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Thursday, January 25, 2007



PLEASE SIGN THIS PETITION TO GET NOAHS ARC BACK ON THE AIR! www.gopetition.com/online/37154.html


joseph benjamin

we akk need to come together and do something about this.... i been out of the loop for a while but i just recently heard that there not going to be another season that is bullshit

In short, there has been a mistake. WE WANT NOAH,WADE,ALEX,RICKY, AND THE REST OF THE GANG!!!!!! SO BRING THEM BACK!!!!!!!!!!

this is a disgrace...my name is nia and you make me sickk!!!!!!!!!

why would they put a gay tv show it'sjust prommoting gay's and that's a sin and then u call it noah's arc what is wrong with them people

Grand Ma Lynn

Please tell me it isn't soooooo. There are a group of us older women who watch faithfully and have claimed each one of these boys as our own. In the begining of this year we would watch every episode and discuss what was soing on as though we were talking about our own sons. But for several months we noticed fewer of the Noah's Arch and more of Queer a Folk. What are they thinking. We love Noah, Alex, Chance and Ricky. How can they do this to their fans. Is it written in stone have they truly cancelled the show? What can we do to express our displeasure. It simply can't be over. who do we write? I will never watch LOGO again if they take off this show.


Well...I really hope they do not cancel the show...I have been watching Noah's Arc since season 1 episode 1...And I love it..My partner loves it...my friends love it..I think its something we never seen..Ourselves on tv.


I is amazing that logo would pull Noah's Arc from its forum, only because when the "L" word was on Showtime nobody really saw it until word started to spread about the shows quality of story line. When Norman Lear's "All in the Family" hit american audiences in the earlier 1970's it was deam extremely controversial. But the networks gave it a chance & now it it considered one of the best shows ever created. "Will & Grace" took forever to get jumpstarted & look at that show now. There is an audience for Noah's Arc Logo and you don't have to be a Gay Black Male to watch well written Comedic Drama.

Nia Molina

I actually go out of my way to watch this great show. It is funny and well written and one of the only vehicle's to see gay men and men of color with out there being some sort of shock value attached.
Let the boys do their thing!


It is unclear to me why Logo would be anything but enthusiastic about producing the next season of what they acknowledge is their most popular program.

People complain about Black people "playing the race card," but what else are we to believe is at work when the program that is arguably the most successful of the lot is treated like a failure?


logo is go somewhere with that bullsh#@.i refuse to believe that logo has our best interest at heart.we have to wait a whole year before we find out what happens after the car crash from season 2, that is ridiculous, people will have moved on.the logo channel is being removed from my cable channels

Ron Lee

Absolutely shocking,I've never heard of a fledgling network cancelling their flagship show after only two seasons. All I can say is together we sgl Black/Folks can do anything, we can think. PEACE-OUT.

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