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Thursday, January 18, 2007



Interesting points Thomas, too bad you only see it in terms of black and white, the same system you deplore in this whole debacle. Tit for tat gets no one anywhere. Instead of blaming black homophobia, of which there is way too much, just like there is way too much of it from white folks why not try and see why blacks see it as a racial trap set up by ABC and GLAAD? ABC should have handled it, if they wanted to get rid of him, they should have, instead of calling in the executive board from GLAAD to look down their noses at him, and is a joke for a group has no idea of how to deal with any black person, kind of like those who don't seem to see why GLAAD and ABC are just as out of touch with the real world as IW is.

The uproar is from the gay white community and ABC which does not want to offend them it seems, most black, gay or straight could probably care less about IW or that show as there are more pressing issues out there.


Losing Isaiah:



Jasmyne: Isaiah apologized, not just for saying the word "faggot" at the awards show... but for repeating it, i.e., he called TR Knight the ephithet as originally reported. He also lied about to try to save his own butt.

Then, he apologized - sincerely and very thoroughly, it seems. Why? I mean, he wouldn't apologize for something he didn't do, right? Because that would be a lie. Could it be that he woke up and - with integrity - said, "I did something wrong, and I truly am sorry?"

That might be a lesson for you. Trotting out an example of racism perpetrated by vile white gay people against black people is not a valid way to address the issue, because COUNTLESS examples of vile black homophobia against gay people of all colors can be brought forth with a mouse click. And then are we closer to knowing what Isaiah did or how he should making amends? Nope. All you did was muddy the waters, and now that you've been proven wrong, perhaps it's time to make amends.


Thanks for snapping your fingers with your reply. You can have your take on it, and I can have mine.

I for one havenever said what IW did was right, I just don't see why the Glaad group is involved. I don't wathc the show, and nor wil lI satrt, with or without IW, since I prefer my novellas on Spanish speaking tv. If, ABC wants to fire him, let them make the choice, not be railroaded into it by a group with no real mission other than to force thier agenda off onto others.

And, as far as being called a "n-word by the white gays, you have got to be kidding, they already call you that,just not to your face. So, the catty tone should be towards them.


I hate what IW said. I don't care if the victim in this case is white.

GLADD has nothing to do with how I feel, but if they get IW fired more power to them.



How do you take it that I work for GLAAD, that lily white organization that doesn't give a rat's ass about me or my issues? You, ma'am, presume too much. Had you the decency to ASK me who I was instead of ASSUMING who I was, perhaps I would have been able to tell you that I'm a BLACK grad student at Brooklyn College who fights homophobia and racism wherever he finds it. But apparently, you're not interested. You're just interested in protecting Isaiah at any cost, even if it means defending a homophobe. As I see it, Isaiah asked me to choose: are you Black or are you gay? And it seems that many of you are asking me to do the same thing. Well, let me just tell you: I don't like being called a nigger by Whites and I don't like being called a faggot by Blacks. So, MY CHOICE is to tell you BOTH where to go when you do it. I'm not falling in line because you tell me I should. I don't do it when Whites command it and I'm not doing it when Blacks command it. If you can't handle that, you can't handle me. PERIOD.


Robert,I take it you work for GLAAD and similar organizations, or support them with what they want, money but, more power to you and their fight. Maybe I'll go along with your train of thought when they become inclusive and not have a couple of blacks, a security guard and one with a job which has nothing to do with the actual group, other than sit around and let them claim they are ell for equality.

And, somehow I doubt if you not supporting him will mean anything, you and the ones who are so out for his head don't amount to that much power, the rest of America has moved on, there are real issues out there besides a rich black man who made a slur and the rich gay white people who want him fired.

My gripe is that they are hypocrites, and that's obvious by the anti-black remarks their core base has made on this unfortunate issue and the SQL debacle.


I don't care how many brothers implore me to forgive him and move on, I'm not doing it. I don't care if Isaiah apologized. Michael Richards apologized and I don't think he's any less a racist because of it. He apologized because he fears that his career would be at risk if he didn't. And I'm of the mind that Isaiah was similarly motivated. So, no, he doesn't get a pass. I think he's a homophobe and I imagine what he's really sorry about is that he was exposed as one. Yes, he's entitled to his opinion and to say whatever words he chooses within the limits of the law. But you know what? I'm ALSO entitled to stop supporting him and his work, just like I stopped supporting Michael Richards and his work. That policy doesn't shift just because Isaiah's Black and I'm Black. I have to let him help oppress me with his homophobia just because we're both oppressed by racism? No. I'm not down with that. So yeah, Isaiah. Go get therapy. I'll check you when you've gone through it. But right now? I don't SEE you


Rosie O'Donnell should be fired for just being Rosie O'Donnell, queen of insensitivity. Her remarks about Asians spoke of her true feelings about people who are not like her. Which is why it was great to see Trump call her out for what she is, a BULLY. She has to be one of the most negative people on television today, but, since she gets the ratings that ABC needs to get the sponsors to pay, she is "safe" from the wrath of Glaad.

