. “We dealt with the original situation in October, and thought the issue resolved. Therefore, we are greatly dismayed that Mr. Washington chose to use such inappropriate language at the Golden Globes, language that he himself deemed ‘unfortunate’ in his previous public apology. We take this situation very seriously. His actions are unacceptable and are being addressed.”

An ABC spokeswoman declined to comment on how the issue was addressed in October and what steps were being considered now.

After ABC issued its statement, Mr. Washington again apologized, after first firing his publicist. He expressed his regret to Mr. Knight, colleagues, fans “and especially the lesbian and gay community for using a word that is unacceptable in any context or circumstance.”

The statement appeared to acknowledge that Mr. Washington had used the slur before, despite his most recent denial. “By repeating the word Monday night, I marred what should have been a perfect night for everyone who works on ‘Grey’s Anatomy,’ ” the statement said. “I can neither defend nor explain my behavior. I can also no longer deny to myself that there are issues I obviously need to examine within my own soul, and I’ve asked for help.

“I know the power of words, especially those that demean,” the statement continued. “I realize that by using one filled with disrespect I have hurt more than T. R. and my colleagues. With one word, I’ve hurt everyone who has struggled for the respect so many of us take for granted. I welcome the chance to meet with leaders of the gay and lesbian community to apologize in person and to talk about what I can do to heal the wounds I’ve opened.”

Mr. Washington added: “T. R.’s courage throughout this entire episode speaks to his tremendous character. I hold his talent, and T. R. as a person, in high esteem. I know a mere apology will not end this, and I intend to let my future actions prove my sincerity.”

Neil G. Giuliano, the president of the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, told CNN on Friday that he expected to travel to Los Angeles this week to meet with ABC executives and Mr. Washington.

Kelly Mullens, Mr. Washington’s new publicist, declined to comment on Mr. Washington’s plans for a meeting or his expected future with the show.

“Grey’s Anatomy” ranks fifth overall among prime-time shows. It ranks second overall among viewers ages 18 to 49, the demographic group for which networks charge the highest advertising premium.

the izza

This is a great arguement that sounds remarkably close to my arguement about Buju, etc. I'll be eager to see how this pans out. Also: this sounds like a hot NPR topic.



Let me add that I agree that there is a serious and unaddressed problem of racism in the gay community. I just don't agree that the IW issue properly speaks to that racism issue. That is an issue of man's insensitvity at the least or gay-hate at the worst. Shirley - THAT'S an issue that speaks directly to gay racism, but any argument against SQL is diminished in my opinion when admonishing him is followed by unwavering defense of IW. Take stances based on right and wrong, NOT in reaction to what other people are doing or failing to do.


I agree with holt 100%. Normally Jasmyne I agree with you and your rationale. However, you are not being logical in your argument for keeping Mr. Washington. It seems as though it is coming from an emotional perspective and your distaste for gay white organizations which you have clumped together. I think before you choose a side you really need to decide whether you are taking the stance you are because you're projecting your feelings towards Shirley Q.


As a black male, Jasmyne needs to know that she doesn't speak for black gays or blacks either on this issue. She likes to think she is a spokesperson for black gays, but she is not. She is far more radical and obsessed with racial divisiveness, that normal, average black gays. Isaiah Washington's actions were insulting and crueal, and ABC should consider terminating him. I will not take up for bigotry, and Isaiah Washington has demonstrated a propensity towards not only bigotry, but also violence. Jasmyne may speak for a radical subset of (mostly lesbian) black gays, but she does not speak for the black gay community.


While I agree with your stance about Shirley Q. Liquor, I still don't see why you keep bringing him up as your excuse for supporting Washington. Two different - albeit similar - issues. Plus you keep changing half of the reasoning for your gripe. First you were annoyed that it was a "he said, she said" issue where many seemed to take Knight's version. Then when IW basically admitted to using the word before, you became mad that people were calling for him to be fired.

GLAAD hasn't taken a stance on IW's employment. Unfortunately, you want to lump GLAAD, whites gays, other gays & straights who want IW fired into a "gay mafia" label without making a distinction between who is actually doing what. That's stereotyping and name-calling plain and simple. What if GLAAD said "the black mafia" is conspiring to gloss over IW's offensive actions? If GLAAD spoke out and denounced SQL, would you then change your stance on IW?

You and Patrik are similar in that you both have passion about what's going on in the community along with a perceptive eye, yet you both have an emotional, antagonistic, and sometimes unproductive approach to commenting on problems, in particular with GLAAD. Linking IW and SQL is an example. Address both issues cogently, rationally, and separately with fairness. Then maybe we can make progress on these issues. Being a public voice comes with responsibility.


I understand your use of the term "gay mafia" but it implies a conciousness of effort that doesn't exist. The real mafia is quite effective in achieving their agenda. They have a strict code and dedicated members. This isn't true with the gay establishment (a better term I think).

I live in one of the whitest, richest communities in the United States. A few years ago, I read about a group of gay and lesbian folks in my community who were meeting to establish a LGBT community center. I looked them up and joined them.

It was a mixed group of rich white gay men and mosty latina lesbians. We began having a conflict from the very beginning. The gay men wanted to open the center in the rich white city where they all live. The lesbians wanted to locate it in the mostly hispanic, poor city 15 miles away. The lesbians wanted to focus on outreach to the hispanic LGBT community members who suffer the most discrimination and violence. The men didn't even want to call it a LGBT center -- too gay. They wanted to call it a "diversity center" and avoid using the rainbow flag, etc.

As time went on, the lesbians dropped out of the group. Then, the men voted to change the meeting place from from the community meeting room to an expensive restaurant. From that point on, very little work was accomplished. The group got together for lunch and gossip.

Needless to say, the center never got off the ground. I ended up being the only person doing any real work. I eventually got frustrated and quit.

This is a classic case of what happens in the gay community. Lesbians will tell you that white men are mostly interested in socializing and living the good life. The catch is that they have lots of money. They can raise the funds needed for community programs. So, many consider them to be a necessary evil.

As for Washington, I've been called a "faggot" more times than I can count. I've only been called "nigger lover" once -- by a gay man. So, that's why I agree with Jasmyne on this issue. The racism that exists in the gay community is much more disturbing than general homophobia.

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