About the 6 black guys who were shot, don't think for one minute that GLAAD, HRC or any of the white gays give a hoot about them. Why? They don't write checks to the groups or are obsessed with the gay marriage stuff.


Thank you very much for stepping up to defend Isaiah Washington and pointing out vehemently that this issue has unfortunately become a matter of race side. He was wrong to have said whatever he said but he was man enough to apologize and make overtures to make amends. TR Knight on the other hand was not man enough to say whatever he had to say to Isaiah's face and settle this personal issue maturely man to man. Instead he played the victim for the media to use as a pawn in their media circus and witchhunt.
Nobody is above a mistake or lapse in judgement and everbody deserve forgivness.

Please get word of this petition out there more so we can get more signatures. Apparently the petition to fire him is going to be sent to ABC- it is up to 18,000 signatures. There are more people out there who want him to stay so we need to get the word out there especially in the black community to stand for him as he is being used as a scapegoat and being hung out to dry.

If he is fired Rosie O Donnel should be fired as well she attacks public figures everyday on national TV and thus creating a hostile environment for the whole country but nobody is getting bent out of shape because of that.
America is full of hypocrisy and double standard all around esp in light of the New Year's incident mentioned in above.

Ron Lee

Six young Black Men were shot on New Years Day in Chicago it was infereed that they were Gay, where is the outcry and indignation for them? Where is the NBJC,GLAAD,NAACP. Who is fighting for their self respect. This is the Biggest Gay Story of the Year !!!!! WHERE IS EVERYBODY????????


Jasmye, you and me both are not easily fooled by the gay mafia in Hollywood. They are silent on many issues involving black gay men and women, but will readily jump at the defense of T.R. Knight without hearing both sides. Shirley Q Liquor has been around and performing for years and not one word about that minstrel show.

What about the group of gay black men who were shot at a New Year's Party? Why no outrage there? You mean GLAAD and other white gay organizations are only concerned about a bitter argument on the set of a show? This whole controversy is laughable.

I'm not excusing Isiah's behaviour at all because he should be reprimanded, however I really don't understand why black folks act like these people who are ranting really have their best interest at heart.


Cadence, instead of bashing anyone who does not agree with you, why not check out today's NY Times, where the beloved GLAAD guy says he wants IW's head.Let ABC deal with this issue, after all, aren't they the ones who employ the man?

And, while you are at it, can you or any of the ones who seem to have never made a mistake, show us just what GLAAD stands for, other than white gays? Do they even have a diversity program? I'm sure you would know as you seem to be on their board.

Thanks in advance.


Although you have a right to your opinion, Mr. Washington was wrong to have used the word "faggot" to refer to Homosexuals/gay community.

He is lucky to be on a top number one show in the first place. I am very aware of his work and others work with Babu's PAFF, and perhaps I even know you!

As a lesbian would you want to be referred to as a "DIKE" "BUTCH" "MUNCHER" and all the other names ignorant people use to degrade that which they deem as "unnatural" and "sick?"

But, that is not even the main thrust here with Mr. Washingtons comment. The fact that he would use the word on national television is what is at fault in my opinion. He may not have said it or he may have said it, but we all know that he used the word because we all heard him.

It makes no sense for a sister (Shonda) to have created a top show (she was trying to answeer the question but Mr. Washington moved into the mic), and have one of her actors/talent to show his ignorance, because that is what it was, pure ignorance.


I think it's funny that the petition says every since October there has been a strong drive to get Washington fired. We'll just pretend that Wednesday wasn't the first time that GLAAD issued a public statement about the situation. Or, that instead of asking that Washington be fired, GLAAD said they wanted to speak with him, so that he could understand why his words are hurtful. And, we'll just forget that since November, this situation hasn't been mentioned, by anyone. And until this week there were no petitions or drives to get IW fired. We'll just forget all of that, because it is more important to stres that this is just another case of the White man trying to make a Black man grovel.


By the way, Mr. Unite Us, please do yourself and the rest us a favor and research how HIV is passed from person to person.


Mr. Unite Us, how can you say this is what happened, where you there? At the Golden Globes Shonda Rhimes was asked if reporters were lying about what happend. She said, no. You can read a transcript of this at eonline.com, it's in the naked truth section, and is reported on by Ted Casablanca, who is the one who asked the question that resulted in I. Washington acting like a fool. All reports agree that Washington said referred to TR with that word.

We are no better than GlAAD or the Charles Knipp supporters, if we start re-writing the facts just because I. Washington is Black. Doing that isn't going to get us anywhere.

Mr. Unite Us

Washington arguing with Dempsey said,
I'm not your faggot.

Knight overheard and assumed Washington called him a faggot.

Knight has his own sexual identity issues in that he chose to hide the fact that he was gay, until this controvery came to light. Because of the high incidence of AIDs/HIV among homosexuals and the women some of them choose to have sex with, I hope that Knight informed his female co-workers prior to shooting intimate scenes with them.

Remember what Rock Hudson did and didn't do?

Those concerned should rent the movie
Spike Lee's Get on the Bus. Washington
plays the role of gay man with respect and dignity. There was none of the buffonish queenery many in Hollywood love to see Black men portray.

Just heard about Knip. He needs to be nipped in the bud.

Ryan, thank you for your honest input, but, sorry, since when has the gay community been inclusive? The only time I see it is when they have print ads for something. The two id's rule for black men was still in effect in San Francisco as late as last year until a boycott called the owner out for it and the city and state got involved.I'm probaly much older than you are, and can still recall certain clubs that had rules to keep gay women out of them. The "dl" thing is a myth of the media, so, I don't agree with you there. As far as the "straight acting", go to any personals site, and 95% of the men there are claiming this, and not just black men.

Good grief, in this day and age, you can't find a black man on the cover or even in an article in a gay publication, with Frontiers in LA being one of the rare exceptions. The reason given, their "audience" doesn't relate to black men. Then, you have a white drag queen in black face, offensive to most blacks and quite a few whites as well, yet, not a peep from the so called gay community.

All that said, black men have to stand up and be black, gay and proud in our own community, since if they wait for the rest of the gay community to take the time to understand our issues, we will be waiting for a long time, as most people don't have the time or interest to understand the unique cultural difference of gays of color, and , by color, I don't just mean blacks.



"I agree that the white gay movement (and its organizations) has a double standard and has for too long done poorly on people of color issues (with the notable exception of NGLTF, especially when Urvashi was head of it)."

Well, when the black gay male community is willing to be out and proud, instead of married, straight-acting,or on the down low, then they will fulfill thier own potential and be the equals that they are. It is the black gay male community that is holding themselves back. The gay community in general is inclusive.


Wow, nydyke, powerful words, and one of the few posts I have read that actually makes sense, although I don't agree with the Jasmyne diss. Homophobia is no different in the black community as it is in every other community, but, when you factor in 400 years of oppression, 9 out of 10 blacks will stick together on a issue such as this when you have GLAAD on its usual smear campaign, even when we know IW was wrong. However, I don't see why he has to correct his relationship with gays, black or white with GLAAD, its not as if, they have tried to do anyhting with or for black gays.

But, power to you, one of the few anti IW posters who actually has a clue, and as far as the gay white establishment, I for one don't see why they even exist, why don't they change their name, since, they are only concerned with fellow whites.


As a black out proud lesbian I have lost all respect for your intellectual honesty and ethical compass, Jasmyne. As someone who (from NYC) reads your blog faithfully, and even signed up to contribute every month to NBJC at your request, I am very disappointed. NOTHING excuses Washington from his use of the word Faggot, not even the fact that he is black. Just like NOTHING excuses someone like Shirley Q Liquor (or the media's and gay organization's inattention to the performance), not even the fact that she is an "outsider" (gay).

Your reasoning is just plain SLOPPY and hiding behind race (as many black gays do when it comes to confronting homophobia) is a poor, poor excuse for our tendency (as black gays) to cut off our noses to spite our face.. The fact that Washington is black does not and should not excuse his homophobia, something you are quick to explain away. Shame on you!

I agree that the white gay movement (and its organizations) has a double standard and has for too long done poorly on people of color issues (with the notable exception of NGLTF, especially when Urvashi was head of it). But that does not mean that we have to stoop to their level and ignore what is clearly wrong here. Just call a spade a spade. Washington is infected by homophobia like the rest of the world and he is right to apologize and take steps to correct his relationship with gays (including, and most particularly, black gays). We should demand nothing else.


Jasmyne, be serious...

I too have the utmost respect and regard for Washington as a deeply talented black male actor, I haven't forgotten his gay role in "Get On The Bus", etc. And I definitely DON'T want him fired or shunned by the industry in terms of future jobs... but you can't tell me that the majority of his co stars, crew, and onlookers are just making this up that he dropped the f-bomb because they're racist?!?! I agree with you that GLAAD is often petty and misguided, but that doesn't change the fact that sumthin ain't right about his story.

La Shonda Wilkins

You are ABSOLUTELY wrong about this issue. Your lack of journalism skills and professionalism can not let you see beyond the issue of race. GLAAD doesn't necessarily need to go after Shirley Liquor. Is this a media issue?? Why wouldn't HRC go after her?

The Grey's Anatomy issue is indeed a media issue.
FOCUS. You obviously lack intelligence and it is a shame that you are using a public forum to spread your stupid analysis. I wonder what the National Black Justice Coalition: the board you serve for, would say about your ignorant rants?

A message for the National Black Justice Coalition:



Hypocritical Spirtis, that's a great name for you. Ignoring the fact that you are referencing a tv show, following your logic it is okay for White people to use the word the N-word, because it's used so much by Black rappers and other Black people on a daily basis.

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